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Created atJanuary 04, 2010
Created byKalle Max Hofmann
ClosedJune 07, 2010
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Wreckupations3D Artist, Graphic Designer, Cinemato- and photographer, Concept / Storyboard Artist, Marketing / PR, VFX / SFX Artist
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Michael Schubert Logo ... kind of ...
Michael Schubert Update ...
Carl Morys Governor Dhar Vader
Bastian Schreitling Ref. Picture based on Michaels great ...
Carl Morys Some more photos
Bastian Schreitling gun pix
Kalle Max Hofmann Another great reference: WESTWORLD

Closing Note

Another task completed in style through Wreckamovie - Big thanks go to Michi Schubert for giving us this excellent poster, which can currently be seen all over the town of Emden - in awesome A2 photo print quality!

We sure hope to have the chance to work with Michi in the future; he is currently designing some artwork for our follow-up project. Of course respect is also due for everyone else who contributed stuff, your participation has been a great motiviation and your work is the pride of our facebook page! An extra mention has to go to Jani whos designs are still hanging in one of Germany's biggest post houses and continue to draw a lot of attention :D

Wreck On, Everyone!



Hey you Design Wizards out there,

Snowblind is supposed to be completed in a few weeks so it's time to get some important things done - Like deciding on a logo.

As a placeholder we used a more futuristic-looking design so far, as Snowblind is set in a post-apocalyptic, distant future. In the meantime we realised that it's western setting is more prominent so to get the audience in the right mood, a western-themed logo would be more suitable.

In the "poster" task, wreckerette Carlotta Hirschhugel submitted a design that probably goes in the right direction - maybe it's a little too-straight western though. On the other hand, it might be better to send a defined message with the logo than a vague idea ;-)

Another thing we already discussed is the Snowflake in the "O". I think it's redundant to have piece of snow in the word "snow" - so maybe we could use something else there, for example a Sheriff's star as Kris S. suggested.

So let your imagination run wild like in South Park Episode 11/11, submit your thoughts, ideas and design and might well end up using your artwork for all Snowblind merchandise ;P

This task is closed.


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Kalle Max Hofmann January 18, 2010 15:49 Production Leader 7 Thumb-ups
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Another great reference: WESTWORLD

I just came across a poster for this totally awesome B-Movie that scared the sh!t out of me when I was a kid :D The design is so spot-on it really blows your mind. Especially the creative use of typesetting at the bottom... Solid gold! :D


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Bastian Schreitling February 25, 2010 19:35 Flag

haha :-) so cool.

Peter Vesterbacka January 18, 2010 17:08 Flag

Very cool! That creative typesetting at the bottom really rocks;-)

Kalle Max Hofmann January 28, 2010 15:05 Production Leader 5 Thumb-ups
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Here's four rather high-res shots of the gun, hopefully with matching light ;-)

Of course the writing on the gun has to be removed as it reveals it is just a airsoft toy ;P


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Michael Schubert January 20, 2010 20:30 10 Thumb-ups
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Update ...

... unfortunately not in the Westworld-style, but nevertheless, i managed to do some further works on the poster/logo-front. I made an update of my first shot, trying to keep close on some of the suggestions that were made here, and another one that MAYBE can cope with the desired grindhouse-style. At least, it has paint splashes in it ...
Hope you guys like it, let me know if there is more to do. I loved doing these!


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Michael Schubert January 27, 2010 16:38 Flag

Flyers? Posters? That's what i'm here for!
When i have the pics, the update shouldn't take more than 2 days. And when it's done, i will send you a link to the file with the original size, a downsized and sharpened A6-version for the flyers and a cd-cover-card.
Any other promotion-designs needed, for the Berlinale? As always, you just have to ask for it ... ;-)
Hope the post-production wears on ... it feels great to be a part of that project!

