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Write little storie people discovering ANIMA

Created at September 27, 2011
Created by Jo Breath
Deadline December 31, 2011: over 2 years over
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Ricardo Kempff Just Joe


Due to the fact that ANIMA is the new kind of social-computing-game where people can describe their best life both true or not and give evidence, the task is to write some little stories of some people that start discovering that on the web there is a site where is possible to have all our information and modify them in all aspect, also telling us being relatives of people we really still do not know. To describe the new emotion that people feel using A.N.I.M.A. in changing all the aspect and information of their life, both pubblic and private.

*First file of the project is still in italian language, but I am working to write all the idea in english as quickly I can, thanks.

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Ricardo Kempff October 22, 2011 21:44 1 Thumb-up
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Just Joe

Joe was 29 and unhappily married, tried to get divorced from his astonishing beautiful but anoying young wife but divorce was not granted and so he decided just to live his own adventure. Somehow he ends up in a new site that he had heard before but never took time to find out what it really was. It is called ANIMA, a place where anyone can live a virtual life, a place where one can share information.

So, Joe creates a Proudfile (as they call it, an achronimum of proud and profile) and as many people just invents a happy short description of his own life at the "My Life" section.

Soon Joe starts to know people, at least by internet chatting. And then a proudfile of an 38 old woman gets Joes attention. Soon they get in touch and start to "know" each other virtualy and then when the site is growing in popularity they create the "Marry Me" section that is an option to share some "Secret File" with the partner. The fun of it is that the user can share pictures and stuff only with the virtual spouse and it creates a certain irony becase ANIMA creators didn't create the "Divorce Me" section, at least for now, but they promises they will create it soon, the marry me creator laugh a lot and he says that he created that section in an attempt to imitate the same hell married people have in real life. Some real married couples have proudfiles in ANIMA and gets married in ANIMA to and they use ti say to their spouses "i am living twice a hell with you"

So after a while of being "married" to that woman she asks Joe to meet him in person but Joe refuses to do so because nowafter months he has a better life with his wife, they solved their differences. After the constant harasment of the woman, Joe decides to close his proudfile. There is a problem, the woman knows where Joe lives because she is a psycho and have been stalking Joe in real life and soon he realises that woman is a mentaly ill person who cannot distinguish between life and fantasy but the woman will not take a No as an answer, if she cannot have Joe, ni other woman will.

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Ricardo Kempff November 03, 2011 18:27 Flag

Cool!!! Thanks.

Jo Breath November 01, 2011 23:36 Flag

So amazing receiving this from you! thanks a lot! You are very nice in writing! Then I can tell you now I can use at first only the first part, for the second part it will appear later on, when all the big quantity of manipulated profile change themselves with file in the server of Nations where are contained all the people information! You are the first so thank you, as first task you did well! Then I'll try also to write about the discovering ANIMA site from different people. Stay tuned form my new guide lines for the scenes.

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