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Additional Time-Lapse Footage Required ASAP

Created at May 15, 2011
Created by Chris Lane
Deadline May 27, 2011: over 3 years over
Shots given No shots yet.
Wreckupations Cinemato- and photographer
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The opening shot in the teaser trailer for The Watcher is a time-lapse overlooking the city of Salford, UK.

In the final film we are ideally looking to have more than one time-lapse which depict Paradise Heights, the fictional city in which the film is set.

However, with the The Watcher premiering at The Lowry in Salford on 12 June 2011 we are fast running about of available shooting dates, and so, as an experiment, are opening the task up and inviting fellow filmmakers worldwide! In return, you get a full credit at the film's end, and your shot will be a crucial part of our opening sequence.

Here is what we need:

- a locked off shot, ideally capturing the period of time from dusk to evening, just like the first shot in our trailer
- city scapes, views over a city or city streets depicting a "gritty Northern UK city or housing estate." Paradise Heights is not a very nice place to be on Halloween...
- time-lapses will prob run to about ten seconds each, and we'd like to perform a slow "zoom" in post, just like the first shot in the trailer
- weather was sunny, or at least dry!
- if you're able to help us, and have a timelapse you'd like to make part of The Watcher, get in touch and we can sort out how best to transfer files etc

Thank you in advance for your help.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee that we will use any footage we receive, as we have to make sure if 100% matches the existing footage we have. However, that's a small possibility, we would be in your debt and will plug you on our website as well as give you a full "timelapse team" credit in the film.

Our opening sequence so far is incredibly moody, dark and unsettling. If you can be part of the most exciting film opening we've made thus far, we'd love to have you aboard.

Useful links:

Instructions for filming a time-lapse:

Further information about Paradise Heights:

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