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Created atJune 16, 2008
Created byTimo Vuorensola
ClosedMay 05, 2012
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Eric Maietta Moon-Nazi Exoskeletons
Zak S Sturdy Operating System
Timo-Heikki Mäkelä Dirndls und Lederhosen
Tuomas Kaikkonen Publicity stunt: Geocaches
Richard R Nikola Tesla
Marek Herman Possible cooperation with Russian UFO...
Kalle Max Hofmann The other Operating System

Closing Note

Well, that was quite a long task, thanks for all your ideas during the years!


This task is so-called idea dump for random ideas that you get, but won't actually answer any task out there. So - you know the concept, there are Nazis on the Moon - and sky's the limit. Hit me with what you've got!

This task is closed.


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Åsmund Ervik July 29, 2010 20:11 4 Thumb-ups
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Realism request

(This concerns realism as in following the laws of physics, not in any other sense.)

When watching movies I generally get frustrated with animation/CGI-people being totally ignorant about the laws of nature, in particular Newton's second and third law.

A prime example of this horror is from "The Day After Tomorrow", in the scene where the transport ship arrives in front of the library. This 1000-ton ship is moving at 2-3 mph, but stops when hitting a bus(!!!). Similar crazy stuff is abundant in most, if not all, films. Please be the exception, Iron Sky!

This being said, my opinion is not that everything should be hyper-realistic, suspension of disbelief is a legitimate trope, but as in the previous example this violation of physical laws does not contribute anything to the film, and it makes your eyes bleed.

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MajorD August 15, 2010 09:03 Flag

I have to agree with Asmund, getting the physics of that sort of thing is important. The movie will attempt to generate humor from the characters taking every impossible thing as perfectly natural. But, for the audience to go along with it, it would help to have those things which are real act in a real manner. Even the impossible things such as Nazi anti-gravity can work by pre-established limits, rather than being purely arbitrary.

This is akin to how Dr. Strange Love's team took the time to make the bomber cockpit as realistic as possible, to the extent that the Air Force thought they somehow got secret information on the layout. The truth was, they just based it on some extrapolation based on the previous primary bomber.

Charles Anderson August 14, 2010 14:30 Flag

It's a movie, and a comedy, it could have mutant chickens as shock troops, and the audience wouldn't really care that much :-D

Carl Voluntaryist May 18, 2010 00:46 5 Thumb-ups

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Charles Anderson August 14, 2010 14:23 Flag

I'll admit it I was amused... I feel so dirty :-(

Jack Malinowski May 21, 2010 07:24 Flag


my favorite musketeer.


Aaron Lundstedt May 20, 2010 17:30 Flag

Well I am pretty sure any film or movie is supposed to entertain you, and this did that. As basic as it was, it was still pretty funny. Kind of like a Nazi version of Star Trek, but glad to see Spock copped it in the first episode, lol

Not bad for something probably made on 50 bucks and a slab of beer.


David Jansson May 18, 2010 14:31 Flag

Was that a real prawn he had for a head?

Angela R. May 18, 2010 10:09 Flag

Hmm... action figures... do you think we'll get Barbie "Renate" and Ken "Klaus" for sale in the toy-stores near us following the worldwide release of Iron Sky? ;)

Jack Malinowski May 18, 2010 07:49 Flag


this is not funny. jimi hendrix is not funny. rock music is not funny!

taking plastic people and setting them against a manifold of tasteful thematic musics is not enough!

space nazis, moon nazis, or any kind of nazis are not - plastic - they are people - complex and conflicted - no matter how stereotyped and similar to each other each every one of them are and reducing them to a caravan of gypsies is just unpopular!


oh no, no, not the king of wales: hahahahhahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Angela R. May 18, 2010 06:43 Flag

Oh gosh. :P

John Mieske May 18, 2010 01:59 Flag

hahahahahaha. I love the Vulcan Nazi !!! ahahahahahaha

Ari-Petteri Pisilä August 03, 2010 18:22 0 Thumb-ups
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Bonk style promotion material

Ask Bonk people if they could build some old machines for the promotion purposes. :)

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Seppo Hiltunen August 11, 2010 19:50 Flag

Those are machines that look like they could, but they don't. Read the introduction to that art:

David Yacobus August 11, 2010 16:05 Flag

Are those bonk equipments really works?

(null) August 10, 2010 22:11 Flag

Don't use the word "bonk" in the film itself though, it means the same as "panna" in the UK.

