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Created atJune 16, 2008
Created byTimo Vuorensola
ClosedMay 05, 2012
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Eric Maietta Moon-Nazi Exoskeletons
Zak S Sturdy Operating System
Timo-Heikki Mäkelä Dirndls und Lederhosen
Tuomas Kaikkonen Publicity stunt: Geocaches
Richard R Nikola Tesla
Marek Herman Possible cooperation with Russian UFO...
Kalle Max Hofmann The other Operating System

Closing Note

Well, that was quite a long task, thanks for all your ideas during the years!


This task is so-called idea dump for random ideas that you get, but won't actually answer any task out there. So - you know the concept, there are Nazis on the Moon - and sky's the limit. Hit me with what you've got!

This task is closed.


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Timo-Heikki Mäkelä September 27, 2008 03:49 13 Thumb-ups

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casey williams January 09, 2011 23:40 Flag

moon nazi's arent too good to relax at themed resteraunts and bars.

Jack Malinowski October 15, 2008 23:58 Flag

I can't wait to read about wool underwears!
I can imagine the country Nazi now:
'Even Lederhosen has it's place as long your
killing the right people!'
As a point of fact, many Festivals and Holidays
were principally celebrated in the 'Conferated States' during the
Middle Ages. There the population ate cake and rehearsed
'killing the king, prince, dummy, whatever,' while many in more autocratic nations followed a more solemn religious calendar.

Seppo Hiltunen October 12, 2008 14:44 Flag
Angela R. September 30, 2008 13:27 Flag

Even though more bavarian than nazi, dirndls are simple fun, and I can clearly visualize the image of a group of blond girls serving Mondbräu to the guest of the local beer hall. Do that!

Roman Ewert September 30, 2008 09:09 Flag

Yes, Lederhosen would be fun - but only if not pushed too much into the foreground. Nazis don't run around in Lederhosen and Dirndl. Much more likely they will wear brown cord-shirts, suspenders and dark wear in general.

But of course a true German-Bavarian evening as an event of reminding the "glorious" roots of German culture would be extremely funny. Just imagine: All the higher-ups of the moon base gather in suits to watch a true Schuhplattler in Lederhosen and Dirndl :D

You know, Bavaria is really a topic for itself - is it Germany at all...? Difficult question ;D

Richard Tretzel September 29, 2008 07:59 Flag

Although the origin of nazi movement (and hitler himself of course) was from southern germany and austria, the tradition of Lederhosen goes much further back and recalls monarchy rather than the nazi-regime.
National Socialists, as implied by the name, would court the working class and disempower aristocratic ranks (except useful collaborators).
It's not at all a german but a bavarian/austrian tradition.
The nazis preferred germanic stuff like runes (SS) etc.
Of course it would be a funny picture: nazis, on the moon, in lederhosen :)

Thomas Ebert November 17, 2010 20:50 1 Thumb-up
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There is indeed the question how the nazis multiply on the moon. They can't just return to earth and get people from there or clone warriors (that would be too much Star Wars). However it could be explained by reducing the natural breeding cycle from 9 months to 2 months with drugs and enhancing the ability of womens womb with external devices (like a "ancestal cell dispenser" which injects stem cells that were breed externaly). So there would be still the women and a cool explanation for the large numbers for it....

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casey williams January 09, 2011 23:38 Flag

former nazi's turned doctors could abduct infants and blame being stillborn, accounting for germany's low birth rate, the infants shipped by the truckload to a private boat which meets a nurse stocked submarine that transports them to an underwater antarctic base, picked up from there and flown to the moon, or a "hostel" like eastern european abduction scenario with the same stops.

Charles Anderson January 05, 2011 03:47 Flag

Women although can produce children, a lot of pregnancies have trouble.

Without surgery women cannot continue to produce offspring. The muscles get buggered up.

Anyway this is film, and anything goes.

I'm wondering if a darker form of testube breeding could be used.

The flower of German womanhood wouldn't be used up giving birth. That's what abductees are for.

Even brain dead a woman's body can support child growth.

[I am an evil, evil man]

Daniel Mooney December 29, 2010 08:46 Flag

I agree, notice how all alien abductions seem to involve rape?

Perhaps when they are "probed" or "raped" they are actually having their eggs or semen removed, which are then utilized and implanted in a regular German woman on the moon as testube babys. Thus they're current stock of women can continue to provide children, but with out the limited gene pool which would cause birth defects.

