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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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As ONLY ‘girls‘ can Sharon, Helen, Karen & Kylie headed for the mall to select & try-on the wedding outfits; no blokes allowed... Sharon chose the perfect white, Helen the blue, Karen & Kylie matching-yellow; rented for the occasion.

Checking-out her reflection Helen stroked her stomach. ‘Too many chocolate-éclairs‘ smiled Sharon, ‘I have to tell you something‘ replied Helen. ‘Scan suggests Kylie will have a baby-sister in around 6-months, we are thinking of naming her Kelly‘. Sharon began to cry ‘Thats wonderful-news, I know Stephen is longing for another daughter‘, ‘Have you told Kylie‘. ‘We thought we would wait another month or so‘ replied Helen.

Which leads to the boys outfits, under the supervision of the four-girls; putty in-their-hands & very-happy to-be-so. Matching-grey with top-hats & white carnations...

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