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New Job

Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Settling-in to her new job Sharon quickly learned to use the new equipment & was instantly accepted as one-of-the-girls in her new environment. Invited to join her team that Friday-evening at the local bowling-alley; she asked for time to arrange a babysitter. Mobing Helen she was interrupted & urged to enjoy herself, ‘Of-course I will babysit Karen, she is adorable‘.

The week just flew-by, Friday-evening saw Sharon kissing Karen goodnight & asking she be in bed by 10pm. Keeping to non-alcoholic drinks Sharon had a marvellous-time on her first ‘girls night out’ in 6-years, returning home just after midnight finding Karen fast-asleep with Helen watching a DVD. Buzzing & glowing Sharon chatted through the early-hours like a ‘teenager‘. If this ‘taster‘ was anything to go-by being a single-mom would be a breeze & thinking-back to her interview Stephen definitely had a glint in his eye. Would she get a second-chance & if-so, should she take it...

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