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Created at January 05, 2011
Created by Stephen Dawson
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Showered, wearing her favourite lingerie with tasteful black-diamond patterned tights, Sharon stroked her wardrobe to select the most appropriate interview-outfit with ex-boyfriend & potential new-boss Stephen; reflecting on events she wondered why she refused marriage-proposal with that really-nice bloke who still carried-a-torch for her so many years later. Pondering, Sharon resolved to wear a tasteful skirt-&-top with heels without giving-away her past-relationship to Stephens’ receptionist.

Limiting accessories to her watch, necklace, engagement-&-wedding rings Sharon was confident she would be considered just-another-20-something looking for an unadvertised-job. Pleased she was not exploiting an unfair-advantage against other ‘girls‘ also looking for work, Sharon sat at her dressing-table, applied make-up, lippy... before dressing. Swinging her body side-to-side in front of her full-length mirror the mini-skirt flowed, top fitted nicely, making the best of her figure.

Introducing herself at the appointed-time receptionist-secretary Elizabeth asked Sharon to take-a-seat & offered a coffee. Too nervous & wary of staining her teeth Sharon politely declined. Within minutes Sharon was shown through to Stephens’ office where she shook-hands & took her seat as Elizabeth closed the door behind her, returning to reception.

Alone, formalities dropped, Sharon poured-out her heart reciting how her perfect-life had fallen-apart & she really needed this job. Stephen had employed Sharon before she resigned ahead of her marriage & knew she would be an asset; offering her the coffee-shop manager position on the spot. Composing herself, they waited for Elizabeth to print-off & return with the contract. Sharon could barely contain herself; independence was minutes-away.

Husband Bob was remanded in custody, social-security administrators were dragging-their-feet, welfare payments were not forthcoming leaving Sharon totally-reliant on her credit-cards. The police had seized the cash found in her garage, with minimal-savings her hands began to perspire.

Realising Sharon was nervous-&-uncomfortable Stephen asked ‘Do you need a cash-advance to help before you start your new-job‘. ‘I can offer you a months-salary in advance, re-payable over say, 4-months‘. ‘Yes please, my credit-card payment is due next-week‘ replied Sharon.

Stephen spoke with Elizabeth over the intercom ‘Please bring UK£1,000 from the safe & the receipt-book with Sharons-contract‘. Turning to Sharon Stephen stated ‘It’s nice to have you working in my coffee-shop business again‘. Sharon smiled ‘I appreciate your faith-&-understanding‘.

Elizabeth entered the office, Stephen & Sharon signed paper-work; shaking-hands Sharon left with the cash & her copy of the contract.

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