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Let's invade the Museums of Modern Art

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Created atApril 28, 2011
Created byPekka Ollula
ClosedMay 05, 2012
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Jouni J Särkijärvi Total Immersion
David Yacobus Iron Sky: The Art of Total War
Seppo Hiltunen Green screen
Kari Pihkala Tell the truth about nazis
Carl Voluntaryist Technology
Karl S. Mission: Destroy the Nazi moonbase an...
Tim Parks Make it Thrilling!


Helsinki Art Museum contacted us because they want to reinvent the whole museum experience and what would be the better way to do that than building Iron Sky exhibition in collaboration with the fans of Iron Sky!

What should we do except showing concept art and movie props or costumes? The show needs to be epic and together we can achieve it!

If we succeed, the Iron Sky exhibition will see the light of day in 2012. Our common goal should be an exhibition that shakes the art world and starts a life on it's own.

This task is closed.


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Jouni J Särkijärvi April 28, 2011 16:48 9 Thumb-ups
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Total Immersion

- transform the museum into a set
- dress (and arm?) the visitors (partially; cloaks, headpieces etc.) so that they mix in (own role costume also appreciated)
- give tasks which create action which enforces the illusion
- music, movie sounds, smells
- museum security should be appropriately dressed, too
- perhaps a crashed space ship in front of the museum
- fans might volunteer for role playing among the visitors

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Malici Alexander Von BlackMor February 27, 2012 05:52 Flag

Plus... grrr , hard to remember. Took this history eons ago at U.H. west/lcc... Plus I think that among the 30's/40's type nat soc core belifs were somthing like not submiting to any forms of slavery of oneself or of others.... Captured civilians? hhmmm scrw it, gen public will accept anything lol how can we noobys help?

Malici Alexander Von BlackMor February 27, 2012 05:45 Flag

hhhhhmmm??? YoUr PaPeRzS PlEAszE... ~After monocaling the sheizerzee out of restricted area{PassPort?}~Then, officiously, prickishly, gives it a damn good stamping) "high five to der stricklegruber!1"
(To Much? nein high five?}

Paul R Steinmetz July 14, 2011 14:49 Flag

Cool Idea, I have access to tons of old airline and military photos if needed and uniforms. Hey I work for an airline here in the US. Boarding cards, tickets, etc. would add a lot of realism.

Kari Pihkala May 05, 2011 16:19 Flag

I like the idea of making the whole museum a moon base like building! Usually museums are so boring because there's only few pictures hanging on the walls.

Perhaps the visitors are captured civilians, so no need to dress up?

Fjs Falkonos April 29, 2011 08:17 Flag

Good ideas!

Carl Voluntaryist April 29, 2011 05:39 Flag

Sounds great, except that the visitors might try to make off with their costumes. You'll have to employ some gestapo-types to ensure you get your props back...

David Yacobus April 29, 2011 00:43 7 Thumb-ups
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Iron Sky: The Art of Total War

My idea is that the exhibition should start from the entry door.
(1) The tickets are replaced by a kind of passport where they can stamp it from various areas of the museum. Remember to replace any image or symbols that may offend anybody. Actually I prefer an armband but it may offend some people and may cost more.
At the exit, visitors can trade the stamps with some goodies.
(2) If there's a parking lot, make a UFO replica so people can take pictures in front of it. It will help to spread the crowd as well (some inside - some outside). Don't forget to dress some people near the replica that yells achtung! achtung! :D

Example for security guards or lets just call them the achtung boys because their duty is to yell achtung! achtung! :D

(3) Some of the exhibition items should be accessible to visitor, such as:
- A photo booth or set where they can dress with a coat and hat. Cosplay is always attract visitors. As usual remove any offensive symbols.

- The motorbike in the iron sky trailer should also be featured.
- The inside of a UFO cockpit where they can sit pretending to become pilots and of course to take pictures.
- Some plasma balls or tesla coils will be nice but don't forget the safety
- The strategy room with mannequins of sodiers and worldmap. Who doesn't love a map?