Also, don't forget the possible kidnapping of children, this historically did happen in WWII. So it's possible the space nazis may send ships down to pick up random children, most likely who were rounded/kidnapped by a team already on Earth.

Mark Hare December 29, 2010 07:29 Flag

This was covered in another thread. If you have a large enough group to start with, mix well with an aggressive version of the Nazi Lebensborn project, natural methods would give you a big enough population by 2017 for a large army.

However, the possibility of artificial humans and artificial means of procreation shouldn't be discounted. Mad scientists seemed to multiply in the Third Reich. Why not the Fourth?

Charles Anderson November 18, 2010 20:12 Flag

Well, they could do test tube babies, and homonculus methods of artificial growth.

It would explain all those alien abductions.

Christopher Marins January 08, 2011 23:38 2 Thumb-ups
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This could be too much but...

You've put the nazis on the moon, now put the face of Hitler on a toast instead of Jesus somewhere in the movie.

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Hernan Gonzalez January 07, 2011 15:13 1 Thumb-up
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German UFO Dub

This is a track I produced in 2007 for my LP Avatar, released by Pueblo Nuevo. Several pseudo-scientific topics are addressed in this record, such as the Hollow Earth and the Hindu Vimanas. You can use this track wherever it fits the movie, maybe an action scene. Glad to be part.

Original track:

A remix:

The full album:

My website:

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Shane Peterson January 07, 2011 17:00 Flag


Hernan Gonzalez January 07, 2011 15:45 Flag

These are the lyrics in English (they are sung in Spanish). I can record them in English if necessary.

Antarctica, discs in the sky.
Schauberger engine, antigravitational.
Underground base,
New Schwabenland.

(They've created an electro-magnetic flying machine)

The Earth is hollow.
It's the Trans-Polar tunnel.
Operation Highjump,
they will never reach.

(US government has taken and developed that technology in total secrecy)

Hernan Gonzalez January 07, 2011 14:58 1 Thumb-up
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Morning Of The Magicians

A subtle reference to this book in the movie would be nice. I'm sure you're familiar with it. Written in 1960 by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, both members of the French "Résistance" in WWII, they were the first to talk about the Nazi disc-shaped crafts, and the Vril Society. A small easter egg related to this book is something we would love to see, and it pays homage to these bold writers who had the guts to talk about a lot of Nazi secrets always concealed by Russians and Americans.

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Robin van Steenbergen September 17, 2010 13:31 1 Thumb-up
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Iron Sky in 3D

I doubt this needs a lot of explanation. How about rendering all Iron Sky graphics in stereoscopic 3D and releasing the film this way?

I can imagine some fight sequences would look awesome in the additional dimension. I have yet to see a good SF flick go 3D.

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Gabriel Wolf December 30, 2010 15:43 Flag

I don`t believe that Avatar is so succesful because of the 3D Technologie! Avatar is a movie that find the spirit of time. Not because of the destroying of that planet. Not because of the "Pocahontas" love story!!! Just because of the idea - that a man can be in a Avatar and become a complete other person as before - forever!!!

We all have Avatar`s in the internet - and there is this dream to be the person in the internet! No movie find this nerve better than Avatar.

So we are the "Avatar - Generation"

3D is just a Gimmick!

Greetz Gabriel

Mikko Löppönen December 30, 2010 09:49 Flag

Avatar is the 3d film at the moment. The 3d in tron was pretty pointless as you could tell it was 3d in about 3 scenes. And the screen was so damn dim!

Forget 3d on place more money on the movie itself.

Sami Laulajainen December 30, 2010 07:10 Flag

Tron Legasy went rather high on that good 3D scale. It's hard to compare to avatar, because the worlds are like night(tron) and day(avatar).

Mark Hare December 29, 2010 07:17 Flag

My personal opinion is that unless a film had designed from the start to be filmed in or converted to 3-D, the results will not be worth the time or expense. I believe that 3-D, done as a gimmick or as an afterthought, doesn't work. That said, if the money had been there, "Iron Sky" seems a natural for the 3-D treatment.

And yes, I agree with C. Anderson. "Avatar" is the yardstick against which any 3-D movie must be measured.

Thierry Gschwind December 14, 2010 08:46 Flag

Basically for complete 3D effects you have to render every frame twice (one for left eye, one for right eye), meaning the rendering time will increase by twice.

For "2D" effects like greenscreen and so, you have to add perpesctive and you cannot use plate effects, like prefilmed fire or smoke. It has to be 3D too.

Then live acton shots need to be converted too.

That cost all a lot of money, which Energia can certain use in a better way.

