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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Driving-home Sharon felt queasy in the passenger-seat, asking Stephen to park when he came to a pharmacy. Sharon walked confidently into the pharmacy & purchased 2 pregnancy-testing kits; she hoped her feminine-instincts were correct though did not want to get Stephens hopes-up only to dash- them later.

Arriving home Sharon clutched her pharmacy-package & rushed from the car, over the gravel-path, through the hallway & into the downstairs loo adjacent the cloakroom. Affording privacy, Stephen walked-through to the kitchen, secretly-hoping his wife was pregnant.

Mobing Helen with the good-news, the pair were quickly talking face-to-face over the kitchen-table.

Stephen made yet more coffee & readily admitted he hoped Karen would have a baby-sister ‘Girls are easier than boys‘. Helen smiled ‘She will attend the same elementary [primary] school as Kelly‘.

Slow on the up-take Stephen asked ‘Who is Kelly‘. Sharon prodded Stephen ‘What are you like‘. The penny-dropped, Stephen smiled ‘Congratulations, how many months‘.

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