Seppo Hiltunen August 03, 2010 20:15 Flag

There is an introduction in english for the topic "Bonk Business"

Seppo Hiltunen August 03, 2010 20:12 Flag

This is an Awesome idea. Bonk is more than just steampunk. Much more. Thumb up!

Diego Almazan August 11, 2010 19:30 0 Thumb-ups
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The Bell

Is there any nod to the Nazi Bell? There could be some element in there that they actually got it working. Whatever it does...

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This shot doesn't have comments.

Wouter Biemans August 07, 2010 21:52 2 Thumb-ups
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Why the Nazi's lost WWII

Due to (amongst undoubtedly other things) the lack of fuel, materials and (mature) manpower. Maybe good for weaving a line into the script where it is explained that the lack of these resources for WWII was due to redirection to the space-project. In fact, the decision to go to the moon was taken in 1944 and the remaining war was all a cover up/smokescreen.

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Eric Maietta June 16, 2009 20:17 19 Thumb-ups
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Moon-Nazi Exoskeletons

Prolonged time spent in microgravity causes loss of muscle mass and bone density. After so many years on the Moon, the lunar Nazis might have to use exoskeletons to help support their weight in Earth's full gravity field. (Also, this would add to their otherworldly/evil appearance.)

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Mikko Savolainen August 05, 2010 21:27 Flag

As this is no longer some scifi-gadget it would be very probable that space-nazis would have also developed it (we have to remember that nazis allways liked everything hi-tech :).
Bigger load carrying capacity for troops.
With normal load troops would be less tired.
Heavier armor would be very easy to apply into this and thereby create "juggernauts".
None that i can think of beside the research and manufacturing process. Even when damaged, soldier can remove it quickly and still operate with normal operating capability.

Jeff McDonald July 07, 2010 22:14 Flag

Wouldn't an exoskeleton be the equivalent of wearing a lead apron? I think its better that the Nazi's just create artificial gravity to match that of Earth.

Maik Thorand July 05, 2010 22:47 Flag

Maybe, the Nazi´s get some overweight.

Mark Hare July 05, 2010 17:14 Flag

I concur. If you can build an antigravity machine to move a saucer, how hard would it be to create artificial gravity on the moonbase? Otherwise, within two years of living on the moon the bone density of even the earth born humans would start to lose mass. If they kept lunar gravity, any children would seem perfectly normal and perfectly sized, but their bones would be many times more fragile than earth children because of the lost bone density in the lower gravity. The only thing to combat it is the regime imposed on the ISS: a high calcium diet with constant, rigorous exercise.

Luis Fernandes July 05, 2010 14:57 Flag

Come on, people! These Moon nazis are suposed to master gravity/anti-gravity technology.
But an exoskeleton could serve as physical suport for gravitational manipulation machinery and for War Terror purposes...

MajorD December 13, 2009 09:05 Flag

Even an unpowered exoskeleton would provided helpful support. It's unlikely they would have a powered exoskeleton.

I would combine this with tights in order to give further support to their flesh. I seem to remember something about blood flow, and coming from such low gravity as the moon, the heart may not be completely up to the task of pumping blood up from the feet and legs. So, lower body tights would help keep blood in the upper body.

Moon Nazi soldiers will also need a brutal physical regime to prepare for Early gravity.

benny kusnoto June 19, 2009 01:25 Flag

couldn't agree more! and if they're not there's gotta be some gravity field kinda stuff that suits to the earth's gravity field inside their moon base building... so whatever the things their doing it feels just like their own home planet

Jim Waugh July 13, 2010 13:17 3 Thumb-ups
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die Raumwaffe

I just showed the teaser trailer to somebody & they suggested that the Moon Nazi armada should be called 'die Raumwaffe' ... maybe it already is, but I thought I'd mention it here, because it would sound great if the term was used in the film.

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Angela R. July 25, 2010 15:29 Flag

Interesting suggestion, indeed. Really curious to find out which name will be picked by the producers!

Anyhow, a thumb up from me!

Carl Voluntaryist July 15, 2010 10:03 Flag

@Hans Scherer: Tell that to the marines fighting in Afghanistan, the British Navy Corpsmen manning the CRAM defenses in Iraq (basically phalanx ship-cannons on land), or the AstroNAUTs.
/flame :) (nichts für ungut?)
I get what you meant, but I think they should not be named solely on orthographic grounds.

