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3D : T.H.E. Leviathan

Created at March 03, 2010
Created by Sami Laulajainen
Deadline Not set
Shots given 14
Wreckupations 3D Artist
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David Jansson Poked around abit
David Jansson New fuselage
Daniel Saarimäki What about these?
David Jansson Render with stars
Sami Laulajainen How many Blenderunits?
Sami Laulajainen the torpedo hatch numbering
Sami Laulajainen a renderfarm?


The Schematics of T.H.E. Leviathan

Some of them pencil drawn so I had to lower the brightness when I scanned them.

So I Need help making a 3D wireframe out of these. Leviathan and the torpedo. Measures are in the drawings.

Torpedo hatches I need a closeup shot on the opening of 1 tube and then 6 tubes. Should this be done with a separate model?

The torpedotube is 2 meters so the torpedo must unfold it's collider ring somehow.

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David Jansson October 09, 2010 09:27 3 Thumb-ups

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[User has left the building] January 02, 2014 02:27 Flag

Wow! Thank you! I continuously wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I implement a fragment of your post to my site?

Sami Laulajainen November 15, 2010 09:51 Flag

Looks like a good cockroach :) The cockroach battle-conversation goes there :

Daniel Saarimäki November 14, 2010 18:18 Flag

I have already started modelling the cockroaches using this pic:

Should I upload the model to this task?

Sami Laulajainen November 14, 2010 18:03 Flag

I see what I can draw about the cock-rodents.

Daniel Saarimäki November 13, 2010 16:07 Flag

There are lots of unconnected nodes O.o

Daniel Saarimäki November 10, 2010 18:42 Flag

Could you make a separated task for the cockroach thingie?

Sami Laulajainen November 09, 2010 19:16 Flag

And by illogical I mean, that they do not interact with the crew,plot or anything in any way once they are presented to the audience.

Sami Laulajainen November 09, 2010 19:15 Flag

Would this high level socity have any contact with the characters?

At the moment there is no pet in the crew and I have no idea how to fit one logically. I want and need storywise that the ships computer is their "pet".

Illogically (from a logical film point of view) they might just be building their microcosmos between the hulls and be happy.

Sami Laulajainen November 09, 2010 19:07 Flag

The Red Dwarf, Never seen :(

It's on in finland on Scifi, but haven't had the time to watch.

For the idea, it's good. Actually like it better than the quick zoom. But they don't cancel each other out, now do they?

David Jansson November 09, 2010 16:22 Flag

The Leviathan has laid dormant for a while, right? I was thinking more something like in Red Dwarf, where Listers cats descendants has evolved to something humanish. Only, not with the humanish part. And they build this high tech society in the far reaches of the ship.

Daniel Saarimäki November 09, 2010 16:12 Flag

Okay XD

Sami Laulajainen November 09, 2010 15:26 Flag

Cocroach gets curious about the monolith and faints because the monolith feeds the information about the atom-bomb-ish-device to his front end (head-thing)

One of the ideas of the monolith from 2001 was to speed up the evolution, so here goes.

Daniel Saarimäki November 09, 2010 15:01 Flag

"A cockroatch-lover touches the monolith and faints."

Why the cockroach touches that and why it faints?

That bacteria thing sounds good. And enough easy to make too.

I got that image visible.

Sami Laulajainen November 09, 2010 13:58 Flag

Now that we are on it, maybe a x3000 zoom where the bacteria are fighting with viruses :) then zoom to the cock-rodents and then to the panel.

The Loose panel (actually the revealed inner hull) is starting to play a role in the next mod of the script.

sorry about the link, don't know about the problem

The pic was that

Better luck?

Daniel Saarimäki November 08, 2010 18:32 Flag

It needs some modelling. ^^ I will do it if I can fit it to my job list, wich is already a bit too full...

That link gives me a white screen.

Sami Laulajainen November 07, 2010 18:48 Flag

Sounds good.

If you can...

create me a good looking 10 second animation that starts from microscope zoom x 30, that reveals the fight between rodents and cockroatches. They fight with sticks and clubs. The lovers are watching ontop of a mountain (a rusty bolt) A little zoom back reveals a monolith (to be a black cuboid whose sides measured in the precise ratio 1:4:9 (1²:2²:3²)). A cockroatch-lover touches the monolith and faints. The rodent- lover thinks he is dead and commits suicide. The cockroach lover wakes up and invents an atom bomb-ish type weapon and activates the judgementdayweapon. A huge bang

1 x zoom -> A tiny puff and a panel blows out revealing the inner hull, definately putting it into my film. :)

Daniel Saarimäki November 07, 2010 18:00 Flag

I meant that the sketch should be 10 seconds long in the film to make it as funny as possible. XD Quick "they were born, they lived and they died" is much more funny than a long love story with almost no connection to the rest of the movie.

Sami Laulajainen November 07, 2010 17:57 Flag

When you think about the amount of radiation the cock-rodents have exposed (specially with the shielding panel blown) the mutations and micro evolution are more plausable than warp drive (or singularity drive)

We are getting some Inception here aswell : 10 seconds for the humans might be a worth 2 wars time for the cock-rodents.

If we are getting very " Douglas Adams"-ish we are going to need a narrator, which will never happen in my film :)

Daniel Saarimäki November 06, 2010 18:49 Flag

Whoops! I have 2.53!

David Jansson November 06, 2010 17:54 Flag

New file. Blender 2.54 (and 2.55) crashes when I try to save the render...

Daniel Saarimäki November 06, 2010 16:07 Flag

That's the weirdest idea I've ever heard... And I have to admit it might work if you can make that to fit in 10 seconds.

