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Created at June 12, 2009
Created by Daniel Michael O'Connell
Deadline March 17, 2010: over 4 years over
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Wreckupations 3D Artist, Software Developer, Writer, Graphic Designer, Concept / Storyboard Artist
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Liliana Women
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde New Poster Idea


"Fortress America" is a tale of Zombie Uprising, which is-- in itself-- not novel at all. I'll be writing it based on my own firsthand (non-classified) experiences at the Pentagon. Nevertheless, I welcome as much input as anyone is willing to offer as far as writing goes, as well as EVERYTHING ELSE. At this point, I do not have a production team of any kind, and so therefore-- this baby needs to be built from the ground-up.

As a preliminary idea, I feel that since the sort of budget that would be required to render this realistically would be prohibitive, therefore-- I'd like for this production to capitalize on antiquated animation-techniques: that is to say, cell-shading, and other methods that were popular during the late 70's and early 80's.

Ralph Bakshi at his peak, in other words.

I'm interested to see how modern technology might render this style, and just how far it can be taken.

So... if you're into stuff like this, and stuff like that-- I'd be deeply appreciative of anyone who'd like to give this a try.

"Come ride with me," as they say in the A-Town. Let's see if we can't Do This Thing Right.

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Gert-Jan Van de Voorde June 20, 2009 08:07 2 Thumb-ups
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New Poster Idea

I made a new poster with the Pentagon in it.


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Daniel Michael O'Connell June 24, 2009 03:39 Flag

I hear you. I have a copy of PS 5 that I need to find, install, and then try to find my way around again. All of this is... conceptual. It'll evolve-- and that's the point.

Gert, for what it is worth-- GIMP is definitely worth having & using these days. It has come a long way from the clunky thing that would often crash Win Systems. You might want to try it out.

Cheers, and Thanks Again.


Gert-Jan Van de Voorde June 22, 2009 16:15 Flag

Pease note: I don't have photoshop. So I can't do what you proposed. I use Microsoft Powerpoint and Paint. It's all I have.

Jani Salomaa June 22, 2009 14:13 Flag

Looks better, and i like the idea. But the pentagon building looks too blurry. In Photoshop, try applying Unsharp Mask and maybe Cutout, and it should become clearer and more poster like.

Also, i think the "zombie" should look like a zombie - you know, limping, both hands reaching forward and maybe missing a limb..

For kicks, check out this Zombie Thriller shirt from

Daniel Michael O'Connell June 20, 2009 19:47 Flag

Awesome. Looks much better with something framing it.


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Liliana June 12, 2009 19:24 3 Thumb-ups
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Hi, I would like to collaborate in screenplay guidelines and try to twist a little the current zombie movies routine. Would be women the only ones who are inmune to the zombie virus and face a future without men? I would like to discuss this and other plot details but have no experience in desing,comics,graphics,etc.

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Daniel Michael O'Connell June 20, 2009 14:18 Flag


I did... kinda'.

Onliest trouble is that Katrina was so long ago-- I need to fabricate a New Disaster. Still the same idea, tho'. Storm leads to disinterred corps of High Voodoo Value, which leads to the Fort Meyer/ D.C. Outbreak.Voodoo leads to Zombys. We're bringing it back home, so to speak.

S. Casey Faulkner June 20, 2009 06:55 Flag

Awesome idea, I'm just curious, is there a reason you didn't latch on to the Katrina / Marie LaVeau / Voodoo angle?

Liliana June 16, 2009 19:11 Flag

Dear Jason and Daniel:
I am happy to collaborate with you, we must develope the stories, character, enviroment, etc step by step and glady I would add more idea for the project. Thanks for your comments :)Keep in touch and cheers

Daniel Michael O'Connell June 16, 2009 11:56 Flag

You'd be surprised...

Men outnumber women, but not by an overwhelming margin. I've seen plenty of Brig. and Lieutenant Generals who were women there-- and a few 3 & 4 stars, too-- and from there, every officer-grade downwards has excellent representation by women. Civilians who work for the military also have a significant female population. The one place where you see a much greater concentration of men is in the Construction Teams.

So... we have our work cut out for us-- obviously the biggest threat comes from the construction-side (which is how I had it in-mind, anyway-- but this gives a good reason).

Jason Robert Slanina June 16, 2009 03:44 Flag

this topic would work very well as the pentagon would be accepted as a mostly male work place in the general audiences mind frame. This would allow for a small team of female officers to ban together and fight off their outnumbered position as well as containing the infection to the building itself. See post.

Daniel Michael O'Connell June 14, 2009 20:43 Flag

--Dear Liliana,

This is, without a doubt, a brilliant idea.

There could be all sorts of reasons for it, too-- like chromosomes, or the presence of estrogen in the host. You've added a whole new dimension to the idea I had, and that's really, really cool.

If you don't mind, I'd like to run with this idea. I'd also like to hear your other ideas. Feel free to post them here, under this thread, and we'll COLLABORATE.

Insofar as not having done this before-- there's not a lot I can tell you. I've been involved in several projects during my life, and they're all quite unique. I suppose that if it is your job, and you do it for decades, you become inured to the process of creation-- but I also think that having an attitude like that makes it so that your ideas become stale and flat-- and trite.

Based on what I have done, I think that this particular sort of format-- what wreckamovie has managed to do-- actually is a SUPERIOR way to devise entertainment. It isn't a closed room, and it isn't an "elite" experience.