@Harald Weber: You are probably right, but I see it like this: technology in the Luftwaffe (or any airforce for that matter) has always revolved around making things more powerful, and lighter. Once weight was no longer an issue, they might have needed some folks from the Kriegsmarine to take over R&D. Which in turn may have prompted the Kriegsmarine to take over alltogether.
Military history is full of internal power struggles like that.
Back in 1942, what was once the U.S. Army Air Corps split off, and became it's own highly funded branch, the U.S. Airforce. All the Army was left with is Aviation (small prop airplanes for MI, and helicopters), and any time there is some new flight related project the Army requests, it is reviewed by the Airforce, and rejected based on speed/capabilities (so they say) . In reality it's because they want to secure their role in defense, and they need a small, specialized Army Aviation for that. (or something like that...)

Harald Weber July 15, 2010 08:21 Flag

Considering that the German Navy never got quite as much of a reputation (submarines excepted), the Luftwaffe would have tried to get its hands on any flying objects. Unless the SS beat them to it.
The fighting force of the SS was the "Waffen-SS", so I suppose they'd go for "Raumwaffe", too. Or "Raumcorps", maybe.

Hans Scherer July 15, 2010 00:49 Flag

"Raumwaffe" would be the right term. Marine describes only a relation to the water.

Carl Voluntaryist July 14, 2010 07:57 Flag

I think that it's more likely they'd call it the 'Raummarine'.
Once gravity has been eliminated, they can pretty much move any weight around. Due to the harshness of space, they probably used their extensive knowledge of submarine-building to design the Reichsflugscheiben.
The disc-shape is probably used due to the requirements of the anti-g-drive, and because a circular hull is much more defensible in space.
(Remember: up, down, left, right are arbitrarily assigned directions that only really apply to planetary surfaces)

Mustafa Emre Ç?nar July 14, 2010 10:52 0 Thumb-ups
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One Man Starfighters ofr Ufo's

Okay we have seen the big and huge saucer shaped spaceships from the concept art.Wouldnt be interesting if you see these:
1-Nazi version of an gemini or mercury class space capsule
2-Nazi version of a Apollo lunar lander
3-Heavily modified space versions of lippisch p.13a,sack as-6,lippisch p.20,junkers ju-87 and the Tiger I tank
4-One man starfighters or ufos like the RFZ-2
5-Nazi space station orbiting moon
6-Old ww2 veterans joining the moon invasion
7-Moon invasion collabrators on earth
8-Showing soldier training
9-A mini space tankette
10-Laser gun versions of the kar98k,mp-40,gewehr 43,mg-42
11-Showing the nazis are responsible for some space accidents
12-Show us the proposed nazi capsule landing in 1997
13-Civilian nazi lunar cities on earth
14-A very old hitler that retired and now lives as a civilian in a city
15-Very huge and bad-ass battles
16-Show how the Nazis aquired the space technology (remember expeditions to tibet)
17-During the war the main base on the moon recieves a message from the mars colony that they are overrun by the supersoldiers that escaped from the labs.Suddenly the message cuts away. (My possible plot for ?ronsky 2 or 1.5).The plot involves with genetically mutated soldiers that was bred for battles.These soldiers were loaded in special cages (they are attacking everything (friend or foe)) and put aboard on an Haunebu 7.While the ship approached mars and proceeded for landing it suddenly crashed.........

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Jack Malinowski July 14, 2010 20:21 Flag


very groovy man. totally far out.

Harald Weber July 14, 2010 18:01 Flag

As far as I know Iron Sky history does not start with the Third Reich's victory on Earth and a slowly evolving space program.
Rather with the SS rounding up a mix of the best/wackiest scientists, fertile maidens and fair-haired kids and shoving them into the few flying disks they could put together before the Reich collapsed.

David Yacobus July 09, 2010 01:28 4 Thumb-ups
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Cool Ending

I think Iron Sky needs a cool ending scene during the credit screen...

Movie over --> Audience standing preparing to leave --> Cool ending played --> Audience looked back at the screen --> some will sit back on the chair

For example a Moonazy boots up the computer showing AdiOS or Fenster 48 welcome screen...
I hope the apfel corporation wont sue jokes... :D

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Jack Malinowski July 10, 2010 15:09 Flag

i wonder if moon nazis go to the movies?

perhaps david's idea - an audience leaving the theater - in uniform -
might be interesting?

for example,

i know that cadets at west point (usa) don't sit during the match...

David Yacobus July 10, 2010 01:14 Flag

Actually theres a zombie movie played that kind of cool ending, I think it was titled Dawn of the Dead or something like that...

Seppo Hiltunen July 09, 2010 08:10 Flag

I hope that there is not a row of bloopers interrupting the credit screen though, those are quite annoying and can make the feeling cheap and flat in the movie theatre after a magnificient film. Save the bloopers to the extras of dvd instead!