Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a collaborative film production platform, where anybody can come and set up their own film production, and find a community to collaborate on, or find an interesting film productions and become a collaborator. Its aim is to make filmmaking easier, more effective and possible for everyone.

What is your goal?

Our goal is to introduce the idea of community to filmmaking, and enable its possibilities. We hope that helps people forget the limitations and make the films they want to see.

Who's behind

We are a group of filmmakers from Finland. Our experiences with our first feature film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, led us to create a platform that's open and easy to use for everyone.

Do I need to pay to use

No. is free for everyone.

Is only for full-length feature films?

No. serves all kinds of audiovisual productions, from short films and music videos all the way to feature-length films.

Why are you talking about "Wrecking" so much?

There are two reasons. First, the idea was born from our experiences with the film Star Wreck, and second, because we think what we are doing is wrecking the traditional model of filmmaking by destroying the barriers and bottlenecks between "Professionals" and "Amateurs".

Do I need to be a professional filmmaker to participate?

No, although if you are one, you are just as welcome to join in. We believe in enthusiasm over professionalism, but, we do know that what is best is a combination of the two.


How do I participate in film productions on

Just go to the Films page, scan for interesting productions, click on one, and then click on "Join the Production". Then start wrecking!

How do I create my own film production on

Just go to the Films page, and click on "Add Your Own Production". Follow the instructions, and you're all set. Just send invitations to all of your friends, and you've got a film in production!

What is "MyWreck"?

MyWreck is your private place where you can read your private messages, change your profile and see your dashboard, a news feed displaying all the new stuff going on in productions you have joined. Here you can easily see all the comments to your Shots and any new Tasks in the productions.

What are "Tasks"?

Tasks are the core of They are small jobs the production leader asks the community to help with. To share your creativity with the production and its community, all you need to do is to give it a Shot.

You can attach files to tasks. Allowed types are: Image files (jpg, png, gif, gif, bmp, psd), document files (pdf, doc, txt, rtf), audio files (mp3, wav), video files (mp4), and other files (zip, bittorrent).

What are "Shots"?

A Shot is your five cents' worth to the Task at hand. Whatever the Task is, if you feel like you have something to contribute to it – whether it's just a small idea or a big chunk you've been working on for days, you just give it a shot. After that, you can see when people comment on the shot, maybe further tool with it, or just give it a thumbs-up. And if the shot is so good it ends up in the final film, you'll get credited.

What about those Thumbs?

On the left side of each Shot you see a small box that has a thumb in it. If you feel like you've found a shot that's very good, and would like to say so, give it a thumbs-up!

What is "Karma"?

Karma is our way of measuring your devotion as a Wrecker. It's based on a super-secret formula created by a group of highly-skilled mathematicians and an army of overpaid consultants, and will never be revealed. Hint: it has something to do with thumb-ups.

What are "Wreckupations"?

Truth is, we just like the word "Wreck" a bit too much, and think it's clever to replace the beginning of a word with "Wreck" – so yes, it's your "occupation". The actual reason we don't want just to call it an "occupation" is that we don't expect you to get paid for it; it's something you do just because you love it. So there you go.

Other questions?

This short FAQ can't answer every possible question, but we would like to – so if you have a question you'd like answered, just drop it to this Task.