David Jansson November 06, 2010 11:55 Flag

I was, as you say, thinking about details between inner and outer hull.

So they shouldn't affect the internal sets.

I guess the reason the panel has come loose could be of a war between the roaches and the rodents or other vermin that tend to inhabit ships. How about a side love story like that of Romeo and Juliet between a Cock-roach and a rodent, which both dies when the war between their races blow out the panel beneath they are getting it on? This of course would usher in a new era of piece where Rodent-cockroach hybrids are born and form a super-vermin, whom the crew must learn to coexist with.

Sami Laulajainen November 05, 2010 17:57 Flag

In the beginning I was about to build the interiors, to get that crappy set feeling of the 1960-70's, but now I'm thinking LEV might have interiors shot with green screen. It allows more complex and huge structures.

I just need to know what are you modelling inside the ship, so I can put it into a set.

Daniel Saarimäki November 05, 2010 15:27 Flag

That requires some UV mapping.

About the interiors, should they be modelled also if you're going to greenscreen some activity inside the ship?

Sami Laulajainen November 04, 2010 19:15 Flag

DS : Agreed. The name T.H.E. Leviathan somewhere. I'm also seeing small text "no step under one g or more" on the wing front sections. Something like that under the gravlens. A crossover of plane and sub details:

DJ : Yes, the debris and some dints here and there. Removing an entire panel is acceptable, but what is revealed? It shouldn't be a hull breach, or if it is, I'll have to write the crew to notice (and forget about) it.

What is revealed is the mid hull. The structural stuff between the inner and outer hulls, right? For that go with the imagination. I'm thinking something like that, but feel free to surprise me.

(I'm seeing Lev as a semi organic hybrid)

To what detail are you planning to make the ship? interiors as well?

Daniel Saarimäki November 04, 2010 11:08 Flag

That ship need some non-gravlens details... It's a bit boring now.

David Jansson November 04, 2010 09:52 Flag


I am thinking about adding more details that aren't the same grav lens colour. In your initial description you wanted a bit of a run down ship. I have added a panel to each wing, the plan is to have one of the panels float around nearby, and to make visible pipes and stuff that was beneath the now loose panel.

Thoughts on this?

Sami Laulajainen November 04, 2010 09:04 Flag

Some of the aft pipe green reflections look weird, but in a good way. :) Specially the green closer to camera: The color is coming trough the ship?

But cool anyway.

Daniel Saarimäki November 03, 2010 19:06 Flag

Core and the pipes are reflective (red) and it seems that some of the ship parts are too (green) but the material isn't transparent (green).

Daniel Saarimäki November 03, 2010 11:06 Flag

If I remember right, there is a nebula material input node in the node setup and those math nodes are just used to mix it to the totally black material. If that's right, it isn't reflective or transparent.

David Jansson November 02, 2010 19:03 Flag

Guh, I could have done it while at HUMlab today. I just forgot with my head hurting from hours of studying...

However, I get the feeling it's specific to the nebula material, otherwise we would see the mesh ball either projected or reflected.

Daniel Saarimäki November 02, 2010 18:32 Flag

Great! I couldn't do the test today. I had to finish my schoolwork. :(

David Jansson November 02, 2010 17:11 Flag

Updated ship 41.

Daniel Saarimäki November 02, 2010 11:03 Flag

I didn't know that. I might be able to test that today. I'm not sure.

David Jansson November 02, 2010 09:19 Flag

Gravlens implies that it projects what is on the other side... You should perhaps make a test render with an object opposite of the ship from the camera.

Sami Laulajainen November 01, 2010 19:51 Flag

I prefer either way, but if it reflects, Id like to write a joke about that into the film.

Daniel Saarimäki November 01, 2010 17:17 Flag

That's a good guestion. If I understood it right, this material is reflective, but I'm not sure. Camera angle changes the texture, so it depends...

Sami Laulajainen November 01, 2010 17:00 Flag

You are all doing a great job, But one question emerges: What happens with the Gravlens material when another ship parks near Leviathan?

David Jansson November 01, 2010 15:18 Flag

Do that. I am continuing to fiddle with details.

Daniel Saarimäki October 28, 2010 05:52 Flag

KK, but I have started making the torpedo and I could make that also.

David Jansson October 27, 2010 18:00 Flag

Also, I love how the pipes you added came out.

And adding smaller details would take a while, so it would be smart to cooperate on that I think.

David Jansson October 27, 2010 17:54 Flag

Sami needs you because my involvement is very much limited to stuff I do as rest from the studying...

Basically, you are needed because Sami can't count on me to see this through.

Daniel Saarimäki October 27, 2010 17:01 Flag

I'm beginning to wonder... Where do you need me anymore? I have hundreds of other projects waiting so if you are able to make this, you should do it. It's your ship and It takes days for me to understand what you are planning.

David Jansson October 27, 2010 16:34 Flag

Also, how about we start adding the smaller details, so that it look cool in close-ups as well.

I am thinking of details like the antennae at the front and smaller.

David Jansson October 27, 2010 16:04 Flag

I fiddled with the materials. And did a larger render.

David Jansson October 26, 2010 18:07 Flag

Rendered fine at HUMlab. But their computers are state of the art and then some. See what happens if you put on it?

I was thinking about smaller detailing. Like, if you zoom in real good there will be pipes and panels and stuff here and there over the hull.

I was thinking of giving the sphere grid the same material as I gave the big pipe structure you added.

Daniel Saarimäki October 26, 2010 17:07 Flag

Render crashes at render area 7. Maybe too heavy?

Edit: I changed the camera position and it worked. You have changed the core grid grey, but Sami just suggested to put gravlens to it, but I leae it grey for now.

