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Looking for Movie Professionals, Actors, Services etc in Frankfurt

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Created atApril 26, 2010
Created byJanos Honkonen
ClosedAugust 24, 2010
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Kalle Max Hofmann "Crew United" Website

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Closing this too :)


We are shooting part of Iron Sky in and around Frankfurt am Main for about 4 weeks starting about mid-September this year. Together with our German partner 27 Films Production we are now starting to hire crew, actors and other services needed in the Frankfurt area.

And with this we would like your help!

You probably know more people there than we do. If you are not the person we are looking for, please spread the word around. We are looking for example the following.

- Experienced film professionals to work for 27 Films in various positions in different departments.

- There are also crew positions, which do not necessarily require previous experience in the film business. Common sense, good attitude towards working hard, ability to work in a group and knowledge of the local area are essential. These positions could be for example drivers, assistants, etc…

- Professional actors for smaller roles, which have not been cast yet. Fill in the form below and attach your CV, link to your photo or video materials, etc.

- For smaller roles we are also looking for actors without professional experience. These are mainly roles without dialogue. In addition, you can also volunteer as an background extra.

- Catering services for 20 days for approximately 60 persons per day (breakfast, warm lunch and a lot of sandwiches, coffee, tea, etc. all through the day).

- Good contact for hiring a lot of cars and vans for the production (or getting them through sponsorship).

- Part of our crew comes from abroad; so if you know of reasonably priced, good quality accommodation, or maybe own a hotel or hire apartments yourself, please let us know.

-Sponsorship ideas for example for set design and prop making materials, catering needs, cars or what ever you think might be useful - LET US KNOW!


Professionals, actors, general crew:


Sponsors and Partners

Feel free to share you ideas!

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Kalle Max Hofmann April 26, 2010 15:16 4 Thumb-ups
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"Crew United" Website

Many German professionals are listed on the website "Crew United" (it's got nothing to do with union labor though):

It's all in German, but I think you can manage. Click on the tab "Freelancers" to look for crew. Many of the terms are in english anyways, for the rest use the translation tool of your choice ;-)
Once you clicked on a profession, select "Frankfurt" in the box "Stadt" which means city. Optionally, you can select english in the box "Sprachen" to make sure your crew understand english if needed.

For Actors, use the tab "Darsteller". Then you are asked to determine male "männlich" or female "weiblich" first. Then you get a list showing headshots which is very nice. If you want to narrow down your choice, use the box "Spielalter" to select an age range.

I think you should get around with this pretty good. But if you don't include me as an extra at least, there will be trouble ;P

KMH ^_^

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