Kalle Max Hofmann January 27, 2010 16:03 Flag

Hi Michael, seems it's not so easy to get hold of that rifle again, so we'll look for another photo where you can see it better. And we'll take another picture of the gun; hopefully we'll get this done tomorrow. Would be great to have the new versions done sometime next week, because then we can print some flyers for the Berlinale with them which would be awesome :D

Also, do you think you could adapt the "blue" poster to a 12x12 cm version for use as a CD cover card? Thanks again ^_^

Michael Schubert January 27, 2010 06:50 Flag

Hi there,

any news according to the shot of Claytons Gun?
And do you need any other things - for promotion?

Martin Lejeune January 21, 2010 11:53 Flag

Sir, your work is outstanding.

Oskar Lönnberg January 21, 2010 07:54 Flag

These are great. I like especially the Ninja style poster with swords and stuff. The only change I would like would that .. geez I forget names of the characters .. anyway the front man would look directly into user and try to make an eye contact.

Hannu Hoffrén January 20, 2010 22:40 Flag

Wow, these are very good!!

Kalle Max Hofmann January 20, 2010 22:08 Flag

Oh yeah Michael and don't forget to throw those on facebook! About the guns; I guess we can just make some new pics with the correct positions and lighting. The only problem is we had rented that sniper rifle but I think we have some good photos of that one. Clayton's trademark gun is the most important so we'll make a really perfect shot of that!

Michael Schubert January 20, 2010 21:49 Flag

Na holla die Waldfee, ich bin entzückt! Dank, Dank und immer wieder Dank!
Ahm, the problem with the guns is (of course) the size, but mainly the perspective. Tomorrow, i will check again the gun-sets you posted here - maybe there is a chance to use one of them. If there is no pic that will fit, i will let you know.
Thanks again for your commendations ...

Peter Vesterbacka January 20, 2010 21:23 Flag

Wow. Really great work! Can only repeat what Kalle-Max already said, you rock!

Bastian Schreitling January 20, 2010 21:21 Flag

hey michael,


poorly translated as:

lying on the floor laughing and crying tears of joy ;-)
i hope you enjoyed the work...

i agree with kalles comments on the guns and the shadow.

thank you so much,

Kalle Max Hofmann January 20, 2010 21:05 Flag

Hi Michael, nevermind the westworld style... In that case we prefer the Schubert-style ;P Yeah really awesome work once again. The grindhouse version is definitely for the limited edition blu-ray :D

Okay we have some minimal things we would like changed, for example the guns would have to be the ones used in the film; guess this means we have to take some hi-res photos of them. Also the drop shadow of the logo seems too far away in the "blue" version. And maybe we change the claims a bit... something like "in an eternal winter, happiness is a warm gun"... but for now we suggest you just take a break in the knowledge that YOU ROCK XD

Bastian Schreitling January 12, 2010 01:34 Production Leader 7 Thumb-ups
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gun pix

hey you glorious poster wreckers.

i found some usefull gun-pix for your poster work. hope this helps a little.


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Michael Schubert January 12, 2010 05:47 Flag

i already started working with some material i found on deviantart ... but it will take a couple of days. But maybe some of these could work too. We'll see. Thanks a lot!

Carl Morys January 11, 2010 16:45 Production Leader 9 Thumb-ups
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Governor Dhar Vader

kalle I'm more like exctatic-orgasmic for this new chance to look in the photo folders ;-P

At least i found something. Here are two more shots from Dharmander Singh as The Governator!


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Kalle Max Hofmann January 11, 2010 19:12 Flag

Yeah thanks, Carl :D

Michael Schubert January 11, 2010 18:57 Flag

Uh Uh Uh!
The first one is perfect! Thanks a lot!

Carl Morys January 09, 2010 15:39 Production Leader 7 Thumb-ups
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Some more photos

here is the best I could find now. One day searching in these photo folders is gonna kill me :-(

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Kalle Max Hofmann January 11, 2010 13:00 Flag

I guess Carl will be totally enthusiastic to do another dive into the depths of the photo archive ;P

Michael Schubert January 10, 2010 18:30 Flag

Yeehaw! New pics! So i can finally place the girl in it ... any chance to find a last big picture of the bad guy?
In the meantime, I'm back on track with these. Thanks a lot!