Daniel Saarimäki October 26, 2010 15:26 Flag

Whepee! Now I don't have trouble finding winows because there isn't any!

David Jansson October 26, 2010 15:08 Flag

Modified yours a bit. I also removed the airlock hatches (and some of the torpedo hatches, they were misaligned).

I also removed the windows you had trouble finding.

Daniel Saarimäki October 09, 2010 09:58 Flag

We have two versions now :/

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Daniel Saarimäki October 14, 2010 18:16 1 Thumb-up
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Version 36 with gravlens and nebula

I textured Jansson's new model with gravlens and added nebula backround. The center and the radar thingie aren't textured.


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Sami Laulajainen October 25, 2010 17:50 Flag

The door size about 3 meters X 3 meters. A spacesuit walker (actual prop, about 2meters50) must pass trough.

And Leviathan is 230 meters long so little more than one hundreth of the lenght of the ship.

Sami Laulajainen October 25, 2010 17:45 Flag

There : 1.51 - 1.53

A huge vortex of golden energy surrounded with flying stuff, particles around it.

You can leave out the flying muslims.

Daniel Saarimäki October 25, 2010 17:00 Flag

They are thrusters. I'm messing here.

Don't know why I did those pipes XD

How small should the doors be, because this is a big ship?

What kind of particles would you like to have? Color?

Sami Laulajainen October 25, 2010 15:55 Flag

ok. just cheking

David Jansson October 25, 2010 15:03 Flag

The three holes ARE Thrusters. There are a couple of window meshes that poke out like the ears of Mickey mouse... They need to go.

Sami Laulajainen October 24, 2010 21:39 Flag

DJ : Good to have you back, thou you never left :)

Good work, all of you.

I like the "ship37" and the render. But could the tube be more like a fin, more flat. Lev is starting to look steampunkish. Not bad, but not exactly my vision.

For the sphere, I'd like to have some particles - a lot of particles. I want it to look like it could eat Einsteins theories and half a galaxy. like the hourglass in "The sands of time - the movie".

The three holes were viewports? I taught they were thrusters :D They can go. The doors too. I have an idea about the doors, Let's make them like "Trimaxion Drone Ship" doors
(in the beginning of the clip)

Daniel Saarimäki October 23, 2010 14:49 Flag

I just changed the ship color white. That material is node material and the source of the material is different than the main material so changing the main color doesn't change anything. I changed it because of that black material problem.

I have a bad habit that I mess the file first and organise it when it's ready. That don't help much.

How are you going to find that whiteboard when you lose it? XD

David Jansson October 23, 2010 14:08 Flag

I mean, consider if you could have a magic whiteboard where you write a keyword, like if you have misplaced your moped keys you just write KEY and a big red arrow would appear pointing at my keys. If there are more Keys in the room, like my house keys, there would be more arrows. So would just use Booleans, like in any search engine. Like +MOPED +KEY.

It would be great! Until you misplace the whiteboard pen at least.

David Jansson October 23, 2010 14:03 Flag

I didn't mean how to edit textures.
In the old files the model was all black in solid shade mode, I couldn't see the wire frame or vertices in edit mode. Very frustrating. How did you change it? The new file doesn't have this problem.

"Maybe you could think about naming the parts next time ;)"

Well, yeah. Uhm, I think it's a case of my inability to organize documents, papers and anything that would make life easier if I just kept it organized spilling over to the modelling process...

I wish I could have search function on my physical room, would be so handy every time a misplace an important bill or document...

Daniel Saarimäki October 22, 2010 11:55 Flag

I don't know anything about the parts of the ship. Maybe you could think about naming the parts next time ;)

Texture edit mode? That neads some tweaking with UVs though.

I suck with colors but I get what you mean. I will do it.

David Jansson October 19, 2010 14:43 Flag

Honestly though, I think that the textures and colouration of the ship dominates too much. I would try to make it more subtle.

David Jansson October 19, 2010 14:39 Flag

How do you make Blender 2.54 show the model in a colour that it's editable in?

David Jansson October 19, 2010 14:37 Flag

What things? The holes are thrusters. The windows are the meshes that poke up strangely from the fuselage mesh.

Daniel Saarimäki October 18, 2010 15:42 Flag

I didn't actually know that those things were windows. O.o

New version live. Camera is in bad angle because the ship looks black.

Daniel Saarimäki October 18, 2010 14:24 Flag

I like that cromed idea. I see what I can do.

David Jansson October 18, 2010 06:40 Flag

I probably won't have time during the week. Just upload the latest file when you change something? I like downloading it and doing some tweaking now and then. I hope that is OK.

I was thinking about having chromed details here and there. Like at the thrusters, have them be greyish and kind of a lattice work of chromed pipes and details running over the flat surfaces that are around the thruster holes.

Daniel Saarimäki October 17, 2010 15:25 Flag

Kk. Do you do that or do I?

David Jansson October 17, 2010 15:10 Flag

One thing. The air-lock doors and viewports don't fit the ship anymore, they need to be remodeled.

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Daniel Saarimäki August 17, 2010 15:28 0 Thumb-ups

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Daniel Saarimäki September 26, 2010 18:15 Flag

In what way it isn't? I don't know how detailed it has to be, but it will look cool when animated. The wireframe surrounding the core could be smoother, but it's hard to edit it because of the structure.

Sami Laulajainen September 25, 2010 19:50 Flag

Is the sphere high res enough to be in close up shots. At the moment the model doesn't seem like it is. There might be something about the end battle happening around the spere.

Daniel Saarimäki September 04, 2010 14:33 Flag

I made the back more streamlined. What do you think about it?

