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Created atJune 10, 2009
Created byTimo Vuorensola
ClosedNovember 25, 2009
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Yann Sauvage Yukikaze and others
Udo Fischer battlestar
stefano baschiera Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Stig-Magnus Gjerald i forgot
Ilkka Hemmilä Failures / homages
Stig-Magnus Gjerald movies
Jokke Kaksonen Lorelei

Closing Note

I think we have big enough of reference library here! Thanks for this, I'll be checkin' em out! (And some I have already).


As we're moving to production, I'm facing a positive problem of having to watch quite a lot of films to exactly define some things I want for Iron Sky visually.

In this task, I'm asking you to answer to two questions:

1. What films / TV-serieses have the most interesting tank/air/naval battles out there?

2. Which films / TV-serieses you think have the most interesting sci-fi VFX?

For films, I'd appreciate the name of the film and year of release, and for TV-serieses I need a specific episode to look after, since I don't have enough time to check out whole serieses.

This task is closed.


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stefano baschiera August 07, 2009 07:20 5 Thumb-ups
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

from the earth they try to communicate with the spaceships through music..
and the nazis answer to those tones Close Encounters of the Third Kind style, with Wagner..

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Adryan Linden November 16, 2009 19:36 Flag

Perfect, but very predictable and classical ... :)

Peter Vesterbacka August 07, 2009 18:35 Flag

Very cool idea! Great job!

David Jansson August 07, 2009 11:57 Flag

I really like this idea. :)

Michael Substelny November 03, 2009 19:26 3 Thumb-ups
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Trailer for an Upcoming Movie

I believe this is a trailer for the new version of Space Battleship Yamato. It features fighter aircraft that look like what viewers will expect for 2018. It has a wonderful, epic look.

<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>

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(null) November 04, 2009 03:52 Flag

Michael, you can embed videos on Wreckamovie just by posting their URL, the WAM system will automatically embed them.

Kalle Max Hofmann November 03, 2009 23:48 Flag

Cool! Looks like Captain Future for the new millennium :D

Jani Salomaa November 03, 2009 20:06 Flag


Greg Field November 02, 2009 12:53 2 Thumb-ups
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Bad movie / good design


It's not a particularly good movie, but it looks fantastic. Features 1940s style and some cool dogfights, as well as plenty of robots. Trailer:

Also well worth 6 minutes of your time is the short that the movie was based on:

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(null) November 03, 2009 03:26 Flag

Yes, I'd agree with all this, Sky Captain is a great-looking film whatever you think of the plot, it's trying to do something different from other modern sci-fi.

(And the plot isn't THAT bad, it's a lot better than the new Star Wars films for example.)

Jani Salomaa November 02, 2009 14:05 Flag

Seppo - wow! Did Kerry Conran ever steal liberally from that cartoon! Robot design, camera angles, newspaper closeups... that's way beyond "being inspired by" or " honoring" the original. It's outrageous robbery.

Seppo Hiltunen November 02, 2009 13:30 Flag

The movie and it's style is derived perhaps from the comics films like Superman from the 40's.

There were robots and the streets of the cities looked quite similar in those animations:

Antti Pirskanen October 13, 2009 17:31 1 Thumb-up
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Interesting films although not only because of FX

A lot of science fiction B-movies were made in 70's. One of the biggest cult films featuring absolutely horribly effects and acting is Starcrash (1979). When you think that there is no way that this can get any worse, David Hasselhoff steps in!

Sunshine (2007) by Danny Boyle has a interesting and somewhat unique visual style to it. It is not such a great movie overall, but is worth seeing for art direction alone.

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Dario Odobasic October 01, 2009 22:57 2 Thumb-ups
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1 & 2 answers

1. Besides my Trekkie orientation, I'm a fan of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. Those series are well comparable to Star Trek in any way.
2. Maybe it will be a weird answer but in this case my favorite is BBC's Doctor Who. Just look at this primitive but very effective Main title sequence from 1963. which was made only by Valve tube camera and various interferences with some TV monitors. Music part created by Delia Derbyshire was made only by oscillators, noise generators and similar devices, recorded and played by four reel tape recorders (manually synchronized) and most important thing is that every tape was cutted more than 100-150 times and combined with an adhesive tape AND A RULER (!!!) to achieve the right lenght of every single tone and noise. That was pure art of picture and sound. Remember, in 1963. there was no keyboards, synthesizers and no PCs like today.

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Dario Odobasic October 03, 2009 20:33 Flag

For those who are interesting about this theme, take a look at this:

Dario Odobasic October 03, 2009 19:57 Flag

Kris, who said that Techno and Trance began in 21st century? :-)
Delia Derbyshire was, in my opinion, a far beyond the time. Beside her music and technical knowledge she had a great vision of the future music ways. Unfortunately, sometimes she was misunderstood and when the BBC bosses decided to cancel Radiophonic workshop, that was a great psychological impact for Delia and that was for sure the beginnig of her ending :-(
Fortunately, after her death, hundreds of tapes with some unique Delia's works was found on the attic of her house.

