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Character development
Created at June 27, 2010
Created by Crafty Lion Productions
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Still a very new area to explore. We can tell you one thing, the main character will be a survival and tactical police expert on the run from the government. Her name - Serene Yates. Her main rival will be her future self, coming back in time to kill her boss before he is overcome by corruption.

Other characters will also need to be created and discussed. We are giving people a chance to help us create the characters so let your imagination run wild!

Jeremy H. October 24, 2010 11:38 0 Thumb-ups

The Extremely Helpful Dude

As long as you're timebending, how about a shadowy guy who gives her exactly what she needs before she needs it -- and who is NEVER wrong?

For example, he hands her a bunny, which helps her hide inside a circle of children who want to pet it. He gives her a pill, which, after she's captured, puts her in cardiac arrest -- creating enough chaos for her to escape. And so on. It could get really rube-goldbergy, and funny too. Might make for some hectic action scenes, with him barking directions at her and tossing objects her way.

Also: he helps fund her getaway by creatively slipping lottery tickets to her :-).

So who is this guy? Her repentant future boss? A devious #3 in command? Somebody even more sinister? Ally or enemy? Hard to say...

Crafty Lion Productions

Perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly enough. The present boss is dead because Serene's future self comes back in time to kill him before he became overcome with greed and corruption. However, it is Serene's present self who is accused of the murder [not her future self] which is why she's on the run.

If the present boss is killed, then the future boss no longer exists.

November 15, 2010 05:38 0 Thumb-ups
Jeremy H.

Hm, okay. I assumed the boss was still alive in the future since he's the one she wants to eliminate by traveling back in time. It's a paradox any way you look at it. I solved it in my own head by killing the *future* boss and sending his dead body into the past. But I figured you had your own trickery to explain why Serene would try to kill someone who's already dead.

I agree: too much mind bending could be hard to handle, and putting the mystery exclusively into her own future self is a good way to go anyways.

November 14, 2010 06:45 0 Thumb-ups
Crafty Lion Productions

We've already decided the mystery person from the future is her future self who is pretty much doing what you are describing from your first shot comment. I don't think bringing in too many people from the future will be a good idea. It could just confuse the audience more.

The boss from the future is already dead - going by timeline logic because Serene is on the run as a result of being accused of killing him. If we ignore the logic there and the whole series won't make any sense.

November 12, 2010 22:15 0 Thumb-ups
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(null) August 10, 2010 14:21 0 Thumb-ups

Which other characters?

I'd love to help with character suggestions but you'll need to either describe the plot in detail.

Alternatively, give us some rough outlines of characters so we can suggest how they can be fleshed out?


CFP, I do love the central idea of a fugitive-style story where the same character is both the pursuer and the pursued. It is a simple but strong idea which is memorable.

If you can get some details down on paper, whatever you have in mind but haven't said on here, that would really help people help you make this a reality! :)

August 23, 2010 18:49 0 Thumb-ups
Crafty Lion Productions

That's pretty much the size of it. A lot of the inspiration comes from crime series I've watched over the years but nothing really specific - perhaps something similar to The Fugitive.

Essentially, I'm hoping to make it an ongoing series which keeps the audience guessing who exactly is helping the main character and who is trying to sabotage her efforts to stay on the run. At this stage, I haven't thought about the number of episodes yet. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The survival expert bit comes from modern day SWAT training which - as far as I know - receive paramilitary training as part of their on-going police training.

In fact, now that you've mentioned it, the series would be great set in a parallel world of 2019. I didn't want to go too far into the future because the production cost would skyrocket.

Oh, and her future self has witnessed the corruption of the boss in her time and so has come back to kill him before he reaches that stage.

August 13, 2010 02:06 0 Thumb-ups

Crafty Lion, that's a good start but I still think it needs a lot more detail so people can get an idea about what kind of series you're trying to make.

You're basically saying:

"The head of the law enforcement in 2019 has been murdered in cold-blood. Evidence points to his second-in command. She's a survival and tactical expert and she has a motive. She didn't actually do it."

"She's on the run from the team she helped train and, with most of her friends and family having close connections to the government, she's beginning to wonder who she can actually trust."

"Her main rival will be her future self, coming back in time to kill her boss before he is overcome by corruption."

...head of law enforcement where? What kind of head of law enforcement? What is the world like in this series? 2019 is only nine years away so I presume it's pretty much like the world right now?

Her being a survival expert sounds like she's in the military, so is the military enforcing the law in 2019?

Is her future self right about the boss? Whose side would the audience be on, if anyone?

What kind of existing series would you be inspired by? How many episodes do you think there would be? Will it be a self-contained series or ongoing?

August 12, 2010 08:00 0 Thumb-ups
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Crafty Lion Productions August 11, 2010 07:54 0 Thumb-ups

Suggested characters

Here's some food for thought. A few characters Serene can bump into while on the run can be as follows:

* an escaped prisoner
* an undercover cop
* enemies of police boss with their own agenda

Feel free to discuss.

No comments.

Annie Gladdis July 17, 2010 15:04 1 Thumb-up

The Boss

You would need to include some information about her boss, explaining what type of person he was and what about him motivated her into killing him.

Crafty Lion Productions

Much of that will be up for discussion. :) We're giving people a chance to help us develop him so any ideas would be great.

July 18, 2010 12:16 1 Thumb-up