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Fan Investor Meeting in Brisbane - Looking for a Location

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Created atJune 07, 2010
Created byJanos Honkonen
ClosedJuly 28, 2010
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Woitek Konzal Come to us! Come to us! Free professi...
Ray Marshall Cheap & Easy?

Closing Note

Thank you all for the feedback, we had a great time in Australia!


Hello! Iron Sky team is coming to Australia this week and we are planning on arranging a meeting for fans, who are interested in investing in the movie, on Tuesday 15th of June (and during the Supanova Expo in June 19-20). The aim of this meeting is to give you the chance to meet us and talk about the Iron Sky project, and also for us to tell about our fan investment system, which has so far attracted over 250 people who have tentatively offered over half a million euros as investments in Iron Sky - and so far 65 of them have confirmed over 200 000 euros.

In a nutshell, you can invest in an equity investment package of 1000 euros or more, and as the film starts turning profit, we pay you back your investment and more. You can find more information here:

If you are interested in arriving to these investor meetings, please tell us at

So, now we are looking for a location. You know Brisbane far better than we do, so could you recommend us a place with the following specs:

- Preferably a free or a cheap place for about 12-20 people to meet:
it can be a restaurant, auditorium etc.
- Available on Tuesday 15th of June, in the evening after working hours
- Video projector or a big screen is a big bonus, we would like to
show some video, presentations and other such materials.
- A chance to knock back a couple of beers or other beverages is a
bonus also.

If you know such a place, please recommend them here!

We hope to see plenty of you while we are Down Under!

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Woitek Konzal June 10, 2010 06:19 2 Thumb-ups
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Come to us! Come to us! Free professional venue!

Good to here you're coming to the sunshine state! And here comes a sunny offer:

I'm a PhD student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). QUT has an incubator for creative industries businesses called Creative Enterprise Australia. They are situated at the Creative Industries Precinct in Kelvin Grove. That's 5 minutes by car or bus to the city centre (basically the next suburb to the city).

We are very interested in you coming here. We have provisionally booked the Glasshouse, a venue on the precinct that offers a large screen, a projector, a coffee shop next door, and enough space for your needs and our students if they decide to come.

And that's the essential point, we would need to know as soon as possible so we can get some propaganda out there.

If you're interested, please get in touch with me and we'll take it from there.



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Aaron Lundstedt June 15, 2010 13:45 Flag

Best of Luck in QLD. A shame I can't come up, but I gotta work. I wish you were coming to Tasmania to, but I'll be happy if I get to see the movie when it's finished in the C-Max theater ( here in Devonport. Down the track once the movie is finished, if you would like to do a screening here, call the C-Max on 0364202111 and ask the manager Katrine to set aside some time. Hopefully a few months, to screen the film. She's a really nice person, and she has done a lot of specialty movies there before. I was there the night she screened The Jammed and got to talk to the movies creator. Was a good night out.

All The Best,

David Yacobus June 13, 2010 13:27 Flag

Sounds great, wish you all a great meeting... :D

Joni Niva June 10, 2010 09:31 Flag

Thank you! Sounds great!
Your message has been forwarded to Janos Honkonen. The team has actually just arrived to Australia 8 hours ago and Im sure he will contact you ASAP.

-Joni from Energia

Ola Rinta-Koski June 09, 2010 01:17 0 Thumb-ups
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Some ideas...

One of the libraries might be the go. See for more info. The Brisbane Square branch is probably the best location, Bulimba and New Farm are reasonably easy to reach (by CityCat even!)

The Point in Southbank has a free function room: - not a bad location, and you can't beat the price.

The Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the Valley has a function room in the cellar - - no idea what it would cost, but they do have Guinness on tap.

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Ola Rinta-Koski June 10, 2010 02:23 Flag

There are at least three car parks within walking distance of the Elephant & Wheelbarrow - the one in Chinatown is just across the street.