(null) October 03, 2009 19:45 Flag

Some of Delia Derbyshire's work in the 1960s was so cutting edge that it still sounds modern today:

Kalle Max Hofmann October 02, 2009 13:31 Flag

Ooops sorry, well I have to admit I never saw a single episode of any of the various incarnations. But judging from this title sequence, it deserves its cult following :D

Dario Odobasic October 02, 2009 13:20 Flag

You have one of great Doctor Who fan right here >:-(
Must say that I've collected every single broadcasted episodes & movies and also all reconstructed stories. Totaly mad man, izitso? :-)

Kalle Max Hofmann October 02, 2009 09:26 Flag

Wow, especially considering how old it is, it's really awesome! Back in the day, it must've taken sheer genius to make the letters shape up like that... One of those transitions almost looks like morphed! Chapeau, messieurs!
I also love the music, I'm a big fan of Carpenter-esque tunes anyway... Only that kitschy part that sounds like christmas kind of sucks... Oh my, better not have any Doctor Who fans read this ;P

Eric Maietta October 01, 2009 01:12 2 Thumb-ups
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1968 2001: A Space Odyssey

The opening scene of the space shuttle approaching the space station from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 " 2001: A Space Odyssey" is very good:

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Eric Maietta October 01, 2009 23:56 Flag

And this was all done before the age of CGI. Amazing!

(null) October 01, 2009 21:11 Flag

It is definitely the "gold standard" for space effects and it's the one space effect which everyone will recognise.

Come to think of it, you could go beyond just looking at the station sequence, as 2001 also has extensive scenes on the Moon which is where Iron Sky takes place.

Yann Sauvage September 28, 2009 13:41 7 Thumb-ups
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Yukikaze and others


"Yukikaze". A lot of amazing high speed combats in this anime:

"Yukikaze" and others air / space combats animes:

"Stealth" very good action sequences with near future technology:

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Yann Sauvage September 29, 2009 16:11 Flag

Great news!
I'd be pleased to help you and impatient to see your work!

Timo Vuorensola September 29, 2009 15:21 Flag

Thanks! Actually, this comes very helpful since we're about to start our aerial battle planning acually tomorrow, so these videos did provide some quite good tips and visual ideas.

Ilkka Hemmilä September 26, 2009 11:55 4 Thumb-ups
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Failures / homages

Could the Moon Nazis have some sort of "museum" / collection of their abandonned projects with which to take over the world? This "museum" could include all kind of invaders which have failed to conquer / destroy Earth in classic sci-fi films, as an homage to these films. For example the tripods from The War of the Worlds or Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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Ilkka Hemmilä September 29, 2009 06:51 Flag

Kris S explained my ideas better than I did ;-)

I didn't mean these robots etc. to be in a major role, not even mentioned, just showed in the background or something like that. I love to look at the background while watching a movie and I love the little things found there. The ones who notice these things have an easy extra smile or laugh. I don't believe a whole scene built around the robots would work.

Examples: in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow you could see King Kong climbing the Empire State Buliding. The robot from Forbidden planet is in Gremlins 2, Marvin from the British version of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy was in a queue in the American remake and so on and so on...

Jack Malinowski September 28, 2009 22:11 Flag

this 'media' tactic at 'fear-mongering' would play a fundamental part in any fascist plan to 'take over the world,' i believe.

well played.

Angela R. September 28, 2009 11:02 Flag

Quite a good idea!

(null) September 26, 2009 15:54 Flag

You mean as if those alien invaders were really the Nazis in disguise? :-)

That sounds like it has potential.

Udo Fischer September 01, 2009 22:13 5 Thumb-ups
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I love the space-fights of battlestar galactica (the "new" one), for example Miniseries, part 1. The fight scenes are very "realistic" with zooms and rotatables and so on, very good stuff... an the spaceships (especially the vipers) got a very own way to fly and to turn over.... just take a look ;)

Here´s an example:

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Stig-Magnus Gjerald September 24, 2009 08:40 Flag

Also flyboys have the worst technical insight into ww1 than any movie i have come across...good battles though:-) for ww1 battles check out blue max, red baron etc Hells Angels is a classic

Michael Substelny September 08, 2009 16:23 Flag

That said, I think Battlestar's producers intentionally made their dogfights look like World War One dogfights. The ranges are short and the speeds are < 200 kph, but these give you thrilling visuals.

Look for the 2006 film "Fly Boys." Lousy story with terrific dogfights.

Michael Substelny September 08, 2009 15:01 Flag

The Battlestar Galactica battles were very exciting, but only partially realistic. They often depicted relative speeds that were ridiculously slow and distances that were absurdly short. Back in 1958 the F-105 Thunderchief could fight at twice the speed of sound, shooting down targets more than ten miles away. Galactica always depicted its battles at slower speeds and closer ranges.

I am sure that the reasons for doing this have more to do with good storytelling than good science, so I will not debate the merits of the choices made by Battlestar's producers.

Erno Mattila September 01, 2009 19:00 2 Thumb-ups
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nazi stealth fighter

I found this interesting piece of documentary by nat geo about a nazi secret project during the war.
pretty cool stuff, a stealth aeroplane made of wood!
part 1/5

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