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The American Dream and How To Lose It

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Created atJune 05, 2010
Created byCornell Herg
ClosedJune 05, 2010
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Closing Note

For some reason, this wouldn't show so consider this task here garbage, the actual task is still going on.


So far, we have a basic plot idea, but we need you to help us come up with the ideal life and ways to lose it.

We need to know, what is the american dream? What have you always dreamed of obtaining in life, a job such as being a successful businessman, an ideal family with with 2 little kids, or maybe being a movie director and amassing a fortune?

We need to come up with as many ways a person can lose this dream. Possibly being cheated out of your job, having your family die in a car accident, being robbed, anything that may have happened to you even!

Remember, we want to hear YOUR ideas so give'em a shot!

This task is closed.