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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Saturday morning saw a letter from Sharons’ lawyer declaring Bob had apologised & wanted reconciliation. He was awaiting a trial-date to explain how his DNA transferred to assault-victims underwear & why he had been identified by victim & witnesses as the assailant. Tempted to screw-up & throw-away the letter she invited Helen to come around for a girly-chat & coffee... Helen, somewhat biased, stated Bob should ‘Burn-in-Hell‘ & Sharon should push for a divorce as-soon-as-possible. Reminding her she was a different-person on returning-home the previous-night, Sharon was well on-the-way to getting her life back...

Shortly before lunch Sharon mobed her lawyer advising she wanted a divorce & sole-title to the family-home. With this in-place she spoke to Stephen at home, requested & got time-off to sign papers the following Monday...

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