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Project 30

Created at December 17, 2010
Created by Peter Jackson
Deadline January 31, 2011: over 3 years over
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We need your 30 second clip (HD if possible) of comment, views, things that make you happy, mad, nature, interests, you can have sound, or silent, if it makes you cross, happy or sad, you can use a phone cam or video, content is king all clips will be edited and used in a conceptual art exhibition, called

"Humanity, nature and the Future"

that will be edited to be shown on four walls of a room at the same time for observers to view from the center of that room as if standing in the center of a cross roads.
Thank you for taking the time to read, Oh! you can submit as many 30 second clips as you like, in HD would be good and all contributions will be credited in the piece you can send your contributions to , I 50 word bio of you who,what,where,why,when would be good as well then attach your clip(s) I have a dead line but the sooner the better

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