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Help me sift CC-music

Created at July 13, 2009
Created by David Jansson
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I will use music released under the Creative Commons licence where it is free to use in your own projects.

There is a lot of music at

The problem isn't finding music, it's selecting it. What I would like you to help me with is to search for music that would fit my story and portray different emotion and feeling for different scenes. It needs to be instrumental, and as far from emotionally neutral as possible.

If you want me to use your own music just tell me so and give me a download link.

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Carl Voluntaryist June 08, 2012 10:58 0 Thumb-ups
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Sublogic Corporation

(scroll down all the way for the CC notice )

This one for example[flw002]_yasahi-when_earth_fell_on_the_moon_ep.mp3

Oh, that reminds me: hosts a lot of music, most of which is also CC.

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