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Fundraising advice

Created at May 28, 2011
Created by Emma O'Sullivan
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We're moving into full-on fundraising mode as we enter pre-production for DOLLS, and we're looking for advice from any short film makers out there on where we can look for private funding or sponsorship.

Have any experience with crowd-funding sites like IndieGoGo or Sponsume? We'd love any tips on advice on how to drive people to our fundraising pages and get them to sponsor the project!

Gone the private sponsorship route? How do we find private investors or sponsors and let them know about the film?

Product placement and corporate sponsorship: we'd love to get some local companies and organisations involved in the film. We're a local production heavily involved with the local filmmaking community, and we want to extend this to our business contacts, but don't know who to approach or what to tell them about the project.

Any advice people can offer on this would be much appreciated :)

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