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Created atJune 16, 2008
Created byTimo Vuorensola
ClosedMay 05, 2012
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Eric Maietta Moon-Nazi Exoskeletons
Zak S Sturdy Operating System
Timo-Heikki Mäkelä Dirndls und Lederhosen
Tuomas Kaikkonen Publicity stunt: Geocaches
Richard R Nikola Tesla
Marek Herman Possible cooperation with Russian UFO...
Kalle Max Hofmann The other Operating System

Closing Note

Well, that was quite a long task, thanks for all your ideas during the years!


This task is so-called idea dump for random ideas that you get, but won't actually answer any task out there. So - you know the concept, there are Nazis on the Moon - and sky's the limit. Hit me with what you've got!

This task is closed.


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Carl Voluntaryist September 04, 2010 11:06 2 Thumb-ups
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UFO's 1880 -2010

Very nice dramatic music too!

Shows the gradual change away from the saucer shape.

Be sure to implement these, or similar pics.

Also would be nice to connect to the supposed 'Alien Mining Operation' of Saturn's rings. XD

Operation Moon Blink:

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Carl Voluntaryist October 07, 2010 14:32 Flag

New Documentary, lots of interesting stories.

Angela R. September 17, 2010 11:54 Flag

This makes me think that the moonnazis should have some kind of museum displaying different models of old UFOs they have developed and used through the years. In fact, school children should be brought on school trips to this place, to admire them!

Charles Anderson September 05, 2010 14:09 Flag

Geez that was all so fake... some people will believe anything.

Of course my redressing these "obviously" fake videos has nothing to do with my current position at area 51... which doesn't exist, and if it did exist we'd just be making ice cream.

You may have heard of one of our fruit based confections, it's a cross between a frisbee and a fruit flavoured ice treat. A UFO... or Ultimate Fruity Object.

That is if area 51 existed... which it doesn't... I'm told I have to sign off now apparently I've said too much, I have to get back to mixing chocolates... not that they exist either...

Sami Laulajainen September 04, 2010 15:11 Flag

Weather balloons full of swamp gas. :)

Maik Thorand July 05, 2010 19:16 5 Thumb-ups
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Eine kleine, aber lustige Szene-A small but funny scene.

Ich habe eine idee für eine kleine lustige szene im Film.
Ich weiß nicht ob das zu jetzigen Zeitpunkt angebracht ist, aber ich schreibe sie mal auf:

Tausende von Nazis sitzen in einer riesige Halle. Vorne steht der Führer auf einen grossen Podest und fragt die Zuschauer indem er durch ein Mikrophon spricht: "Wollt ihr den Totalen Krieg?"
Die ganze Meute holt luft um mit ganzer Stimme: "JA!!!", zu rufen. Doch bevor die es rufen können, schreit einer ganz laut: "NEIN!!!".
Alle drehen sich zu dem um, worauf dieser sich Umschaut. Nach einer Weile schaut er den Führer an und ruft ganz laut: "Aber vielleicht nächste woche!"

Was denkt ihr darüber?
Ist die Idee gut oder findet ihr die Scheiße?
Ich würde gerne wissen was ihr darüber denkt.

Meine Englisch kenntnise sind nicht die besten, darum übersetze ich die Englische Fassung mit Google.

I have an idea for a funny little scene in the movie.
I do not know whether this is appropriate at this stage, but I write them on time:

Thousands of Nazis sitting in a huge hall. Front is the leader on a large podium and asked the audience by speaking through a microphone: "Do you want total war?"
The whole pack takes to air with full voice, "YES !!!", to call. But before that can call it, a loud cry throughout "NO !!!".
All turn to the order, whereupon he looks around. After a while he looks to the leader and called loudly: "But maybe next week!"

What do you think?
Is the idea good or is it the shit?
I would like to know what you think about it.

Translated with Google, because my English is not the best.

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Dan Daniel October 06, 2010 10:44 Flag

Good idea, smiled me, but maybe not natural for disciplined Nazi forces? It is easy to imagine such situation in American army, but in Wermacht???))) IMHO.