- If you use partitions, please make some small windows so visitors can peek what happens inside. Simply they can see whats inside and what other visitors doing inside. The visitors inside an area become part of the exhibition itself. :D
(4) Turn some corridors into a haunted house style, so the visitors will be surprised. Dont forget the warning signs, visitors with heart problems please do not enter.
(5) If there's room that can be used as a studio please also display some movie there whether it's a trailer or something. The idea is the same, spread the crowds. so they don't flood into one particular area of the museum.
(6) Diorama is a must.

(7) Hang something above the crowds, perhaps a replica of rockets made of styrofoam will suffice.

(8) Paint some of the grounds with some neat paintings with 3D perspective

I hope this concept can attract the public and also communities such as:
- WW2 enthusiasts
- UFO enthusiasts
- Cosplay enthusiasts
- WW2 Model (diorama) enthusiasts
- Artists, etc.

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Malici Alexander Von BlackMor February 27, 2012 05:41 Flag

HHmmmm?? YoUr PaPeRz PlEaZesZz.... <>

Malici Alexander Von BlackMor February 27, 2012 05:41 Flag

HHmmmm?? YoUr PaPeRz PlEaZesZz.... <>

Rubin Srl Timisoara February 24, 2012 06:02 Flag


Andrew Matula July 17, 2011 05:26 Flag

have the nazi tech be high tech but look old fashion, but have the earth tech look very futuristic, like

Andrew Matula July 17, 2011 05:25 Flag

have the nazi tech be high tech but look old fashion, but have the earth tech look very futuristic, like

Andrew Matula July 17, 2011 05:23 Flag

have the nazi tech be high tech but look old fashion, but have the earth tech look very futuristic, like

Pekka Ollula May 30, 2011 14:32 Flag

Nice ideas and thank you for the pics. Good reference material.

David Yacobus May 01, 2011 14:02 Flag

Just like in a checkpoint :D

Carl Voluntaryist April 29, 2011 05:43 Flag

"Papers please." A passport sounds like fun!

Seppo Hiltunen April 29, 2011 13:06 7 Thumb-ups
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Green screen

A piece ( 2*3 meters ) of green screen and a camera connected to a computer, so the visitors in the museum can be assisted to make a photo of themselves in an authentic IronSky environment, using some specially selected frames from the movie. That could be a unic souvenir for the visitor: They take a photo of themselves in front of green screen and the environment is added in computer and printed out.

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Jacob Reynolds February 24, 2012 06:54 Flag

Sounds pretty straight forward

Rubin Srl Timisoara February 24, 2012 05:59 Flag

Yes, is a good idea!

Pekka Ollula May 30, 2011 14:15 Flag

Thanks for the reminder. We did this with Star Wreck and we are definitely going to do it again with Iron Sky!

Rauno Rane Parkkari May 25, 2011 15:31 Flag

Einstein is there and playing Duke Nuke for Ever game

Fjs Falkonos April 29, 2011 13:11 Flag

Yes, I like it!

Tim Parks January 10, 2012 16:50 0 Thumb-ups
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Addon to my last shot

Also for a cool decoration would be a pool table with a swastika design on the felt. with special SS pool sticks. that would be pretty cool

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Tim Parks January 08, 2012 06:57 2 Thumb-ups
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Make it Thrilling!

1. Don't just make it a walk through, thats boring. you need to put dynamic lighting in different areas to give it a more life like effect. as well as moving parts and pieces of things.

2. Deffinetely make a scale model of the Nazi landing craft to hang from the ceiling. (scale models of future aircraft that are very detailed are very cool)

3. it needs to be a kind of dark setting, lots of blacks.

4. Deffinetely need to have people in the uniforms of the Nazi's of all different kinds to interact with people giving it a life like effect.

5. Not being able to touch things is boring. try making some hands on stuff so the people can actually see what its like to be in the movie itself.


