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Created atMay 22, 2009
Created byRonen Khazin
ClosedJune 02, 2009
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Wreckupations3D Artist, Sound Designer, Graphic Designer, Concept / Storyboard Artist, VFX / SFX Artist, Make-up Artist

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Closing Note

We have the design needed for the zombies.


The zombies are like the zombies in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Slow, look like people, can shoot, and talk, (slowly though). We need images, videos, sound effects. Stuff like that. Kind of concept illustrations. Also 3D models.

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Ronen Khazin May 29, 2009 22:51 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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Here is a picture of the costume designer as a zombie.

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Jason Robert Slanina May 31, 2009 17:28 Flag

Looks Good and on budget, love the eyes nice touch.

Lor Tress May 31, 2009 15:33 Flag

Thanks, Ronen. I apreciate you... y'know posting that for the world to see.