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Created at June 20, 2009
Created by Daniel Michael O'Connell
Deadline July 20, 2009: over 5 years over
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Gert-Jan Van de Voorde Jena Perkins
Jani Salomaa Finnish military mindset


--I'll be the first to admit that this idea is not altogether original at all.

The whole Zombie premise is, without a doubt, overdone-- but that means very little to me. I like the genre, and that's why I ever decided to do this.

However: something I <I>do not</I> like are stereotypes.

I think that this forum is an outstanding thing, when it comes to generating fresh ideas. I also <I>really</I> like the fact that it is International.

Although this story will have a focus on three Primary Characters (because... that's just how stories work) the Pentagon is a HUGE place, and it populated by literally <I>thousands</I> of people. Whereas having a cast of thousands is a ridiculous idea, it does make sense to have several vignettes of people struggling to survive-- if only to give the viewer a sense of the magnitude of the building. It is also a place where people from all over the world come to meet, and discuss their ideas concerning the state of the world's affairs.

Therefore, it makes sense to have a diverse base of characterizations from which to work.

Personally, I am very familiar with the disposition of U.S. Military Personnel-- from grunts to brass. I also know a <I>little</I> bit about how Israelis operate (but less-than-I'd-like).

Outside of that, I know precious little about how non-Americans view strategy, tactics, or warfighting. I do not know how ANZAC people react to crisis, or Pakistani, or German, or Italian, or... much of anything else.

Therefore: I ask you... just what <I>would</I> happen?

If you want to just tell me your thoughts, that's fine-- or if you'd like to build a whole character, with a full bio, likes & dislikes, body type, religious-inclinations, or anything & everything else-- please, feel free. I will do my best to work as many of them into the story as I can. They need not be strictly military, either. Scientists, Accountants, Liaisons, Politicians, IT Specialists,or anyone else you can think of who'd have a good reason to be in the building.

What we need to remember is that Bruce Willis won't be in this one, so there's no point trying to conjure him up-- or any other archetypal American Hero.

I'd like for this to be about Real People, inasmuch as that is possible in the context of an unreal, impossible scenario.

Thank You All.


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Gert-Jan Van de Voorde July 12, 2009 21:06 2 Thumb-ups
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Jena Perkins

Lara was born in the early sping of the year 1973, in the German city of Jena, it was a premature birth, during something that was officially called a holyday trip. Her father James Perkins worked for the Pentagon until he died in 1989, leaving Jena, her younger sister Morag, also born premature but in Wales, her older brother Marc and her mother Catherina alone. Catherina worked in the World Trade Centre and was one of the victims of 9/11. Jena and her sister Morag were put in a orphanage and Marc beeing 18 had to stand on his own feet.
Jena was lucky and could get a proper education. She was able to go to the best univeristies and learned to know the politics, but she wanted more then politics alone she was a militairy genius and started to make some connections, they were very useful: she got into the pentagon (via a back door)

I'll add something when I get more ideas I'm getting really tired now

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Gert-Jan Van de Voorde July 13, 2009 19:46 Flag

Great ideas you've got there, Jani. Thanks

Jani Salomaa July 13, 2009 18:16 Flag

That's a great background story! If you don't mind, I'd like to offer some thoughts that sprung in my mind about the character. Use 'em or dump 'em as you see fit - It's your character, anyways.

I could imagine Lara being a bit of a punk after all the hardships she's gone through. She'd be independent and defiant. If it weren't for her intellect and military genious, she would never have been accepted into the military. But as she IS a genious, the disciplinarian military men just have to deal with her.

A bit antisocial, Lara would always be an outsider, as people can't relate to her experiences of hardship. For some men she's a weirdo. For some others, she's an intriguing puzzle to be solved..

Lara's mother died in the last great American tragedy. As the zombie outbreak happens, Lara is driven by the determination of not following her mother's footsteps.

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Jani Salomaa June 22, 2009 13:50 1 Thumb-up
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Finnish military mindset

I could easily see a Finnish female officer taking a minor role in the film. She could be on a visit in preparation for Finland joining NATO.

Stereotypical Finnish soldier is innovative, brave but rather insubordinate. The Finns believe in meritocracy - it's all about expertise, not rank. Maybe she would get into conflict with people outranking her, but who are clueless as to how to stop the Zombie invasion.

The Finnish military mindset is "defence first, always". Thus her first reaction would be to organize a set of defensive positions that would stall the enemy while causing max casualties.

Another Finnish thing is the use of mines. In case of war with the unnamed enemy from the East, our strategy is to fill all of Eastern Finland with mines, and sit back to watch the enemy crawl through the endless minefields.. Blowing zombies up with different kinds of mines would be hilarious!

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Stig-Magnus Gjerald July 05, 2009 01:14 Flag

Yeah love this idea, finns are masters of defensive killzones.
Lol, maybe make the female officer either a descendant or fan of Simo Häyhä

My grandfather was a volunteer in the winter war(was a volunteer in spanish civilwar before that,then ss) he said he had asked his finnish lieutenant why they didnt counterattack. his answer was "why go to them and kill them when they are so eager to come here to die.Much less stressful this way"

Daniel Michael O'Connell June 24, 2009 03:43 Flag


This is EXACTLY what I had in-mind.

So, the Finns believe in sisu in-combat, eh?

Out-effing-standing! (I should be fair and mention that my fiance is Finnish-Korean, and I'm certainly skewed in my favor).

Thanks, Jani. These things keep me inspired.


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