Matti Delahay

Location Finland, Tampere
Joined October 29, 2009
Twitter Nick @MattiDelahay
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Wreckupations Writer, Translator, Marketing / PR
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About me

I'm a writer, linguist and translator by education and enjoy roleplaying, computer games, good books, movies and comics. In my free time I make games and write comics.

I'm also a writer, lead designer and community manager for Iron Sky: Operation Highjump. (Not production leader, though, whatever the main page says.)

Production Memberships

Production Role Motivation Karma
Iron Sky Member

It's a great production, I wouldn't be participating in making a game out of it if it wasn't.

Iron Sky: Operation Highjump Production Leader

Community manager and writer in the game production and a big fan of Iron Sky. :)

Wreckamovie Platform Member

It's what we're working with, makes sense to help develope it. And it's a great concept.