Daniel Saarimäki September 04, 2010 12:27 Flag

Sorry. Misunderstood you. XD

I see if I can do something to that...

Sami Laulajainen September 03, 2010 19:35 Flag

I mean the idea about you doing the torpedo now is good. :)

I'll make some suggestions into a png file about the ship. the stern is too bulky, I'd like it to bee more streamlined.

Daniel Saarimäki September 03, 2010 15:35 Flag

I haven't uploaded any torpedoes O.o

Sami Laulajainen September 03, 2010 13:53 Flag

torpedo is good, I'll try to explane somehow the things that need to bee fixed in my mind.

Daniel Saarimäki September 03, 2010 13:26 Flag

And then? I don't know what to do next... Texture mapping could be done, but it would be better if the model is totally ready. I will start working more with the torpedo now and see if I can get something done...

Sami Laulajainen September 03, 2010 11:01 Flag

smooth. :) Looking nice.

Daniel Saarimäki September 02, 2010 16:14 Flag

All hatches copied. Model 34 updated. There are exactly 200 hatches. I didn't count them. Blender did.

Sami Laulajainen August 27, 2010 18:39 Flag

nice. starting to come together

Daniel Saarimäki August 27, 2010 17:25 Flag

Tube hatches duplicated to the bottom.

Sami Laulajainen August 25, 2010 08:40 Flag

looking good.

Daniel Saarimäki August 20, 2010 18:43 Flag

First section of tubes filled. They all have the same mesh.

Sorry, Blender doesn't measure size-value in BU's. I said wrong. ^^ Two objects with size of 1BU really are same sized.

Sami Laulajainen August 20, 2010 18:28 Flag

ok, thanks for that.

Daniel Saarimäki August 20, 2010 15:50 Flag

Thanks for those concepts! I'm not sure do we need that BU (Blender Unit), because objects can be scaled. Actually, "size" of the object isn't actually the size of the object in Blender. It just measures the size multiply to the original, so two objects can be different sized, even if they both have size 1BU. It's hard to measure anything in blender if it's not exactly 1 or 2 (or so on) BU's.

Sami Laulajainen August 20, 2010 09:44 Flag

There's the torpedo concept. You might want to add the measures of the tube in blender units, if somebody else likes to give it a shot.

Sami Laulajainen August 20, 2010 04:55 Flag

yes. a humble request.

I'll try to get something for you today, but it'll be monday more likely

Daniel Saarimäki August 19, 2010 17:30 Flag

I uploaded a new file. Sorry. I forgot to change the name of the new one so I overwrote it.

Could I have a concept art featuring single torpedo? There's that one image, but is it correct?

Daniel Saarimäki August 19, 2010 16:49 Flag

I have started duplicating the hatches. When torpedos have been shot, does the hatches still remain in place (open when shooting and then close again)?

Sami Laulajainen August 17, 2010 18:31 Flag

looking good

Daniel Saarimäki August 17, 2010 17:09 Flag

Those were just slight tweaks. I'm still busy with other things, but I have a lot less work than few weeks ago and it's looking better all the time.

Sami Laulajainen August 17, 2010 15:37 Flag


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Sami Laulajainen August 16, 2010 18:46 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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the torpedo hatch numbering

should be like that. There are hatches on both sides of the ship. (but not the antenna, I had th cheat a bit)


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Sami Laulajainen August 17, 2010 15:02 Flag

I noticed. I was trying to flip the ship.

Daniel Saarimäki August 17, 2010 14:36 Flag

Now I got it. The other side isn't finished yet, so I got those images wrong... ^^

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Daniel Saarimäki August 03, 2010 11:03 2 Thumb-ups
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What about these?

Sharp corners are a problem, because I don't know wich one of them are ment to be sharp and how sharp...

I found these three things and would like to know what should I do to them:

1. Single tube in the air! Wtf!
2. Torpedo hatches... Some of the slots are empty and some are full. Should I fill the rest?
3. That radar base looks like unfinished. Is it?


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Daniel Saarimäki August 17, 2010 14:00 Flag

So there are two torpedos in one tube? O.o

If torpedos 1-40 are shot, those hatches that are already in place shouldn't be there...

Daniel Saarimäki August 16, 2010 16:23 Flag

Like that (look at the image)

Sami Laulajainen August 16, 2010 15:55 Flag

I'm just telling what I need, make the best you can according to that.

The shared mesh sounds the best idea. Make it so. (sorry couldn't help it)

I reckon the hatches 1-4 are on "top " side and the 5-8 on the other side 1st row near the bow.

So tubes in the same frame would be ("top" side)
ROW 1 tubes 1-4
ROW 2 tubes 9-12
ROW 3 tubes 17 - 20

and so on.

Daniel Saarimäki August 16, 2010 15:45 Flag

Individual control isn't going anywhere. Meshes and objects are different things. I suggested, that I could make them to share the same mesh, so they look same and if I have to change the look of the hatches later, I can just edit one of them. All other hatches follow the edits made to one of them. Position, rotation and scale values of the hatches are in the object data, wich is individual and can't be shared directly. If hatches share the same mesh, they can still have individual position, rotation and scale.

Imagine that this ship has a laser cannon instead of torpedos. The bullet is one object. Wich one you would do: Count how many bullets you need, duplicate them and position them all in the cannon or have a single bullet model somewhere hidden. Whenever you need more bullets, you can just duplicate the bullet, position it to the gun and animate it flying through the space. Of course, we already know how many torpedos we are going to need, but in that second one is more flexible and it allows torpedo modelling to be done later.

