Community Guidelines

Welcome to WRECKAMOVIE.COM: a place where you can be the future of film. If you are someone with a great film idea, someone who wants to participate in real film productions or even a fan who wants a unique experience, this is the place you can make your dreams happen.

Trust is central to collaboration for anything. We want WRECKAMOVIE.COM to remain a place where people work together and can build trust among each other so film projects of all types get done and seen. This trust starts with us in offering a transparency in our own work that encourages people to have fun in filmmaking. If you have any questions or comments, please do complete our feedback form so we can answer your questions and make WRECKAMOVIE.COM better.

The next thing we need is you to know how this community works. So here are few guidelines and reminders that will help us keep WRECKAMOVIE.COM a place people want to come and create.

OWN WHAT YOU POST: Posts of copyrighted material that you do not have rights to, is prohibited. If you create a production, provide a shot or make a comment make sure you have the rights to the content. If you see something suspicious, feel free to flag it or report it (Reporting Procedure).

OUR COMMUNITY VALUES USE OF REAL NAMES: We can’t make you use your real name but AV production and creative art in general are tied with a special attention to copyright, trust and transparency. Use your real names so you can earn the trust of fellow filmmakers and be given proper credit for things you contribute and create.

THE PRODUCTION LEADER IS A FRIENDLY DICTATOR: The best collaborative productions have someone who will make the final decisions when required. WRECKAMOVIE.COM this power has been given to the Production Leader and Assistant Leaders. The service is designed to make it easy to get input and listen to people from all over the world making the production better. But in the end, decisions must be made to make things go forward. If you are a member of a production, trust your Production Leader the visionary of your project and don’t take rejection personally. If you are a Production Leader, be sure to both listen and make clear and final decisions.

YOU ARE SHARING FREELY: Productions in WRECKAMOVIE.COM are set up by Productions Leaders with the understanding they have full legal rights to represent the AV production, develop ideas and make decisions on its development, production and licensing. Users participating in productions recognize that Productions may commercially use all materials and ideas submitted to the production royalty-free unless otherwise agreed with the Production Leader or terms specified in the chosen license type of the Production.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE IT: When someone gives a Shot or comment, the Production Leader is under no obligation to use it. Users may submit the same or similar shots to other productions as long as there is no written agreement prohibiting the further use of the content. Both Producers and Users should understand this when collaborating.

FUN AND RESPECT: Filmmaking is fun and most of the people in our community are passionate about what they are doing. Try to respect those passions. Although you might not agree embrace differences that collaborative communities will bring to the productions. This respect does NOT keep us from having strong opinions and comments so suck it up if someone is giving you some good but harsh feedback. You might learn something.

MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Cross production pollination is highly encouraged. Participate on lots of projects, join Wreck Rooms, make new Wreck Rooms and find individuals that share your interests. Who knows what kinds of films you will end up making together.

WRECK THE MOLD: Do stuff that no one has ever thought of because the Internet makes it possible.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: There is space for everyone here. Everyone has something they can contribute to film from cool name ideas to graphic design and film editing. Even small contributions feel great and add to the strength of your production’s community.

Be the Future of Film!