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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Both Sharon & Helen were buzzing at the idea of being grandparents & almost as excited by the scans as their respective daughters...

Karen & Kylie had each compiled lists of everything they thought they would need & were surprised when they added the cost of ‘essential‘ items together, much to the amusement of their moms Sharon & Helen. Filtering the lists of their respective-daughters the first category to go was that of designer.

Both moms insisted buying baby-grows, socks… at anywhere other than Tesco, Asda… supermarkets & maybe charity-shops was a terrible waste-of-money; in a matter of weeks everything would have to be replaced. Sharon & Helen were newly better-off & had endured poverty most of their lives; putting monies aside for a ‘rainy-day‘, college... was deeply-embedded in their DNA.

Travel-cots, changing-mats… too were readily-available both from supermarkets & television shopping-channels; Karen & Kylies ‘essentials‘ budget had more than halved, meaning they could spend what they had ‘saved‘ more wisely. Soft-toys were a ‘must‘ & both ‘girls‘ resolved to ‘share‘ their collections with their own babies. Rabbits & kittens were favourite, soft furry-skins would remind babies of their moms providing comfort as they slept.

High-school had afforded ‘flour-sack babies‘ & a weeks teen-moms trial; seemed easy at the time but now they were preparing for the real-thing. Taking formula from the fridge & heating every 3-hours was going to be tiring.

With the sensible-compromise of quality car-seats, everything came-in at under UK£500 [US$1,000].

The baby-shower would be more of a girly-party that they would enjoy; albeit without alcohol on their part. Karen & Kylie had decided on two baby-showers, the ‘boys‘ were ‘banned‘ from the first, mostly because they would be both bored & embarrassed by the recollections of the moms in attendance. Sharon suggested both ‘girls‘ should keep their husbands well-away from the delivery-suite, Helen agreed.

The first baby-shower saw a succession of ‘girls‘ entering Sharons home, handing their coats to Stephen & John in the hallway, David & Peter served drinks & chatted to the guests until they made their excuses & left to watch DVDs. Forewarned Stephen & John were pleased to make their ‘escape‘; Terminator-trilogy was more interesting than tales of water, epidurals, labour...

Popping her head around the entertainment-room door Karen announced their guests were leaving & would the ‘boys‘ please get the guests-coats. Stopping Terminator 3 as John Connor & Kate Brewster were landing at Crystal Peak, the ‘boys‘ walked through & thanked their guests for coming. They were overjoyed at the thought of being grandparents & parents respectively & hoped everybody would return that weekend for the second baby-shower with the ‘boys‘ in attendance. Betty, who attended high-school with Karen & Kylie, promised to come & giggled ‘no gory-details, just the fun of parenting‘.

As the last guest drove-off the driveway they gave a final-wave & closed the front-door. The ‘boys‘ proceeded to collect glasses, plates... with the ‘girls‘ whilst chatting about the evening... The ‘girls‘ had accumulated yet-more baby-clothes, soft-toys... for which they were very-grateful.

Following a coffee Helen, Kylie & John left for the short-journey home, already looking forward to the weekend when the ‘boys‘ would be allowed to attend.

Kelly & Katie slept-over, it had been a long-day.

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