Wich is torpedo hatch number 1,2 and so on...

Sami Laulajainen August 16, 2010 15:30 Flag

Before the film starts, they have shot torpedoes 1-40. Those tubes should be empty.

in the film they will shoot torpedo #41 before the credits. Other hatches closed.

in the film, They will fool around with torpedo hatch #42. Other hatches closed.

In the final battle they will open all the hatches and start shooting torpedoes (autofire) in 5 second interval, while spinning the ship. (not all of them)

Like the death blossom

So while copy pasting we need to keep the individual controlling of the hatches and torpedoes.

It's ok for me that there are two separate models: the one that can open and fire tubes #41 and #42 rest of the hatches closed and a death blossom model (tubes 1-41 are empty ) .

Daniel Saarimäki August 16, 2010 14:37 Flag

Just looking at this pic:

Those hatches don't share a single mesh, so editing one doesn't effect to the rest of them. If they are all same looking, I could make a single mesh for them, so I could duplicate them now and detail them later.

There is a some kind of torpedo inside every tube right? Do you want that I duplicate the torpedo to each bay (wich can cause more slowness and silly objects) or do you want to add those torpedos to each scene separately just when you need them?

If you choose the first one, I should make the torpedo ready before duplicating those hatches so I can duplicate them at the same time. If you choose the second one, I can continue duplicating those hatches.

Sami Laulajainen August 16, 2010 05:58 Flag


The Torpedo is 2m in diameter 9m long tube.

The collider ring is folded (somehow, taking suggestions) on top/in the torpedo.

The torpedo is shot from the tube by conventional rockets and the ring unfolds.

The open torpedo should look something like the Leviathan logo in the fan-teaser.

Daniel Saarimäki August 07, 2010 16:58 Flag

So... The topedo bay should open, and a 2m wide dish should fly away?

Daniel Saarimäki August 06, 2010 19:10 Flag

I have few things to do, so I can't make this for few days...

Daniel Saarimäki August 04, 2010 14:09 Flag

So... The hatches aren't ready yet? They should be ready before duplicating them...

Damn. I haven't followed your discussion about the details so well, and now I'm little bit lost with this ^^'

Sami Laulajainen August 04, 2010 09:40 Flag

And the opening mechanism ? a hinge of some kind to the inside of the hatch.

David Jansson August 04, 2010 09:02 Flag

I managed to put the panel that the antennae is attached to in the wrong place. So that need to be corrected, I was working on different details at the time.

The torpedo hatches need to be duplicated and fill the other holes as well. From front to aft, there is exactly 0.162 blender units between each hatch. The Leviathan were supposed to have 200 torpedo tubes, there will be exactly two hundred hatches if you duplicate the top hatches to the bottom. (Duplicate, spin 180 degrees, and put a minus in front of the Z-value.) Unless you want to repeat the process with all hatches, parent them to the hole object. Also, to speed up the duplication of the hatches, make one a parent of the rest, duplicate all of them, and move the copy that is the parent 0.162*3 blender units.

The tube is a starting model for adding tubing details. I thought that there would be chromed tubes and other details around the manoeuvring thrusters and other places where there are different panels than in the general fuselage. I just didn't get very far with that, thus the floating tube.

Daniel Saarimäki August 03, 2010 13:06 Flag

kk, so it's fine (is it?). What about the other things?

Sami Laulajainen August 03, 2010 12:55 Flag

I have to come back to you, the idea of the radar array is that it'll rise from the depths of the hull. and retracted, before the lev drive is initiated

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Sami Laulajainen August 16, 2010 15:58 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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How many Blenderunits?

The length of the ship is 230 meters. How many units is the model?

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This shot doesn't have comments.

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David Jansson July 25, 2010 11:12 1 Thumb-up

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Daniel Saarimäki August 03, 2010 10:52 Flag

Kk I will look at that... Whepee! Textures and effects! My favourite! XD (well, not the textures)

Sami Laulajainen August 03, 2010 09:48 Flag

Make round the sharp corners of the fuselage and help me make a skin and animations for the ship. Maybe some effects too?

DS Are you going to assyt? The and Hoffman will be there. Too bad I can't come. :(

Daniel Saarimäki August 03, 2010 09:26 Flag

I can make it, but I have no idea what I should add to it.

David Jansson August 02, 2010 15:51 Flag

Daniel, I can still help you when I have the time and energy.

Sami Laulajainen August 02, 2010 13:52 Flag

Saarimäki? are you up to it?

David Jansson August 02, 2010 13:18 Flag

Sami, Actually I think you might want to look for someone else to take over my work, someone who isn't starting a full time university program in less than a month...

Sami Laulajainen August 02, 2010 12:26 Flag

Can we achieve the new deadline: 6th of november

Model and animation should be ready in september?

Sami Laulajainen July 28, 2010 20:38 Flag

Just looking at the URL, man. :)

Daniel Saarimäki July 28, 2010 14:22 Flag

That's not alpha. It's beta.

Sami Laulajainen July 26, 2010 11:14 Flag

Is the alpha stable enough? I'll get it anyway.

Daniel Saarimäki July 25, 2010 12:29 Flag

Whepee ^^

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David Jansson June 15, 2010 11:42 2 Thumb-ups
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New fuselage

I was happy with the shape, but not the details.

Here is a version following Samulis advice. The shape is not done, not yet as nicely sleek as in the old version, but I figured out how to implement what he suggested.


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Daniel Saarimäki July 14, 2010 14:06 Flag

28C in my room... I CAN'T SLEEP!

Sami Laulajainen July 14, 2010 13:50 Flag

Got it. Don't worry about the quality. The filming aint that good either. We'll make a better one for next one.