Ray Marshall June 09, 2010 13:36 Flag

The trouble with places in the Valley is that I don't believe there's a huge amount of parking available around there (I may be wrong). CBD has the Myer Centre, Wintergarden, and a bunch of private ones (plus the University if that ends up the place to be), and Southbank has the Parklands, QPAC and others, all within easy range of the respective venues. I'm assuming parking will be necessary, depending on what kind of material is being brought. I think Southbank/CBD is also easier to get to with people presumably coming from work than the Valley.

Ray Marshall June 09, 2010 13:54 0 Thumb-ups
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Following on...

Adding on to my last shot...

Thinking on it, there's a small function room downstairs at the Grosvenor (George St, just down the road from the Council library). It's not ritzy (at least not downstairs, last time I was there),but in my experience they're generally fairly accommodating, and you can bounce people up and downstairs to get drinks (though being a Tuesday night, you might be able to take over upstairs anyway). No projector, etc, though.

Doing some searching around, you might be looking at maybe up to $350 for the University (though I honestly believe you could get away with not as much). Reading up on it, you should be able to have alcohol as long as you observe their rules about it, which just means bringing a carton or two along, an esky and some ice.

State Library: isn't very helpful, but I can't imagine it would cost much more than the Council library. Council library according to Ola's fine link is $67.50 for a half day or evening, with kitchenette access $26.80 if wanted.

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Ray Marshall June 07, 2010 15:34 1 Thumb-up
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Cheap & Easy?

Unfortunately, offhand most of the places that will have the kind of AV equipment you seem to want are likely to be either bigger venues (much larger than the <20 people you want) or costlier. You might find cheaper, but by 'Brisbane' I assume you mean 'CBD and immediate surrounds', you can get cheaper the further you get out, but... that means you're further out. Other concerns will revolve around how 'fancy' you want to be (given you're canvassing for investments, you might want a little bit of polish, but on the other hand, you don't want to pay a whole lot either), and the kind of event you want to hold (is it a sit down meal? cocktail? business presentation?).

Moving on...

Aside from just finding somewhere and taking it over as-is, the absolute cheapest would probably be booking out a room at a library. There's a library at the bottom end of the main street in the CBD (opposite the Casino, incidentally), so you could easily walk out and into a place for a few beers afterwards. Being a library, and thus government, it should be pretty cheap, and the furnishings aren't even that bad - and some rooms do have AV equipment. You can look into it through the Brisbane City Council. The State Library is also just over the river, with additional drinking holes within easy reach if people want to move on, but I can't recall offhand how much they cost, but it should be pretty cheap (you're not going for one of their big showy rooms, I expect). Around the same area is also the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, with rooms, but I couldn't begin to tell you cost.

Next cheapest would probably be finding something at the University. The Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point Campus is within the CBD, and it's currently exam period for students so it's likely there'll be numerous rooms available at that time of day. You'll be looking at university style comforts, though - plastic chairs and mass produced tables, but computers and projectors and the like would be available. Then head back into the city center for drinks afterwards - a couple minutes walk. There are certain rooms available at QUT where you're allowed to serve alcohol, but it's BYO, and from memory booked out a while in advance or again bigger than desired for your purposes.

I can't think of any places that would be professional/polished (as in 'office room'), at least cheap, or open at that time of day. You'll find small rooms of varying polish throughout the bigger and smaller restaurants and hotels in the CBD, but they will cost you some money and they may want to charge you per head or tie some kind of meal arrangement into it. Two places offhand I can think of are the Port Office and Fox Hotels, which may be serviceable. Moving further upmarket, the bigger, proper hotels have small rooms that would suitable, but they will probably charge you serious cash.

Being late notice, you might obviously struggle to find somewhere available, but on the other hand, as a Tuesday night, it's generally the slowest day of the week (not sure how it is in other countries, but payday / pension cheque day / etc has traditionally been Wednesday in Australia, so Tuesday tends to be the end of the money-spending week), so you might be able to arrange a cheap deal on the basis that having a small number of guaranteed guests is better than leaving a room/area empty.

I can't give any more advice without knowing particular style you're after, where in Brisbane you're working or what kind of budget you're looking at, but where money's an issue and you know the kind of AV stuff you want, I'm thinking the libraries or university would be your surest bet. I will have to ask around my friends that have more experience arranging these sort of events.

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