Maik Thorand July 13, 2010 20:58 Flag

Ach so, die kannt ich nocht nich.

Maik Thorand July 13, 2010 14:26 Flag

wie kommen Sie auf Moaom?
Ich hatte die idee als ich eine N24 Dokumentation gesehen hab.
(Betrunken/Freunde zu Gast)

Carl Voluntaryist July 12, 2010 20:20 Flag

Erinnert mich auch irgendwie an die maoam werbung...

Carlos Alva April 25, 2009 07:20 6 Thumb-ups
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Ok this is a compilation of some historical event that really happened and ideas of many other scientist and some of my own.

The Wunderwaffen (Wonder Weapon that would change the world and end the war) was supposed to be the Die Glocke( The Bell). Many scientist had developed theories for its use, but what is know from the blueprints of the German Scientist it played with the electromagnetic fileds, and the fabric of space time...they were trying to create a time portal to be simple.
We know that the germans had almost 25 year of techonogy ahead of the rest of the world. They were the first ones to sent a rocket to orbit. But one of the most secret project was Project Riese , which was located on the Riese Complex on Poland.
In actuallity there is a contradiction for the size of the complex. It was discovered an underground factory with many guard post and extreme security..what were they guarding ??
According to the plans, the central part was the biggest, where the testing and creating of the Wonder Weapon happened. Yet it only been discovered about 40%. The other entrances has been destroyed. Strangely there is a series of pipelines with no outlet point. If you light a paper on fire in the beggining of one pipe , the lower density of the hot air would create an upward drift and thus a pressure differential that sucks the paper in. This supports the idea that the pipes led to huge chamber were there is a immense concentration of cold air, which helps create the vacuum effect. Could there be a DIE GLOKE in there ???who knows ??

Towards the end of the war, the american captured many scientist. By a project called PROJECT PAPERCLIP, they gave political immunity with the exchange of scientific and technological Knowledge. Consequently, most of the german scientist ended up being the founders of NASA.
They end up being spread thru all USA, including California, New Mexico, Nevada, ,Ohio, Pensylvania !!! All of these places are UFO HOTSPOTS !! ALL YEAR LONG!!
The Kecksburg incident on Dec 9 , 1965: a bell shaped object was seen, doing intricate manuevers in top of the woods , which later crashed near the city of kecksburg. thousand of people saw it and a few got to see it up close. It was describe as a glowing bell with a type of hieroglyphs on the sides. Minutes later the US Army arrived and covered evertyhing , retrieving the object and silencing the few close witnesses
From the actual german blueprints , it describes the Die Glocke to the minimun detail !!! Another link to this is Dr. Hubertus Strughold which was the director of space medicine for the NAZI !!!. He ended up working in NASA developing the first Space Suit , which he accomplished. Another German Scientist, Curt Davis became the Launch Director of NASA.... and he was one of the main scientist on the Riese Project !!
We all know that the Americans tried to replicate the german technology !! Project Y was one of them that tried to use the saucer object shape to create a flying machine. Wright Paterson Field is one of the places where this testing was happening , also the imfamous Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base ( AREA 51)

After all , many recent UFO activities has been happening around military bases around the world( is one of the rules to declare a UFO HOTSPOT)... so who is creating these object??? USA ??Aliens?? or a huge conspiracy that includes all of the SuperPowerered Nations!! to prevent ...... or help the Nazi Comeback ?? .In actuality the date DEC 21 2012 has become an apocaliptic date thanks to the Maya !! In reality NASA has confirmed a galactic aligment on these day. Earth is gonna be perfectly aligned with the center of the Milky way....
The Nazi were extremely superticious and such an important astronomical occurence could mark the beginning of the 4th REICH !!


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Ronald Myst September 30, 2010 21:06 Flag
Carlos Alva May 17, 2009 01:39 Flag

nice research :)

Carlos Alva May 17, 2009 01:39 Flag

nice research :)

Jack Malinowski May 12, 2009 14:51 Flag

on the theme of strange but true...

