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Project 30

Created at December 17, 2010
Created by Peter Jackson
Deadline January 31, 2011: over 3 years over
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The collection of 30 second clips submitted by you and others will be edited into a conceptual art exhibit named
"Humanity, Nature and the future"
its the content that will construct the direction, you can video the street you live on to something that makes you smile, the trash on a street or the snow on hills, the sun as it rises or the moon, take the name of the concept as your direction.
when edited it will be shown as 4 versions on four walls in the same room projected from the center in the gallery and there is no limit to your submissions and the content.
The concept of the piece is as you stand in the middle of the room you view the world as if you where standing at a cross roads of our future as seen by humanity.
You can send your clips to every one that submits content will be credited for their contribution and receive an email if their 30 seconds are included.
this is more about the images than the sound.
I have put the deadline as 2011 01 31 but the sooner clips are in the better.
Thank You.

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