How your feeling? Still heat eshausted? Our basement is 22 Celsius upstairs 32. My studio is at the basement .. :)

David Jansson July 14, 2010 13:14 Flag

I'm sorry for the state of it, with more time it will look a lot better.

David Jansson July 14, 2010 13:12 Flag

Nope. Download SamiSequencer.blend and see the screenshot. Just press a to select all images.

Make sure it starts at frame 1 and then press animate.

Sami Laulajainen July 14, 2010 11:24 Flag

Ok, the render is finished. I now have 2 days of rendering and posses 200 png files. How do I make them into an avi file? Don't say I have to render it all again?

Sami Laulajainen July 12, 2010 17:38 Flag

Thanks, the rendering work begins tomorrow. cross my fingers.

Daniel Saarimäki July 11, 2010 18:05 Flag

I haven't noticed that kind of tool. Thanks!

David Jansson July 11, 2010 17:56 Flag

Uhm. Oops. Preview thing, good if you want to check a detail without rendering the whole image...

Thank you for noticing. (Thumb up.) I will update the file. (You can press shift-b and mark the whole camera view to make it right.)

Edit; file fixed and re-uploaded.

Daniel Saarimäki July 11, 2010 11:40 Flag

... That renders only little part of the left upper corner. Was that what you wanted?

David Jansson July 11, 2010 10:29 Flag

Since this won't be the final version and rendering time already is an issue I would suggest using as low a resolution that you can get away with.

I'll be uploading a new animation file shortly.

Edit: File updated.

Just change the output location to an existing folder and press animate. Blender will spit out a series of pngs, 0004 to 0200.

Daniel Saarimäki July 06, 2010 13:41 Flag

You can move the camera by selecting it with RMB (right mouse button) and pressing G or using the arrows that apperar to it. Rotate with R key or change to rotating mode from the 3D view toolbar and use the rings that appear to the camera. Key frames with I key.

Sami Laulajainen July 06, 2010 09:06 Flag

Offtopik DJ : congrats for the space opera being listed as a top opera synopsis.

Sami Laulajainen July 06, 2010 09:00 Flag

The skin task now created. feel free to experiment. I like the gold ones best.

Sami Laulajainen July 06, 2010 08:46 Flag

The model looks beautiful. except the torpedo hatches are open.

Now what we need is the skin of the LEV and torpedo hatches. The torpedo-hatches do not have to open or close at the moment, Ill be opening an other shot for the skin.

A few angles on the fuselage and torpedohatches

And I need some guidance on how to make an animation. How do I move the camera and make the keyframes?

What will be a good resolution to render? The filmed material will be 1080 x 1920 25p (filmed in 1440x1080)

Sami Laulajainen July 01, 2010 16:46 Flag

I like that :)

Still unable to download the model, thou.

David Jansson June 30, 2010 14:52 Flag

"I'm still trying to figure out what an earth that ball is :)"

Well, it probably isn't an Earth. Ask the crew, they might know?

"What does that strange ball thing do?"
"I don't know. Wait, what?"
Shows image from external camera
"That wasn't there when we left!"

Sami Laulajainen June 29, 2010 20:53 Flag

This will be a teaser, so I think its OK to have something rather than nothing.

I'll still need some help with the camera movements and the animation rendering stuff.

I'm using a 53,6 kbps gprs connection at the moment, so I'll check Lev - 24 as soon as I can, which could be Saturday.

Daniel Saarimäki June 29, 2010 13:26 Flag

It's enough good for that.

David Jansson June 29, 2010 10:52 Flag

I don't think the model will get finished. How about I try to make it presentable although unfinished for the trailer? Not all details, but no obvious loose ends either?

Sami Laulajainen June 25, 2010 17:13 Flag

besides the tubes and hatches,no. I'm still trying to figure out what an earth that ball is :)

Now that you asked, I once posted something about the WW II wing mounted machine gun type areals and antennas

do we need more fins to the bow ?

David Jansson June 25, 2010 14:02 Flag

Do you have any ideas/requests about the number and purpose of the ships finer details?

Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 20:25 Flag

Yes the LEV-20 has a nice bow. Keep up the good work. I can render the animation, but I have to have time for that : I'll be rendering the teaser in the last night as usual.

David Jansson June 21, 2010 16:55 Flag

Most of the things you don't like are just because of it not being finished, some I have already changed.

Mid July, hmm. Can't give any promises, but it's three weeks, right? I guess you mean in time for Finncon, and I have this small hope of getting Stick wreck done by then, so I am afraid Leviathan won't get prioritized..

However, Leviathan has been my main thing to work on when I have needed to take my focus from Stick Wreck to let ideas stew in the back of the mind, so you never know.

Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 16:43 Flag

I ment to say that I like the panels on the engine ring. They could be the radiator or something..

Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 16:41 Flag

Ok, The wings are cool in "T.H.E._Leviathan_ship18TwistedMaybe" . I love the flap like lines that give the appearance of an airliner. The detail on the wingtips and fuselage are great.

The "little ridge" at the back of the wing is not that streamlined, but I can live with that. it gives a little something different than just a plane wing. (notice the wordplay :)

I don't like the nose. Seriously, the pointy thing in previous models was a better one.

The "panels" in the back on the engine ring, are they going to stay?

And then on a nother matter: I need a flyby and the engine start sequence animated by mid july, or earlier.

Can we accomplish that. can you put the lev in a green bubble that I can put ontop a starmap in After Effects? Id like to try different options.

What about the skin of the lev.

