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Script for Stick Wreck - the second dimension

Created at March 09, 2010
Created by David Jansson
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Wreckupations Director, Writer
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Daniel Saarimäki Three comics in one book


I realized that a stick figure comic would be a good way to figure out facial expressions. But I need script ideas. Here is the premise:

All of P-fleet has gotten stuck in the second dimension. Emperor Pirk orders the whole fleet to find out what has happened, and how to get out of this drab, black and white dimension without depth perception.

We follow one of the ships in their quest to return P-fleet to the third dimension, the C.P.P. Stickstart.

We are met with perilous adventure, and inner strife as some of the crew starts to like the simplicity of two dimensions.

All in remarkable 2d, and a revolutionary binary colour system!

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Daniel Saarimäki April 01, 2010 18:02 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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Three comics in one book

Joel has made 32 stickman comics. He's also going to make a 3D comic series as a final project at art. If this project comes also ready, we could put these three comics to one book and maybe sell it at finncon.

Paper size is A6 and there will be 2x6 comic frames per page wich makes two three imaged strips for one page for these stickman comics here.

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Joel Saarimäki April 08, 2010 16:09 Flag

Thanks about saying that :D
I think I am going to make my new coming comic to A4 paper.

Joel Saarimäki April 08, 2010 16:07 Flag

I think that idea isn't good :(
I have so many resons why I have to make them seperately.
And Daniel knows that... now :)

Daniel Saarimäki April 02, 2010 13:53 Flag

We can think about that.

Peter Vesterbacka April 02, 2010 13:05 Flag

Check out

They can only make A4 and letter I think, but very good quality + I know the guys;-)

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