Carl Morys January 10, 2010 17:14 Flag

Two more to go ;-D

Peter Vesterbacka January 09, 2010 17:29 Flag

Hmm, maybe a bit of both;-) Keep up the great work! And let's get 3 more wreckers to join Snowblind so that you guys hit triple digits in members. Would be great!

Carl Morys January 09, 2010 17:22 Flag

Ehm Peter wich part is your favorite... the photos or that they kill me?!? Hehe ;-P

Peter Vesterbacka January 09, 2010 16:40 Flag

Added to my favorites, really happy we added that functionality;-)

Kalle Max Hofmann January 09, 2010 16:01 Flag

Thanks man! Well I guess this is one of the many, many things we have learned during this production: Pay more attention to still photography!

Bastian Schreitling January 07, 2010 02:37 Production Leader 7 Thumb-ups
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Ref. Picture based on Michaels great work

Hi Michael.
absolute outstanding!!!
i love the font, i love the color-scheme, the light oilpaint look... the snow and light effects...
great work! a poster or dvd cover with this high quality look would be a dream.
so all my ideas are just to bring this great art closer to the film we are making.
one thing that confused me in you artwork is the governor (the guy with the sword - the bad guy) he seems a little lost down there.
i made this little reference picture out of yours... its just a rough sketch... so dont take it to serous...
its just to give the idea of showing the 3 "good" guys in the front and the bad guy somehow behind or above them... like a dark shadow who controls everything in our snowblind world...
my intention was to have his face made up of the snow or clouds...
i like the idea of having the lead woman in the middle of the good guys... because in our story she is standing between the two man literally...
i think this is somehow what kalle meant by giving the starwars poster as a refernce... the overall look can be cool and modern but the placing of the people should be "classical"
i added some guns too... just to give little more action/western feeling... we would love to show some shiny guns... and at least i think its important that clayton (the young man) has a gun... because he is a notorious gunman right from the beginning of the movie.
i tried some scratches and some dirt on the textlayer and i like the idea to have it almost white but with some cracks and rust on the corners but without loosing some shiny parts and the light effects.
in the snowblind world we have this combination too... the white snow and old rusty metal... like everything is about 60-80 years old.
i hope this helps a bit to show what we are hoping for. we would be pleased to see some more of your great work. maybe you have some other great ideas to tut in there. i completely trust in your skills.
i talk to kalle if we could upload a few more pictures to work with.

ps... what font is it you used? we would love to use it for the final film too.

thank you so much so far for taking part in our project.

cheers, bastian


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Michael Schubert January 07, 2010 19:04 Flag

Hi Kalle, well, i will take what i can get ... So if there are original shots from both (Naina and the bad guy), i could try to play around with them. Where can i find the original shots? As you can see, i am burning ... ;-)
When i have the shots, i think i will work in 2 directions - updating the first one, trying to implement all of your suggestions (weapons, positions, blots etc.) and maybe working on another, different version.
Anyway, if there is a need for "real" merchandise (covers, posters) in the future, i would highly recommend a special photo shoot of the main characters ...

Kalle Max Hofmann January 07, 2010 17:11 Flag

Hi Michael, unfortunately things look a bit bleak on the photo resolution front. The stuff I uploaded here (except for some pics of Jana that were strangely downsized) is the original output of our set photography camera. Also, there are no really good pictures of Naina. So the best we can do there is give you the original shot from the HD-CAM which is in 1920x1080 pixels so that would be about double the size that is available now.

Anyway, as I said I thought of making it either more 70/80s-ish by using painted artwork, or use a graphic-novel style by also painting a little bit on top of the photos as you have done already. This really fits and gives a visual hint to the nature of the project. Oh and speaking of which, you could also try implementing some ink blots that we use in the film from time to time, for example in the "chapter slates", see here:

Michael Schubert January 07, 2010 15:46 Flag

Hi Bastian,

lucky me (and you) ... it was a free font i used. Here is the link:

Any news about new/other/bigger pics?