Carlos Alva May 09, 2009 20:57 Flag

hahaha..sometimes reality is wilder than ur own imagination

Lynn Kirkconnell May 09, 2009 04:32 Flag

Damn!! I am floored!!

Mark D. Newitt August 27, 2010 16:20 2 Thumb-ups
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Augmented Reality Invasion!

I have incorporated a new technology into my video business and think it would be great to help promote Iron Sky. It is called Augmented Reality. You have seen it for years at football games (the yellow first down line) and in hockey with the glowing hockey puck. There is a company in the Netherlands called Layar (, contact Maurice). What I would like to see is a marketing plan that includes using this technology for promoting the movie at theaters. When people arrive at the theater, they take there phone (must have a camera phone) and look up into the sky. The app has a radar and will help you find the UFOs coming to earth. What you will see is the real sky in the background, but an augmented layer of 3D UFOs in the foreground. The app can be activated by a proximity setting. Check out the Spaceinvaders 3D or Avatar apps using the layar app (currently at the iPhone app store or the Android Market). I think this would be a great promotion for the film. The app also allows for information pages to be added, such as websites, videos, audio, background stuff!
Here is on video clip kind of showing what I'm talking about. Go to 2:30 and they talk about the UFO invasion. The 3D models have gotten better since this video clip was posted as well as access.


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David Yacobus September 22, 2010 23:48 Flag

Iron sky got nice 3D models... So it should be fun for AR... :)

Sebastian Johansen Skarpaas September 16, 2010 16:59 0 Thumb-ups
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Earth Germany

Just wanted to point out that people would probably like to know in the movie what happens to the Germany on Earth :)

Maybe they have been secretly plotting all these years underground, opening up for a relevetion of many WWII conspiracy theories?;)

Guess it's already been taken care of but better safe than sorry :D

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Harald Weber September 20, 2010 11:10 Flag

Let me introduce you to the Jonastal conspiracy - basically the claim that the SS (commanded by the very same Kammler that lead the exodus to Antarctica and to the dark side of the moon) built huge underground complexes with research facilities and workshops underneath the army training area between Ohrdruf and Arnstadt.
Including tactical nuclear devices of advanced design, death rays, intercontinental missiles (both ballistic and manned) and other weird science stuff ...

Hannu Hoffrén August 30, 2010 13:56 4 Thumb-ups
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Timo @

There's a couple of interview videos of Timo Vuorensola available in In finnish only.

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Angela R. September 17, 2010 11:29 Flag

*looks forward to the day she will be finally able to understand Finnish*

Dario Odobasic August 30, 2010 21:15 Flag

Valitettavasti ymmärrän vain hieman :(

Wal Friman August 30, 2010 19:00 Flag

Joo, noin hoidetaan haastattelut.

(null) August 30, 2010 14:13 Flag

Kiva haastattelu, kiitos. :)

Carl Voluntaryist August 18, 2010 08:56 5 Thumb-ups

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Angela R. September 16, 2010 19:26 Flag

I think this link had showed up in these pages before... or at least, I had already seen it. But, nevertheless, it is still fun to see again. 8)

Charles Anderson August 29, 2010 16:38 Flag

Hippy Nazi's Baby... yeah :-)

(null) August 23, 2010 20:38 Flag

Y'know, the part in the lift actually looks 100% convincing, it could be from a serious film. Shows the power of choosing a good location.

Seppo Hiltunen August 18, 2010 12:08 Flag

I like the spirit of the film makers, tongue in cheek! Thumb up, "Hände hoch"

Mark Hare September 03, 2010 04:45 0 Thumb-ups
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Internet Warfare

Here is a thought that can be played either straight or for laughs. What if the Lunar Nazis attempt some form of cyberwarfare? Either in terms of propaganda, sabotage, or simply playing tricks, like making all the toilets in New York flow backwards.

Or, because of technical incompatibilities, they can't connect at all or else leave their own networks wide open for attack. So some kids in a basement somewhere hacks their systems and learns their battle plans...and can't convince anyone they have the real stuff.

