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Mother Aether

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Closing Note

Many thanks for teaser music and other great input. The sound tasks from now on will be divided by element.

What kind of soundscape could the space swimming have as a background? The sequence is dream-like and it would be ideal for the soundscape to have water like qualities, but it doesn't have to be literally underwater.

How about the transfer of the alien soul to another being? Perhaps it could be a signature like sound that could be repeated together with a Point-of-view shot to the eyes of the next avatar.

P.S. "Alien soul transfer" is no longer needed. See revised script ideas.

This task is closed.
Udo Fischer November 02, 2009 14:54 2 Thumb-ups
Antti Pirskanen

Sure, I did, many thanks!

November 25, 2009 21:44 0 Thumb-ups
Udo Fischer

Did you get the file? :)

November 25, 2009 21:17 0 Thumb-ups
Antti Pirskanen

Thanks, PM sent!

November 20, 2009 23:15 0 Thumb-ups
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Michael Rooke October 16, 2009 22:01 2 Thumb-ups

Soul transfer

Playing with sounds again... This has more "leaving" sound followed by movement and resettling in the body. Ive left out scream effects etc.

Antti Pirskanen

Very good, Mike! This is great stuff to play around with especially if an animated story board will be produced for this project. Thanks a lot!

October 17, 2009 07:03 0 Thumb-ups
Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 17:21 1 Thumb-up

Generic space sounds

This is created from the Hubble M51 photo, it would need better matching to the overall soundscape used in the movie.

Michael Rooke

A storyboard to follow would be ideal, layering the sound events on top of what I see would give me some idea, although they do not have to be matched, and in some cases should follow different routes. Maybe to explore the sound of a poem? Rhythmic narration? Together with traditional instruments.

October 13, 2009 20:54 1 Thumb-up

"But more importantly, it is good to have both audio and video elements to bounce ideas around at all stages of production."

Yes, of course. And it's better to have too much material than too little, it gives you more choice about what to keep.

Sometimes you wouldn't think two things would go together, but when you try them it works. I'm sure Kubrick got some funny looks when he said he was going to use the blue danube on the soundtrack for his new space film... :)

October 13, 2009 19:22 1 Thumb-up
Antti Pirskanen

Metasynth is a synthetizer program that uses a visual paradigm as an interface. It's a great way to create all kinds of weird and surprising noises easily and quickly.

The story line of this film is still in very early development and the use of sound examples and samples at this stage of production is to help to create "mood board" for a particular segment or overall feel of the film.

One of the main focuses of this project is relatively traditional story telling. I think that the final soundtrack will be rather minimalistic as well and in order to complement the "poetic" visual look the aesthetics of the musical elements in the soundtrack are likely to be rather traditional. Space sounds such as these are likely to be used as sound effects only.

But more importantly, it is good to have both audio and video elements to bounce ideas around at all stages of production. I think it's a good idea to develop a sample scene or two (for a teaser example) before delving too deeply into specifics of final soundtrack.

October 13, 2009 19:18 1 Thumb-up
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Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 15:40 1 Thumb-up

Space Organics, more of a sequence..

For the opening (or other) Open space, some "things" floating past, moving close to alien as it slowly swims away, the breathing? / water strokes (muted) can be heard close to its body around 60 seconds in, followed by a fall to (wherever) its going. silence then landing in the distance - which distorts, need to fix that :-)

No comments.

Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 14:07 2 Thumb-ups

Organic Swim / Opening

Far more water sounding, no synths, texture repeating for stokes, the odd alien vocalisation drifting to earth... just playing around with concepts here...

Michael Rooke

Organic, serene (no clutter), rhythmic swimming strokes - eventually synced. Ill collect some more water sounds with the hydrophones to process for this, it needs delicate textures and sounds of things moving in the water.

October 13, 2009 14:26 1 Thumb-up
Antti Pirskanen

Hey, thanks again Mike.. you are super productive! This is actually rather good although there is quite a lot going on. Perhaps something like this could be used for a teaser for this project. A million thanks!

October 13, 2009 14:13 1 Thumb-up
Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 11:41 2 Thumb-ups

Draft Opening

Minus water, heres a whale like texture sound 1950's scifi?

Antti Pirskanen

The problem with these kind of soundscapes is that they are a bit unstructured and chaotic. The swimming sequence would likely have a more serene general feeling with some sort of rhythm that repeats itself. This would represent the "swimming strokes" of the alien being and might be synchronized to the actual images and motion on the screen. Also it has a bit of synthetic tone to it.. perhaps something a bit more organic would be more appropriate. Many thanks for the draft though, this is just a very early stage in the production and at this stage there is a lot of soul searching involved with the general mood of each sequence and the entire film.

That whole metasynth thing is a very interesting tool.. with some experimentation and editing it can probably be used in a more controlled way. It is well worth considering especially for these spacey dream-like sequences!

October 13, 2009 14:10 1 Thumb-up

The general idea of the sound is good, but is there any way to give it a bit more of an edge? A bit more texture?

At the moment it sounds a lot like the kind of synthesiser soundtracks that appeared in 1970s sci-fis, perhaps a little bit cheap.

October 13, 2009 13:27 1 Thumb-up
Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 11:17 2 Thumb-ups

Soul Transfer

Heres an initial design test, theres many elements here, since the timing isnt known I aimed for 10 seconds, if the sequence is more subtle, the high frequency content needs lowering with perhaps more emphasis on the water and a final scream "glup" sound? The leaving the last body part may also need some more attack, followed by a dream like transition period and wet sounding glup as the alien enters the new body.


Very good!

It's subtle but it definitely fits the brief. I would leave out a "gulp" sound as that might be a bit too comical. The sudden silence is enough to emphasise the end of the process.

October 13, 2009 11:21 1 Thumb-up