Motion poster for Nobilitas
Created at May 29, 2009
Created by Mikko Sillanpää
Deadline December 31, 2009: over 4 years over
Shots given 10
Wreckupations 3D Artist, Actor, Composer, Director, Film Editor, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Writer, Lighting, Graphic Designer, Cinemato- and photographer, Concept / Storyboard Artist, Marketing / PR, Prop / Set Builder, VFX / SFX Artist, Make-up Artist
Reference media

For the website and other purposes we need a motion poster. It has to be able to present the three aspects of high-quality we aim: research, artistic and technical.

The specs for it are:
-Latin speaking character dressed in historically accurate clothing in historically accurate environment
-A dramatic scene lasting 5-30 seconds during which the huge potential of the project is demonstrated by stunning audio-visual quality and academic excellence
-wide-screen aspect ratio, not vertical

So what we need:
-a character and event
-Latin script
-visual design and execution
-audio work

Feel free to comment, the specs are not anyhow inflexible, they are just a start for the discussion.

Pasi Pitkänen May 29, 2009 09:56 3 Thumb-ups

Available for the audio work

I'm interested of contributing to this task. I would love to do music for this.

Mikko Sillanpää

Here are some examples from a German group:

October 15, 2009 02:35 1 Thumb-up
Pasi Pitkänen

Thanks. I will check it out asap.

May 29, 2009 19:48 1 Thumb-up
Mikko Sillanpää

Some ideas to get you started can perhaps be found from Synaulias' website:

May 29, 2009 10:19 1 Thumb-up
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde July 19, 2009 23:23 1 Thumb-up

Romani Agite

I recently found this, it's of a game more a adaptaion of a game called Rome Total Realism

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde

Oh yeah, I forgot: for some reason they only speak Latin in the intro movie. I know only one game that has made the effort of making eveybody speak his own language and that's Civilization IV. Ironically enough the less historically accurate game ever.

July 21, 2009 17:41 1 Thumb-up
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde

I have RTR platinum edition 1.9 RTR or Rome Total Realism is a fan made adaption of Rome Total War that you have to download and install it in the files of RTW. There is a patch for my version of RTR that concists in giving the Romans their full names.
There are other versions of RTR with new music, updates, problems solved, more historically accurate troops.

July 21, 2009 17:36 1 Thumb-up
Mikko Sillanpää

Looks pretty interesting. I compared few years ago Rome Total War and Legion Arena of which the latter was more realistic. RTW was a disappointment with its too many compromises and unhistoricalities. The intro of RTR looks promising. Also there's Europa Universalis Rome which is somewhat better than RTW, but lacks the important families context of Romans that RTW had done at least semi-good way. Interesting to see what RTR will be like.

July 21, 2009 17:19 1 Thumb-up
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Mikko Sillanpää June 12, 2009 12:40 2 Thumb-ups

First version of the script for motion poster

I think we have reached a point where we can start making some tests, maybe try out some of the ideas presented here. What I would like to do is to film a simple test version of the video material to see if the idea of super-slow motion works.

So what we need:
-A person dressed in toga (normal citizen or curule magistrate) and tunica (laticlavius).
-A person with camera (cheap DV-cam is perfectly OK, because this is just a test).
-Place where to film this.

I have myself used to do multicolumn manuscripts, so I'll attach here a PDF version. I have done it in Omni Outliner, so if anyone here uses it too, I can send the original file also for comments and modification.

About the practical arrangements, I have toga and suitable tunica and I can also be filmed for the test, but for the final version we need a professional actor, or at least someone with experience in acting. So I just need someone for the camera. Also we need someone to edit the test version. I can do something in iMovie, but that's the limits of my skills.

So, when, where, and by who, we shoot the test version? Who will edit the material?

Jani Salomaa

Two (rather obvious) locations you are the main building of University of Helsinki, and the National Library (Kansalliskirjasto).

Both have impressive pillars and the classic look (which is not strictly Roman but has enough resemblance). Univesity's main building even has Roman-looking statues...

I know the shoot a lot of TV series at the Uni, so why not this. You should propably just call the technical services department and ask 'em.

I have no idea if it would be possible to shoot at the National Library.. I've seen TV cameras there, but those have probably been for the news or documentaries.

June 16, 2009 19:42 1 Thumb-up
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde

I don't know. Perhaps someone could look around (perhaps behond the bondaries of the site) to see if he can get some extra information. About the whole thing I don't know if a suicide would be ... such a good idea. Why not let him be killed? The text is good, we don't need to change anything at that.
But I want to be helpfull I'll send you a possible storyboard and some basic drawings of the possible set.

June 15, 2009 18:04 1 Thumb-up
Mikko Sillanpää

Script file updated.

June 15, 2009 16:47 0 Thumb-ups
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde June 09, 2009 18:19 1 Thumb-up

Quae caret ora cuore nostra?

Making movies is schanging a lot, I see. Here I go again:

Only a oil lamp flame is seen. the backround is darky. Then the lens moves a little backwards (the flame becomes blurry) a person in Roman clothes (a toga and a tunica will do but I don't know if we should give them daily colors or the senatorial purple and white) he is writing the text of possible idea 2 is said
After that he said this he gets hit in his back and the blood spreds over the table and Nobilitas appears.
Its getting fun here.