Daniel Saarimäki June 17, 2010 10:50 Flag

Yeah, but my problem is, that I'm not at my better computer. I'm on a working trip, so I'm rendering with my crappy laptop! It doesn't make this any easier, that my animation contains massive particle setups XD

David Jansson June 16, 2010 09:58 Flag

My computer has gotten a lot better at multitasking since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 and installed the latest Nvidia graphics drivers. Doing other things doesn't seem to affect render times at all, and rendering still goes faster.

Modelling and animating also is a lot smoother. But I account that to the new graphics driver. The GPU runs just a bit hotter, but it's still not even close to dangerous levels.

Daniel Saarimäki June 16, 2010 07:53 Flag

That name is funny. T.H.E._Leviathan_ship18TwistedMaybe XD
I can't look at that now, but it has to be cool. I'm rendering an animation now, so my computer is a bit stuck.

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Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 20:19 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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Uploading a screencapture

So we can see the work in progress.


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Daniel Saarimäki June 22, 2010 11:50 Flag

Those images look really cool! :)

Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 22:14 Flag

Blender 101 - I think I got that. Thanks for the hint.

David Jansson June 21, 2010 22:07 Flag

It switches between perspective and orthographic view.

Orthographic view has no perspective, which is handy when editing.

Compare your screen capture to the one I am about to upload to my shot.

Sami Laulajainen June 21, 2010 21:57 Flag

I have no idea what you are talking about. I pressed "prinscrn" and ctrl+V. If you have a better suggestion, I need better instructions. Pressing keypad 5 with and without the numloc did nothing but flipped the view further and closer. I have no idea how to make a screen capture that way.

David Jansson June 21, 2010 20:47 Flag

Press five and the capture will have depth as well.
Edit: Keypad five that is.

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David Jansson March 06, 2010 13:51 1 Thumb-up
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Ship design

I am running out of file space in the other shot, and I like to leave old files as a documentation of the creation process.

Have added some details and the engine pods. Sami; do you like the look of the engine pods?


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David Jansson June 14, 2010 10:13 Flag

I have been trying to remake the wing part of the hull following Samulis suggestion. I haven't quite figured it all out yet though.

Samuli, you don't happen to have a blend file you want to share that shows how you did it?

David Jansson April 16, 2010 15:29 Flag

I know what Samuli is talking about, and that is why the bad edge looping is such a design flaw, it makes it ver hard to achieve what he is talking about; I'm going to think about how to go about fixing it.

Samuli Jomppanen April 16, 2010 15:05 Flag

The SR71 has those kind of edges i speak of. The top and bottom are seperated by such edge, the engine intakes are very sharp. Also the shuttle you posted has the sort of edges i speak of. Look at the attachment where wings meet the body. The main point is to avoid the "blob" kind of design, that seems to be going on with the Leviathan so far.

Unfortunetly, i am extremely busy and dont have time to explain things in too much detail. :S

Sami Laulajainen April 16, 2010 14:56 Flag

Blackbird is the fastest plane taht takes off .. apart from that glider.

No pointy edges there either.

Samuli just don't desert us :) We need your expertise. I browsed your site and totally liked the rocket Ferrari. If you can give pointers how to achieve that level of graphic illustration we will be very pleased.

Thanks for the input again.

Markus Parkatti April 16, 2010 14:13 Flag

Talking about those "hard" lines, there isn't many hard lines in SR-71 blackbird and still it doesn't look cheap. SR-71 ofcourse is not an X-plane, but it is, as far as I know, the fastest plane that tooks off from the ground itself. :)

David Jansson April 16, 2010 13:44 Flag

Samuli; Do you think adding meshes to the seams, that translates the meeting of the shapes would be a good idea? Could you give feedback on other specific details?

David Jansson April 16, 2010 13:37 Flag

Samuli has some nice points. Did you look at the model in this task: ?

If you have an idea for how to improve the edge looping, please tell me. I have cursed over it a number of times... For some things it feels you should avoid multires... I just thought it was so handy at the time.

Sami Laulajainen April 16, 2010 12:12 Flag

Aah.. but on the other hand



The official background story is that T.H.E. Leviathan is modified X-plane. The X-plane X-1453 tried to break the light speed with singularity drive. .. nuf said.

Samuli Jomppanen April 16, 2010 11:25 Flag

I see but check this out..
Look under the craft, there are some "hard" lines.

Also here is shot of Nuclear submarine, showing similar hard lines:

Areas where there are bends and seams, are good place to house such hard egdes.

Sami Laulajainen April 16, 2010 09:49 Flag

SJ : Thaks for the input, and the ship of yours is beautiful, I agree.

The DS and DJ can give you comments on that what you just said. I understood that the model is unfinished and made with and underpower laptop.

The round edges are our choice. I want the image of a Concorde blended into a nuclear submarine. The ship has to look like it can punch trough the photon barrier at c 1 (ref sound barrier at mach 1). Your design, although majestic ship of war, does not give that appearance.

Samuli Jomppanen April 16, 2010 09:23 Flag

Hi, i just had a moment of free time from my own production, and decided to check out the model of Leviathan. As some of you know i have been dabling into 3D from time to time ->

well quite often actually. And unfortunetly, i dont have time to model for you, but i think i could perhaps give some technical tips for your design, as there are some major flaws there, and stuff that will cause problems.

First of all i like the overall shape of the ship, but the largest mesh of the object (the one with wings and stuff) should modelled with more logical edgelooping, so you can maintain absolute control over it. Now it seems to be made out from streched ball or something? This mesh also has subdiv modifier set to 3 for view, which allready should ring the alarmbells, that the polygons of it are somehow wrong, or badly used. For example look at that ship of mine, its having level 2 or maybe 3 on rendering, but i use level 1 for modelling, and when its smooth ride on level 1, it will be nice and easy to manage.

