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Orbital Satellite needed

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Created atSeptember 12, 2011
Created byAric Fisher - æwakened Productions
ClosedNovember 04, 2012
Shots given2
Wreckupations3D Artist, Graphic Designer, VFX / SFX Artist

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Carl Voluntaryist Reference
Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions Satellite in the works


Design a 3DCG orbital satellite of current/foreseeable technology. This satellite orbits Triton, Neptune's largest moon, and serves mundane satellite-functions of surveilance and communications with mining operations on Triton, transport ships and other related purposes.

This task is closed.


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Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions September 25, 2011 06:52 Production Leader 2 Thumb-ups
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Satellite in the works

EDIT: Final design of the satellite. The debate over whether to have solar panels or not? I decided "yes" because other outer system satellites have had panels, and I just think that the panels add to the "satellite imagery"... They can come off if need be.


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Alexander Pfander September 28, 2011 20:37 Flag

For me, the design works. This task is complete.

Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions September 28, 2011 19:16 Flag

Updated satellite design in the works - see first message image attachment.

I have some extra gadgets to add, but this is my basic idea getting close to finished....

...thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

And here, a little test fly-by scene...

Carl Voluntaryist September 21, 2011 18:11 2 Thumb-ups
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It's a spy-satellite, but Neptune is far away from the sun, so I figure solar-panels would be less important anyways, and the panoramic cameras would certainly be of some use.

Picture this, with a big dish & antenna, and some extra nuclear batteries strapped to it.

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Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions September 24, 2011 16:23 Flag

Shameless Branding.... Carl mentioned the use of nuclear batteries for power on the satellite. I think we may be seeing these as a primary energy source for many items, so I took the liberty of creating a label for one of the battery models - specifically, the model for the satellite I am creating. Here are two variations of my label experiment:

Yes, the discerning eye may notice the "æ" logo (Atomic Energies Corporation)... Yes, the æ logo happens to be my trademark for "aewakened Productions."

I couldn't resist a bit of shameless branding crossover. After all, is there anything wrong with subtle placements of personal investment?

Alexander Pfander September 22, 2011 07:28 Flag

Hi Carl,
thx for contributing this shot. You´re totally right with the solar panels. So far from the sun they are useless. Good to know another experienced wrecker is onboard:-)

Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions September 22, 2011 05:00 Flag

Carl, you know how much I value your input in all the productions you have contributed to. Great to see you take interest in this one!

I think it's going to go the distance.

Carl Voluntaryist September 21, 2011 18:12 Flag

Theres more pics, and video at the site