Even if I like 3D stuff, I hate those conversions.

(null) December 13, 2010 22:50 Flag

I think they said (and I'm not 100% sure) the CGI would take a lot longer to render in 3D than 2D?

As for converted 3D, as the name implies, that doesn't require the film to be shot in 3D at all.

Sami Laulajainen November 23, 2010 07:53 Flag

@Lukas : The link shows only full HD capability for the software. They use 2k and 4k in cinemas. Is it up for that?

Atleast in that one "" the converted 3d sucked. Maybe they have invented something in 3 years, don't know.

Lukas Sprehn November 20, 2010 13:41 Flag

So converted 3D doesn't need 3D cameras, or two different cameras, I think.

"Piranha 3D" or whatever the new movie is called, is converted 3D and should have AWESOME 3D effects.

Lukas Sprehn November 20, 2010 13:40 Flag

I don't think it will cost them that much if they use this product for converting movies and films, and, videos, into 3D Blu-Ray:

I don't actually know if this software is for polarized 3D but I guess so, I want it myself :D

(null) October 21, 2010 21:21 Flag

I think Energia talked about this in a recent post somewhere, they said it would cost too much to do the effects in 3D.

Kevin Kane September 23, 2010 17:48 Flag

Unless you shoot it in 3D, please do not do a 3D version. Adding 3D later just does nothing for the film IMHO. 3D is a gimmick/craze right now, but please don't jump on the bandwagon.

Angela R. September 19, 2010 19:14 Flag

As long as there is a "normal" version as well (I cannot see 3D!), it sounds like it would be awesome.

Just, I kinda doubt the budget will allow that... I mean, as far as I know shooting a 3D movie is much more expensive than a regular one?

Dodge 'Tricky' Ditchburn September 18, 2010 23:09 Flag

3D Iron Sky Nazi Goggles, sounds amazing!

Also, in 3D I dont think it would get compared to Avatar, 3D is the new craze, and everyone is on the same boat to get that latest effect in their films.

For me Avatar was pointless in 3D, it lacked enough 'Wow!' moments, I do believe Iron Sky could make better use technology if available.

Sami Laulajainen September 18, 2010 13:14 Flag

Plus you have to shoot everything with 3D cameras.

Carl Voluntaryist September 18, 2010 10:24 Flag

except you cannot compare Iron Sky to 'Dances with Smurfs'...

Charles Anderson September 18, 2010 08:27 Flag

Plusses and minuses here :-

Plus :-
* Get to wear 3d Iron Sky Nazi Goggles in the cinema.

Minus :-
* An insane headache and sore eyes.
* If it's 3D, it will be compared to Avatar.

Rob Rees November 20, 2010 18:20 0 Thumb-ups
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Cyborg Hitler

If this is set in the near future, Hitler would be very old.

You can't have a Nazi film without Adolf!

I don't think the Nazi's conquered aging, but to put a secret base on the moon may mean they have developed advanced robotics.

Frighteningly, some of them would have done that, given half the chance!

There was also a bizarre story of the real Nazi's actually doing stasis experiments!

Is Cyborg Hitler the final boss?

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Mark Hare December 29, 2010 07:23 Flag

A far better idea in my mind would be a cyber Hitler. Think Max Headroom on every computer monitor on the Lunar Base.

If the Lunar Nazis are advanced enough, why not have AI computers? And why not give them personalities in the form of Hitler, Himmler, etc?

You could play it for laughs, for satire...there's a dozen different approaches.

Rob Rees November 20, 2010 18:23 Flag

Or Cyborg Stalin.

Or both?

Maybe Russians that we think are dead, are just in a severe Vodka and Snow Coma?

Shawn Riche' Chase December 10, 2010 20:32 0 Thumb-ups
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Come help us fight!

A recruitment psoter that asks fellow German people to join the fight.


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Sean Watson December 06, 2010 13:26 2 Thumb-ups
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Your Score

I have a wide background in composing classical scores, and I think this picture would benefit indefinitely from a well written musical score, I have material in waiting if there is any interest.

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Darius Alexander December 08, 2010 22:04 Flag

So true;
I'd love to see some original works from this. I'll even give it a 'shot' myself =)

David Yacobus November 20, 2010 09:59 0 Thumb-ups
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Udo Kier is Yuri

BTW, I believe in Asia, Udo Kier is more famous as Yuri rom Red Alert. Many gamers will surely went on watching Iron Sky if they know he's Yuri. Is it common to state that he's from a game etc? cos last time Iron Sky team only mention his movies.

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