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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Following Bobs death Helen persuaded a reluctant Sharon to ask her lawyer to make a formal-request for the return of cash seized when the police initially searched her garage, without a warrant, with her permission.

There was NO evidence the monies were linked to crime & Bobs-accounts showed that, technically, all taxes had been paid. Through the 6-years they had been married he was ALWAYS mean with Sharons housekeeping-allowance. It was Sharons money now, she deserved & worked very-hard for it; it would allow Sharon to buy into Stephens business & know she was a FULL partner in every sense of the word.

Sharon knew the coffee-shop business & was confident her expansion-plans would work; her funds would, with a little-persuasion & ‘girlie-charm‘, make them both lots of money.

Daughter Karen enjoyed elementary [primary] school with best-friend Kylie, they were both progressing in English, Maths & Science so there was little-merit in private-education.

Sharon was broody for a brother or sister for daughter Karen; time-would-tell.

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