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Charles Anderson September 03, 2010 09:02 Flag

Don't know what an Azi is, much less a Neon one :-D

Harald Weber September 03, 2010 08:26 Flag

A key part of the movie is the girl scout sent to discover if 2018 Earth is ripe to be invaded. With all the knowledge and infrastructure available through nazi support groups she simply wouldn't need to go furthr than her email mailbox, right?

On the other hand, the Moon nazis could well start their invasion attempt by delivering a massive EMP designed to kill radar stations and communication networks. There were rumours enough of strange electromagnetic field generators capable of shutting down the engines of a bomber flying by at an altitude of more than 20.000 feet (and all the car engines for miles around, of course!).

Thierry Gschwind September 03, 2010 07:38 Flag

They could have cyber attack teams on Earth to do such attacks, like Neonazi groups.
Also the Nazis could design their system to be compatible with our, or they simply buy computers on Earth and bring them to the moon.

Robert Luxford June 15, 2010 00:56 1 Thumb-up
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Apollo 13 link.

You could link the Apollo 13 mission to the lunar Nazis'. The Lunar nazi's could be trying to deter any further american lunar missions for risk of discovery. So the fire a small trajectile at the service module, in an attempt to destroy it. It is decided by the lunar base commander not to attempt any further sabotage for risk of exposure. However they run test on later wepons to determine their effectiveness by shooting the Columbia and Atlantis shuttle. They can also be responsible for any other space mission disaster, either soviet or american Anything to slow down the american or Russian push into space.

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Mark Hare September 03, 2010 04:49 Flag

The moon has massive deposits of iron and nickel. With the lower gravity on the moon, a rail gun is a plausible way to support their attack, much as in WWII naval warships would conduct bombardments before sending in the troops.

Aaron Lundstedt August 23, 2010 15:36 Flag

Good idea to use moon based projectiles, especially if they have found iron deposits on the moon. Also to prevent the Earth from being unlivable for the Nazi's, the size of the iron projectiles may need to be about the size of a car. That's still the equivalent force of a Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. Due to the speed at which they hit. More like sniper shots, than cannons then. Just disable the important defense bits.

Mark Hare June 21, 2010 00:12 Flag

The Apollo 13 link is not a bad idea, especially if you focus on the idea that the lunar Nazis have sabotaged the American and Russian space program at key moments. It would tie in with the idea of the lunar Nazis waging a secret, long-term war. The idea would be to keep earth's space programs at a primitive stage, which they have been for the past thirty years.

The idea of using the moon's gravity does not work simply because anyone with the technology to affect something with that much mass would be nearly unstoppable. However, even if they managed to move the moon, it would cause moonquakes every bit as severe as the quakes on earth.

The railgun or mass driver idea has merit. It has appeared in Robert Heinlein's "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" and in the TV show "Babylon 5". Go look at pictures of the meteor crater in Arizona. That was caused by a hunk of iron the size of a small fifteen story building. Imagine something like that striking military installations all over the world within a 24 hour period as a prelude for the invasion.

James Jenkins June 17, 2010 17:46 Flag

For the Nazis to launch an attack they must believe they can win.To do so I think you need a masive first strike plot device that throws the world into chaos which the Nazis then take advantage of.The obvious thing?....the moons gravity and its effects on Earths tides etc.The Nazis are already there,they suss out how to do something that will rock Earth and theres your opening salvo that gets the Nazis up and running against Earths superior odds.It becomes a fairer fight.

And it can also be their downfall as the Nazis could somehow loose control of the process and it kills them in the end.

Worth a think I feel.

Aaron Lundstedt June 15, 2010 13:54 Flag

I like that as an Idea, simple to add to the story, and very believable. A simple rail gun would suffice as the projectile weapon to disable Apollo 13, until they get their tech up to scratch. Then we can advance to plasma weapons for the Space shuttle disasters.

