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Twins-signature "symbols"

Created at January 23, 2011
Created by Johan Löfström
Deadline Not set
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Wreckupations Writer, Prop / Set Builder, Costume Designer
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Wal Friman Baby carriage...
Sami Laulajainen Photos
Frank Roger Tattoos


What would be good visual movie props to describe that the actor is a twin?

Different objects, jewelry could be used to very bluntly and obvious show that this is a person that have got an identical sibling.

But what other stuff could be used?

Tattoos, clothes, hair colour, or something just in the environment/home/location? (in the background of each shot?)

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Joonas Makkonen April 24, 2011 08:04 0 Thumb-ups
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feelings and flashes

If the twin characted gots "feelings" and "flashes", because something is happening to his other half (twin)? I guess that is something what is happened to twins sometimes.

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Joonas Makkonen August 23, 2011 15:54 Flag

Sorry for the late anwser. I am not signing in often to this wreckamovie site.

You can just write the happening, and then think about the visual way when you are in a situation when you are making the storyboards? If you are going to make the script with a good director of photography person, he can have a way to make it work.

one visual way is use the flashes, and a quick cutting between the twins.

Johan Löfström April 26, 2011 12:50 Flag

but this is very difficult to film, to make it clear to audience. I was thinking only along the lines of visuals attributes.

But, hey, if you come up with a way to show these twin-links with a camera-move or enother effect... Please describe it to me.

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Sami Laulajainen January 27, 2011 12:48 1 Thumb-up
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an idea from captain obvious,

for more hinting:
-identical mugs and plates in the cupboard.
-post-it notes on the frige door
-two identical bikes (if the flat is from the area they bring their bikes to the flat.)
-cards marked "to my older half"

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Stefano Alberico January 28, 2011 10:54 Flag

Well, I get the point but I am not sure we should underline it so much in the story. The viewers know that P1/T1 are twins (they will understand it rather quickly when things will develops) but will discover later that P2 has a twin too. The key here is to find some revealing trick (e.g. the tatoo) that could be revealed at the right time and in the right moment (for the P2/T2).
But of course some of your suggested items could be placed in one of the earliy scenese when we reveal P1's life. That could be a good place :)

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Frank Roger January 27, 2011 21:07 1 Thumb-up
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Different tattoos for each twin, hidden under clothing, and only revealed at strategic moments in the story when the actor for instance takes off his shirt.

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Stefano Alberico January 28, 2011 10:48 Flag

Yeah, that would do for the twin girls. In my suggested scene one of them is taking a shower and it would be pretty nice to show it in that moment in a cool way.
We would need also to explain somewhere that twins are usually identified by such elements as tatoos or other things. Maybe just when P1 talks with P2 explaining about T1 (his twin bro), clearly P2 would be already aware of it being a twin herself.

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Wal Friman January 26, 2011 20:09 1 Thumb-up
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Baby carriage...

...them with a double-seat. A lot of products only designed for twins there can't be. A tandem isn't. But two identical items, like jackets in one apartment make your thoughts go into that direction. Identical cups with different names.

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