Thank you for your input. I think that it is an excellent idea, and hopefully-- in a few days-- I'll have some more stuff to show for it.

Maybe a graphic or two, as well.

Unfortunately, my weekend has been spent on Auto Repair, and I haven't written nearly as much as I should have but I shall, I promise.



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Jason Robert Slanina June 16, 2009 04:09 0 Thumb-ups
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infection point

The outbreak starts from a mutation. A top brass officer becomes the first carrier while inspecting a bacteria research project. The bacteria forces a change in the flu the Commander was just getting over. for the next two days he spreads the infection to other high level members of the pentagon in his daily rounds. Seeing an epidemic in the pentagon personnel the Military and CDC close it up.

The flu is starting to come under confinement from the CDC and military. Who have turned the pentagon into ground zero. And are bringing anyone who was family member of, or would have had close contact with pentagon personnel in the last couple weeks. To the pentagon itself. The doctor start to notice that the virus is not airborne but highly contagious by touch with an infected article or person, as it also seems to be leaving the women alone they bring in more female staff to tend to the sick. This should be day 4.
Day 5 Our top brass has suffered from severe heat stroke due to the flu maintaining an increased body temperature. He lashes out violently at a nurse in full containment suit. Tearing thru her protection clothing he bites her. She is left in confinement as it is believed she is now a carrier just not infected herself. Before they can finish putting her into confinement. The rest of the infected attack the medical staff, and by the end of the day only the Females are left uninfected. They are now in a battle to regain control of the pentagon, only to be victorious, and find the CDC didn’t catch all the people, and in there two days of fighting they had become cut off from outside information. When they immerge victorious over the pentagon they find half the east coast is down with the flu.

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Jason Robert Slanina June 17, 2009 19:54 Flag

All good. I’m fine with criticism anyways, as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as bad criticism, it is all in how you view what is said.
I understand your points as of having worked in the building, but to the mass populace it is still a place of interest and confusion. Not many people care to know the workings in detail, and have developed their own opinions of what could and dose go on inside the building.
This is where fear will come into play for the audience. If we go for real it will help sell to the educated, but for the mass populace it still needs to be Hollywood. More entertainment than real. Or with just enough real to make it seem believable.

The terrorist attack has plenty of merit , and would be the first though of all the personnel in the case of accidental infection as well. AS long as it is covered in the script as the personnel believe it. Then it doesn’t matter where the infection comes from just that it has the effect of being believed as a terrorist attack, and starts its biggest spread amongst the pentagon personnel. It could come out latter to be otherwise in the movie or could be left as a question as to what actually cussed it. which I think would make it a better scaring and selling point.
The audience loves to participate in movies. To add things up on their own. Even if they are wrong, we all tend to put ourselves into the situation, and as such leaving it as a question as to what caused it, may make the movie more believable and frightening to the audience, as they now are uncertain if something like this could happen.

Daniel Michael O'Connell June 16, 2009 14:08 Flag

Not a bad Shot.

Let me tell you what I had in mind, though.

One thing that you have to bear in mind is that the Pentagon is, for most intents and purposes, an office-building. What goes on there is primarily the interfacing between Politicians, Civilian Specialist-in-their-field, and top-ranking Officers of the entire Armed-Forces. So... what you end up with are a lot of budget-meetings, strategic briefings, and a lot of office-work-- much of which is of either S or TS clearance-level.

There could be labs, but it is worth mentioning that in Maryland alone, there are at least three full-scale BSL 4 labs. Not only that, but the University of Maryland works in-conjunction with the NIH and the military on biological warfare projects.

There are MANY places that the initial outbreak could occur at.

What I wanted to emphasize was survival within the building itself, and what its' role would be with regard to the outside world.

What you have there is a massive concentration of the military thought-machine. Unlike a scenario wherein nobody knows what the hell to do (average Zed-Movie) you'd have literally THOUSANDS of people who think tactically and strategically on a daily basis-- as well as spooks, creeps, spies, and other assorted NSA/CIA -types. There's even a branch of the DIA that deals exclusively with satellite warfare.

On the other hand, as we speak, there are also a few thousand people working on the building. Completion of renovation is scheduled for November, 2010. It is a massive project, and although security is very, very good (PFPA, or "Pentagon Force Protection-Agency" are security professionals of the best sort) a few people showing up to the construction-site early Monday morning looking a little sick wouldn't really trigger their response until it was too late. Especially if our Infection took hold quickly (a modern trend that I happen to find more terrifying than a slow-moving illness. Fast zombies and fast infections help pacing and are more frightening, though less-"classic" in the G. Romero sense).

Something else to think about is that the different branches of the Armed Forces, although cooperative, still compete-- and NONE of them like the Secret-Intelligence Types too much.


What motivation would spooks have to suppress information of a known infection from the high-echelon defense apparatus?

Politicians regularly visit and hobnob at this building-- at what point would they become such a liability that nobody would protect them?

Does it make more sense (or would it be more entertaining) to make this whole thing the product not of failure on the part of researchers, but a deliberate terrorist-attack? (In such an instance-- the whole outbreak would be centralized within the building, and might actually be more fun).

Like I said-- I really need to get into structuring this.

Thank You, Jason-- although it might not seem like it (I'm hurrying through this, and it makes me a bit brusque) I appreciate your comments.


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