Robin van Steenbergen March 04, 2010 00:25 8 Thumb-ups
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How about using Nikola Tesla as an important character, probably as one of the protagonists (in an alternate time-line or in flashback sequences). Either that, or use Tesla-like tech to explain some of the Nazi's superior forces, for example, they have stolen the relevant information from the Allies in WW2 (Tesla was working for the US), and developed practical technology from it in complete secrecy.

Tesla's got a lot of presumed-technology patents which he conjured up, but 90% were never turned into something practical. The most prominent example is the Wardenclyffe power transmitter project, which he never got to finish because of cut funding, but he also thought about fringe physics subjects like anti-gravity. Most of which never made it into real-world gadgets.

The "Tesla" style of 1930's or 1940's hardware combined with the 'What if' of the technology being actively pursued would make a great production design item for Iron Sky. Even some tongue-in-cheek reference would probably please the fans. :)

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Aaron Lundstedt August 23, 2010 15:30 Flag

Well I guess there's always the chance the USA secretly stole a plan for a cool secret weapon, that can make an appearance near the end to save our butts, till next time. LOL.

Javier Gombinsky June 03, 2010 16:30 Flag

Sounds good, but what about doing it the other way around? Tesla's technologies should be used AGAINST the nazis. Maybe he helps us win?

Carl Voluntaryist June 03, 2010 06:08 Flag

"Aaron Agassi March 06, 2010 03:36 Flag Thumbs up
In a flashback: Could Tesla's workshop have been infiltrated by the Nazis, perhaps even the SS and the Thule Society? Could they have helped undermine and sabotage Tesla's already shaky finances and then continued his work secretly in Antarctica?"


There's no need to alienate the Czech republic over a computer game, and even Thomas Edison has too much of a fanatic following to be of any real use here. (though I thought using Edison would have been brilliant)

Aaron Lundstedt June 02, 2010 12:53 Flag

A Agassi, I like that idea as well, and just to be funny, lets make his rival Thomas Edison of German heritage and a secret Nazi. LOL. Scary how much sense that makes.

Jack Malinowski May 26, 2010 07:42 Flag

- no no mr. telsa, we of the war department aren't
interested in a 'death ray.'


Mark D. Newitt May 26, 2010 05:02 Flag

I read, in a Tesla biography, called the Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla, that he and about 95 other scientists went to the jungles of Peru and met up with Marconi to build a super secret city in an extinct volcano. Once there, they could work on all the "Fringe" science that they couldn't do in the States and Europe. The story goes they invented a free energy source (Vril?) and used it for fueling UFOs. That reminds me, didn't the Nazis set up shop, at one time in Brazil????

Mark Hare May 26, 2010 01:36 Flag

After Tesla died, his nephew ransacked his safe and the U.S. government later impounded all of Tesla's remaining papers and equipment. Just before his death in 1943 Tesla shopped the idea of a "death ray" to U.S. War Department but they turned him down. Although all of his papers and equipment supposedly ended up in the Nikolai Tesla Museum in Belgrade, what if the death ray prototype was stolen before Tesla's death and Tesla himself was poisoned to cover the theft?

Aaron Lundstedt May 25, 2010 11:34 Flag

I like the idea of using Tesla. I think we could make it so that instead of Tesla being dead, his death was actually a clone he had made and frozen for just such an occasion, but before he could escape with his missing patents from his safe, for safe keeping, he is caught by the Nazi party and taken to their secret base, the one we see in UFO documentaries with the large concrete ring above the ground, and there they make the first man made flying saucer, and take him to the moon, where they have discovered water, and use Tesla's patents, and his genius to help them make a new army to get their revenge on the nations who took down the Nazi party. Let me know what you think of this idea. Thanks.


Alexander Vervaet May 24, 2010 11:30 Flag

A very cool gun is the Tesla gun that fires lightnings that electrocute people.

Aaron Agassi March 06, 2010 01:36 Flag

In a flashback: Could Tesla's workshop have been infiltrated by the Nazis, perhaps even the SS and the Thule Society? Could they have helped undermine and sabotage Tesla's already shaky finances and then continued his work secretly in Antarctica?