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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Karen really enjoyed primary [elementary] school, achieved good-grades, made loads of friends with Kylie in the same-class; this made Sharon keen to return to college & complete the degree she abandoned to marry Bob [a distant & horrible-memory ago]. The business pretty-much looked after itself with Stephen at the helm, Elizabeth handled all the paperwork, their home was immaculate, so Sharon signed-up with her local-college taking one-day off each week to bring her academic-skills up-to-speed...

Two-years later she had proven to herself & the world she was more than a pretty-face, she held a business-degree, part-owned a soon-to-be multi-national business with an adoring husband & two-daughters, with the home she always wanted... Karen loved being the big-sister to Katie; schoolwork was a breeze & she enjoyed being looked-up-to. Day-out at the family-friendly farm brought the inseparable-sisters even-closer; vividly captured on 1080p video.

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