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Ricardo Kempff July 31, 2011 02:01 0 Thumb-ups
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Include a full section dedicated to Philip K Dick the father of cyberpunk. And show a portrait of the book "The World Jones Made" wich is an analogy of sience fiction of the arising of Adolf Hittler. It is quite common in movies to show tags or backgrounds of issues not well known that requieres years of analisis for the public to find it.

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[User has left the building] August 16, 2011 09:36 Flag

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Andrew Matula July 17, 2011 18:06 1 Thumb-up
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I don't know if its too late for this but..

-UN or American or the rest of the World
1. Tech should be new and advanced.
2. Very futuristic ship designs.
3. Weapons should be lasers or plamsa-based
4. Earth (US Military) should have one prototype ship very advanced one on one more powerful then nazi.
5. Fusion power sources, or matter-energy converter
6. 2D high resolution holo-screens. (monitors)
7. Satellite weapon platforms

1. Tech should be high tech but old looking
2. The ship parts should be old sci fi style fission reactor, fusion.
3. weapons should be projectiles but advanced.
4. Old ship designs (already shown)
5. 3D hallow projectors one color (like star wars)


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Thierry Gschwind July 17, 2011 19:21 Flag

If your idea is for the movie, then it's way too late since post-production is already rolling.
This thread is for a exposition in a museum.

Andrew Matula July 17, 2011 18:08 Flag

The picture is for the Earth/American forces.

Phil June 23, 2011 18:39 1 Thumb-up
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Kunstschutz or Nazi vault of stolen art...

Since I like the possible idea for Iron Sky fans to contribute art, I couldn't resist thinking about the Nazi art theft during the war. They even had a name for it: Kunstschutz, under the pretext of protecting cultural heritage from destruction.

Anyway, I think it would be cool to have something like a Nazi 'vault of stolen art' set up with all the art contributed by the fans.

The type of art that was favoured among Hitler and the Nazi party were classical portraits and landscapes by Old Masters, particularly those of Germanic origin.

Going further down the Reich's road you could also specify a theme for the fans to work on: for example - take classic art that is in the public domain and give it a Iron Sky twist.

Just my 'fünf' cent.

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RobHein July 09, 2011 23:49 Flag

Also they could burn the " Entartete Kunst" like modern art.

Seppo Hiltunen June 24, 2011 17:57 Flag

this is a really nice idea, there are many levels that that kind of vault presents. Thumb up.

Philipp Marioneck May 27, 2011 03:46 2 Thumb-ups
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There's so much and nothing

Ok, i agree, to get H. R. Giger to dessign the whole thing would be absolutly amazing because he's the king of Steampunk AND Aliens. My next idea would be to cheer up the ironsky fans to paint their own acrylic/oil/tusche/ink/pencil paintings about ironsky and send you the pictures. then you could choose which ones to be displayed. the whole rest about the exhibition should be done by you (i.e. atmosphere by adjusting the lightness level in the exhibition hall) because you are the ones who know the movie the best (that's only because i wans't allowed to see it yet :D ) and know much more about the atmosphere. maybe there should be some "interactive" components but the problems with those are, that they shouldn't be too hi-tec, my oppinion, due to the "low-tec" the space nazis use. Adapting high-tec an into low-tec enviroment can be pain in the a**.

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Joshua Thompson May 17, 2011 21:29 0 Thumb-ups
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Make it terrifying.

Well first lighting is a major consideration. It's the dark side of the moon, it's named so for a reason; it's dark.

Now I think it'd be cool is all the light came from moon bulbs, and torches, with a little ambient light, not too hard to set up but can you imagine the risk assessment?

Now what you want is looming figurines, (again risk assessment would be murder (Risk: Eye Poking)) something to really portray the evil of the Nazi party.

Even cooler, a big moon ship tilted about 25 degrees from horizontal towards the entrance of the room, lit up with high intensity, highly focused spot lights, stand out against the dark.

Maybe have ambient parade ground sounds in the background ("Achtung!").

Those are my ideas.

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