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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Incarcerated, Bob quickly reverted to his cunning-&-devious ways, making enemies of other felons within the prison & earning a reputation as a trouble-maker. Unknown to Bob his attempt to escape with others, having pretended to convert to Islam, was doomed before it had started. The Home Office International & Organised Crime Directorate had been tipped-off many had exploited their right of religious-expression within Kirkham Prison to at least 1995, so when Bob, the least-religious person you would ever meet, declared he had found God & repented for his sins, he was monitored even more closely.

Sharon refused to visit Bob in prison wanting nothing-more to do with her husband of 6-years so when his ‘girlfriend‘ Tracey turned-up as a visitor she was separated from the others on visiting-day to explain-herself. Crying in the interview-room Tracey confessed she had been forced [by one of Bobs criminal-associates] to carry a condom filled with cannabis in her underwear that she would pass to Bob when they kissed; he would then transfer ‘package‘ up his rectum so the guards would find nothing if he was searched. Bobs attempt to deal drugs whilst ‘inside‘ had fallen at the ‘first-hurdle‘; he had no idea of what ‘forces‘ were working against-him.

Arrested within the prison Tracey made a formal-statement following a taped-interview, unbeknownst to Bob. Events were moving against Bobs associate outside of the prison & Bob was formulating an excuse as to why the drugs he had planned to sell were missing.

Metropolitan Police interview-tapes made 06.20.2007 ahead of al Qaeda London & Glasgow attacks testified ‘hardened-criminals‘ who had ‘found God‘ should be monitored whilst respecting their ‘legal-rights‘; imam at London mosque emphatically-stated Islam was not a ‘tool‘ to be exploited by ‘bogus‘ Muslims.

Blaming Bob for not providing drugs he had sold beforehand & the searching-of-cells, summary-justice was carried-out in the courtyard; Bob died in the infirmary from a bladed-weapon injury to his neck...

In-death Bob continued to hurt innocent-people; Tracey faced prosecution for smuggling controlled-drugs into a prison. Bobs criminal-associates had attracted closer-attention from the authorities; the ‘tax-man’ had turned-up at numerous addresses demanding to see accounts, bank-records...


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