PS why not use Quae carte ora cuore nostra as tagline (I hope it existed already in the republic)

Mikko Sillanpää

Quae caret ora cruore nostro? (Horatius, Odes II, 1.35)

June 10, 2009 02:29 0 Thumb-ups
Mikko Sillanpää June 09, 2009 17:47 2 Thumb-ups

Emotion, toga

I think that the emotion needs to be there. In the ideas presented by Gert-Jan it has been mainly on the level of speak (and/or text), while Timo and Jack brought emotion in the visual side. Both are good approaches.

In the medium of motion poster we can have only a very limited possibilities to use moving image, this is not a teaser nor trailer after all. We also will have very limited production resources.

Toga is a fine symbol for this work, it is more widely recognised than e.g. funerary images of ancestors. Painting in rich hues is also a good one because one persistent image we need to fight against is the myth of "white marble of antiquity".

As such I think all the ideas presented this far are good. What I think we need to embrace is the unity of nobilitas and also internal tensions within it.

I'd say that Timos' idea with Gert-Jan's text/speech would be a killer combination, but murder in the Senate floor is a bit too much, we need to change that. I'm wondering if we can link this to some real event, but perhaps it'd be overkill. We need to build milieu as well as possible, e.g. having oil lamp or couple of other everyday objects present would give a lot of convincing authenticy if done well.

No comments.

Jack Malinowski June 04, 2009 14:32 2 Thumb-ups

I Second That Emotion

agreeing with 'overly dramatic' potential here...


The flowing robes of power symbolize nobilitas as a Toga - in stone -
getting painted by an artisan...
Yelling signals a murder over the brush strokes of the artist who slowly takes notice of the profuse bleeding drenching some white toga squirming on the ground...
The artisan continues shading and painting the statue in rich hues and colors
as a crowd gathers and a speech begins...


No comments.

Timo Vuorensola June 04, 2009 10:12 3 Thumb-ups

A bit over-dramatic maybe...

My idea is, as follows.

A slow-motion shot opening into a layered toga-like white clot that's slowly moving. We are in extreme closeup, so we don't know too much what's happening, but the camera slowly moves on to reveal more of details, a hand that's clutching a scroll, and slowly we see heavy drops of red appearing on the cloth. The camera pulls back a bit, but the lens keeps only the very closest elements in focus, everything in the back or the front is blurred. We find out that this is a super-slow-motion shot of a person dropping on his knees, wearing a traditional Roman high-class men dress in a senate, and falling backwards, holding his chest with a knife on it. The camera moves past the dying character, and reveals the sandals and the toga of another person.

Slowly, "Nobilitas" -text appears.

This is a tad over-dramatic, I know, but just something that popped into my head.

No comments.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde June 01, 2009 08:08 1 Thumb-up

Possible Idea 2

“The wolf and Romulus and Remus” statue (the statue stands on a column) is seen, the camera turns and shows the senate building and the Forum. Then the camera flies over to the senate building, over the Rostra were someone is giving a speech (about the election or something). Then the camera enters the senate, which is nearly empty. The camera shows the end of the senate where the senators give their speeches.
Then someone starts talking:

“Since 510BC there have been many men who gave their speech on that place: Civilians who had ambition but no money, generals with a unstoppable hunger for power, honest men, but mostly dishonest men, and many others. But we? No, we build this empire with them this is, my story, our story. We are the Nobilitas, the founders of the Empire.”

Then the screen goes black, Nobilitas appears.

This shows more what you want to see, but of course everything can be changed.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde

Great, but I've head the idea to change tha thing at the end Then the screen goes black, Nobilitas appears.
I thouth to let the screen freese at the end and the let Nobilitas appear.

June 03, 2009 15:37 0 Thumb-ups
Mikko Sillanpää

I think this sounds good!

June 03, 2009 15:34 0 Thumb-ups
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde May 31, 2009 16:37 1 Thumb-up

Possible Idea

I had a bit different idea then you had, 'cause your idea is more something for a trailer (that's my opinion).

An ancient looking map is seen with only Rome indicated. Starting in Rome red ink is spreads over Italy, until the whole territory of the Roman Republic is covered, while the ink spreads, semi-visible you can see great Roman achievements of the Republic (building projects, the Roman Senate during a meeting, some battles), some music (heroic, or something) and a voice that tell us what Nobilitas is about.

(Possible text)

“510 BC In this year we started to build an Empire, an Empire that will survive the ages, an Empire which will be remembered forever. This is story of those who build this Empire, this is my story, our story. We are the Nobilitas, the founders of the Empire.”

Then the screen goes black, Nobilitas appears.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde

okay, I'll see what I can imagine

June 01, 2009 07:21 0 Thumb-ups
Mikko Sillanpää

Yes, I think you are correct in some ways. I liked a lot the text you proposed, it has the right atmosphere.

I'm a bit hesitant about the map, however. It is very common symbol of Roman republic/empire, but it has one serious weakness: it makes people think Romans as conquerers and builders of a nation state.

It is true that military success was one very Roman way to build a public career, but Roman commanders did not think so much about borders in the maps, but a glory for their name.

I think we need to find something else as a symbol than map. I would also like to give a bit more wide or varied perspective to the life of nobilitas in all our materials.

But as said, the text was a good starting point and we can brainstorm here some more ideas.

June 01, 2009 05:38 0 Thumb-ups
Gert-Jan Van de Voorde May 31, 2009 14:39 1 Thumb-up

Caracter storyboard happenings

I think I could invent a character, a event and the storyboard.
I think I even can get a Latin translation of the script, but I'm not sure.

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