Michael Schubert January 07, 2010 08:35 Flag

Hi Bastian,

first of all, thanks a lot for your comment. And i'm with you with everything you suggested - the decent structure on the logo-type is a good idea, i will do something in that way. And hell-ya, guns, how could i forget guns! They will be added on the next step!
You are right with the positions of the main characters and the size of the bad guy. The problem was - i made the poster A4-size in print resolution (300dpi). Most of the pics that are online were too small for that, many of them a bit blurry (i think it's because they are movie-stills). If you look closely to the poster, you can see that only the guy on the left is sharp and in the right size, even the pic of Clayton i had to blow up a bit. Sorry for the tech-babble, but i use to have an eye on such things ... . And thats why i haven't used a pic of the beautiful lady, because there was only one pic with a decent look (the one where she is in the water), and that is way to small. If you could send me the pic you used in your scribble (or another one in that style) in a good quality, i would put it in. She deserves to be on the poster! The same with the bad guy, give me a good shot of him, and i will place it!
And the font - later i will send you a link. When i remember it right, it was a free font ...
Again, thanks for your commendations, and i would love to do more works for this project.

Michael Schubert January 06, 2010 15:29 10 Thumb-ups
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Logo ... kind of ...

Hi there,
finally i found the time to do some graphics for this great project. I always wanted to do a poster, and yes, this is more a poster and less a logo-design ... but hey, it was fun doing it, and actually it HAS some kind of movie-name-logo in it. In my opinion, a logo like we see it on "StarWars" doesn't quite fit into this post-apocalyptic-western-world, but otherwise it has to BLAM! So, here is what i did - let me know what you think!
More to come, if you want ...


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Bastian Schreitling January 07, 2010 02:35 Flag

Hi Michael.
absolute outstanding!!!
( i opend a new shot to add a ref. picture an some more comments )

Michael Schubert January 06, 2010 18:46 Flag

->Hannu: i played around with some subtle textures on the name, but in the end, the clean version somehow looked best. For me ... ;-)
Maybe it's because i feel slightly blinded by staring at the words long enough.

->Kalle: Thanks a lot! I already thought about a more "grindhouse"-looking version of it. Wished i had more time for stuff like that ... . The funny thing is ... all that i know of your movie by now looks a lot better than a whole bunch of low budget movies i recently watched, those movies were REALLY REALLY cheesy, but the covers looked promising. So, you want to go the other way 'round, right? ;-)
I could need some better pictures for further works, higher resolution, RAW-files if possible. Any chance?

Carl Morys January 06, 2010 17:09 Flag

Hannu in Snowblind there can be any cliché you can think of, this is just the style! :-D But I like the logo also as it looks now!

Kalle Max Hofmann January 06, 2010 16:42 Flag

Hi Michael, this poster is totally awesome!!! Really a great design that would surely attract lots of customers on a video store shelf :D Technically I think it's almost flawless - except for that shadow under Clayton's hat, I think it should extend farther to the left.

So this is definitely a hot contender! The only problem I have with it is that it might sell a wrong impression - it really looks like an uber-cool high-polish blockbuster, in other words it lacks the intentional campyness, the B-Movie flair is a little absent. That's why I posted those 80s designs of Star Wars and BTILC in the Poster task... To show the type of cheesyness we are going for in the movie.

In other words, if you think you can do something in that direction, it would be great - but if you've got other ideas up your sleeve, let's see those as well. I'm pretty sure they'll be damn impressive. And you should DEFINITELY upload this design to our facebook page:

Kalle-Max :D

Hannu Hoffrén January 06, 2010 15:59 Flag

I like it!
The "cleanliness" of the text somehow tend to catch my eye. Maybe try some _very_ subtle frost texture on it? Or would it be too much of a cliche? :D