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Computer 1981

This task is closed
Created atMarch 10, 2009
Created byEric Vogel
ClosedMay 07, 2010
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Hannu Hoffrén Old monitor look
Ludvig Friberg youtube fest!
Jan Sandaas Love the old demo scene stuff
Oskar Lönnberg Xerox graphical system
Ludvig Friberg hud
TAPETRVE the Void Vector Graphics
David Jansson Tron

Closing Note

It's time to close this task now, as we're close to actually finishing these graphics in the film!

We've had good use for all the references and suggestions from you.
As usual: thanks for all the input!

...and here's a little taste of things to come:


Dear wreckers,

What would the cutting edge of computer graphics look like circa 1981?
We're looking for design inspiration for eighties computer interfaces that are borderline sci-fi:

A head up display (HUD), like in the original Terminator movie but different/cooler/older.
A handprint ID system, on a touchscreen
A tracking system, like a sophisticated radar

Links, youtube clips, your own sketches - everything is welcome!

This task is closed.


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Lord Fakenham April 20, 2010 14:24 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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(found) Sound+Vision

..I accidentally found this while trololo'ing on youtube ;=D


TAPETRVE the Void January 26, 2010 17:49 1 Thumb-up
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Vector Graphics

I'd suggest a computer with a CRT vector monitor, Type 31-style (round display, like a radar screen). In terms of graphics, I'd take a look at games like Star Wars Arcade or Tempest.

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Eric Vogel January 31, 2010 21:55 Flag

Great minds think alike? We'll definitely have something inspired by SW Arcade and Asteroids-era games... :)

Jan Sandaas November 21, 2009 16:16 4 Thumb-ups
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Love the old demo scene stuff

I think vector imaging would be pretty hardcore. Best example I can come up with is this.

Stuff like 00:52, the lady dancing shows a pretty nice screen fade technique, and there's the short morphing clips that could be used for an advanced tracking system, going from a blob to an identifiable target. It could be used for the hand scanner as well.

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Jan Sandaas November 21, 2009 16:32 Flag

I thought they where mostly swedish, but wiki says they are a Norwegian group. They still have a homepage if there's any interest in contacting them.

Jan Sandaas November 21, 2009 16:26 Flag
Eric Vogel November 21, 2009 16:24 Flag

Haha, the making of is priceless...

Eric Vogel November 21, 2009 16:20 Flag

Nice with the delay fx too. Hm.
Thanks for that, Jan!

Jan Sandaas November 21, 2009 16:19 Flag

Found a "Making of" from the followup.

David Jansson November 20, 2009 07:05 1 Thumb-up
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Tron, the first full length feature to use extensive computer animation was released in 1982. So, look at Tron, it's also a good movie and a classic.

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Eric Vogel November 20, 2009 18:07 Flag

I, for one, love Tron. I was lucky to see when it first came out, as a kid. Mindblowing, and definitely consciousness-expanding to a 7-8 year-old...

Thanks for the reminder!
Hm, need to also check out the score for that one again.

Hannu Hoffrén April 02, 2009 19:40 5 Thumb-ups
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Old monitor look

This is a short test render for 5Goodbyes, but as it is just a test render, I think it is ok to show it here too. This one is created with Blender. Might've gone a bit too far with the fuzziness. :)

I'm having hard time uploading avi files here so uploaded it to Vimeo:

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Hannu Hoffrén September 02, 2009 21:54 Flag

Thanks Thomas! ..and, will do.

Thomas Cappelen Malling August 29, 2009 13:10 Flag

That´s beautiful, Hannu! Eric, let´s make a big big note of this!!! Hannu, stay around...


Hannu Hoffrén May 05, 2009 21:39 Flag

Thanks for the nice comments guys!

It was interesting to create something totally opposite than usual. Although the actual 3d-scene is simple, the renders still required some compositing to achieve the look. Can't wait for next major release of Blender (2.5) as it makes animating the effects more easy (the flickering for example).

Eric Vogel May 05, 2009 17:57 Flag

Really beautiful reference, thanks for that. I don't think you went too far with "fuzziness" actually. Spot on.

Petter Løken April 12, 2009 12:35 Flag

Nice :)

Petter Løken March 11, 2009 17:19 1 Thumb-up
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Scanner in 007 GoldenEye

Found this. Not really eighties but I like it ;)

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Eric Vogel June 25, 2009 14:03 Flag

Rune: that's an amazing idea! As the script is written, the handprint scanner is in an elevator - allowing access to some "deeper" floors. it would take a new or different location and actor to do your thing, but I really, really like it... will pass it on.

Rune Sandnes June 25, 2009 13:55 Flag

When considering a handprint recognition scanner you can also give a thought to the inner workings of the device. Maybe there is no computer analyzing the hand?
Depending on how funny this sequence should be you can actually show how it would work:
The hand is photographed by a camera and shown on the monitor of a very bored guard. The guard has to flip through a collection of the handprints that are allowed to open the door, then push the OK button.

Petter Løken March 20, 2009 10:17 Flag

If my memory serves me correctly, yes, it's Russian. I think it's from the Golden Eye HQ on that tropical island.

Eric Vogel March 13, 2009 16:36 Flag

Thanks. That's actually pretty retro-looking. Is it supposed to be Russian?

Philip Hallre Sivertsen May 05, 2009 13:56 0 Thumb-ups

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Philip Hallre Sivertsen May 11, 2009 11:48 Flag

Just add the full stop punctuation mark at the end (.) and it works, but I´ll use tinyurl in the future, thanks for the tip.

Eric Vogel May 05, 2009 17:55 Flag

Link doesn't work, unfortunately. Maybe it has expired or been trunkated. Can you try using a URL shortener, like ?

Ludvig Friberg March 11, 2009 19:21 5 Thumb-ups
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youtube fest!

Here are some youtube clips depicting early 80´s computer graphics.

I would recomend buying theese videos...

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Eric Vogel March 13, 2009 16:37 Flag

Ludvig = Ninja of the Year 2009.

Ludvig Friberg March 11, 2009 21:37 2 Thumb-ups

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Eric Vogel March 13, 2009 16:35 Flag

Ludvig, thanks so much for the motherlode!

Oskar Lönnberg March 11, 2009 06:48 3 Thumb-ups
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Xerox graphical system

In 1981 Xerox introduced the first graphical system Xerox Star, which has been the source of the ideas in the current computers:

And there is a nice history list in:

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Eric Vogel March 11, 2009 07:29 Flag

Thanks for the link. I never knew that the graphical user interface was that old! Funny that the article mentions GEM, which our family computer, an Amstrad, had back in 1986...