Second the bits and pieces of the ship, dont seem to have too much geometrical "seams", they just poke thru one another. This will cause problems most likely in the rendering, so you should try to make the whole thing as single mesh and / or fit the bits with geometrical "seams" to make it look better.

Thirdly, there are very few hard edges on the design, now this might be design choise, but i personally feel, that the lack of them makes stuff look cheap. :S

Anyway, hope this helps.
Looking good so far.

Daniel Saarimäki March 31, 2010 11:58 Flag

I don't know what you made, but I can't see any bad in it. It's wonderful!

David Jansson March 30, 2010 16:27 Flag

Hmm. I am not sure the detail I added on the normal space engine ring really is an improvment... Not without further details at least..

What do you guys think?

David Jansson March 30, 2010 15:36 Flag

How about making a task for details for the ship? Like random hatches, antennae, pipes and stuff. To give it that classical hollywood space ship model feel? A task for people to make details in Blender that I can import and put on the ship.

Sami Laulajainen March 27, 2010 09:55 Flag

Uu I love the cross hair theme of the aft. And the conventional engines are looking awesome too. (in the model 11)

That dish is a good one. Expendable communications link for the activation.

David Jansson March 27, 2010 08:19 Flag

And now there are normal space engines.

David Jansson March 27, 2010 07:21 Flag

Added a dish.

I was thinking that It could have various antennae that gets retracted into the ship when it prepares for LEV-drive. Imagine that dish flipping into the ship, one of the smaller dishes hitting the edge and falling off.

Daniel Saarimäki March 25, 2010 18:31 Flag

Really nice!

Sami Laulajainen March 25, 2010 12:19 Flag

I will, as soon as I'll get home.

Daniel Saarimäki March 25, 2010 12:08 Flag

David: I know, but even if something isn't ready, I can imagine the result and sometimes it just isn't good (and don't become better with fixing). Anything can be fixed, but it's silly to fix a thing that takes days, but doesn't give much better results. When I get to this kind of situations, I just try to focus on the things that are more important. I have always many projects running, and If one of them fails, I just keep going with the others, if I don't have any reason why not to do so :)

David Jansson March 25, 2010 10:27 Flag

The latest Blend file has better looking maneuvering thrusters. Tell me what you think.

David Jansson March 25, 2010 09:24 Flag

Daniel, if you keep working and fixing you will realize that it gets easier and easier. Faster and faster.

Daniel Saarimäki March 11, 2010 15:44 Flag

David: Even half year of fixing isn't enough when you don't have a good sense of colours, shapes and a lot of nerves. I can get good results if I try but It just takes lot of work.

Sami: I didn't say anything about storyboards, but my opinion is that if you can get the idea of the story from them, they are good enough. That's why they are made and I can't see any reason to make art with them. Sometimes more simple is better and storyboards are good excample, but they don't help anything if they are so light that nobody can see them! Little fixing with the scanner settings and slight editing with Gimp/Photoshop will do the trick.

Sami Laulajainen March 11, 2010 13:10 Flag

The first dragons in Middle-earth. Úruloki, wingless fire-breathing dragons, The "children" of Glaurung - Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Sorry if the comment sounded rough. But that is my opinion about storyboards. No disrespect to anyone who draws better storyboards.

I'll be getting the better versions online soon.

David Jansson March 11, 2010 13:00 Flag

"Is it a Urulóki?"

I don't know what an Urulóki is, maybe it is?

"I'm not going to waste my precious time to draw 16 high detail pictures of one camera pass."

I never meant anything about your storyboards, and nor did Daniel I think. What they need is probably just some fiddling with scanner/camera settings. And possibly some filling in of the lines, it might be as easy as fiddling with the contrast in Gimp/Photoshop.

Sami Laulajainen March 11, 2010 12:07 Flag

And David: I love the dragon. Is it a Urulóki?

Sami Laulajainen March 11, 2010 12:00 Flag

Storyboards are like toilet paper : Extremely essential part of production but once they do what they were ment to do, nobody remembers what kind of pictures there was on the paper.

I'm not going to waste my precious time to draw 16 high detail pictures of one camera pass. People I have shown the originals get the idea what I'm chasing and that is why I drew them. I'm not trying to sell these to Marvel or DC.

If David wants to draw a comic album be my guest, but I don't have the time for that.

And Daniel, how good am I? That's what I came here to find out :) I'll ask you that, once you see the results.

EDIT: The ready film that is.

David Jansson March 11, 2010 09:04 Flag

It's not a matter of being good, it's a matter of being a sucker for details and analysing. As you know I draw. I suck at drawing, but I still get fair results, if I may say so myself. How? Sheer stubbornness. I modify and modify and modify until proportions are right and details are in the right place.
(A drawing I never finished.)

Edit: A drawing I did finish (And put in a frame for a while that really didn't fit it...)

Daniel Saarimäki March 10, 2010 15:04 Flag

That's great. I can't do better so I'm just wondering how good you are :)

Sami Laulajainen March 10, 2010 09:14 Flag

Don't feel bad, I'm in no rush. I´m planning to delay the release of my trailer to the finncon -event so there is time.

David Jansson March 10, 2010 09:05 Flag

I was thinking about making one of the incomplete orbs writhe a bit. But, honestly, it's a bit too much work.

Anyway, all my tries to make better manoeuvring thrusters has failed due to running out of memory, or been too frustratingly laggy. The good news is that I will have my new computer tomorrow or on friday that solves these problems, the bad news (for you) is that this means that Stick Wreck will get prioritized again. I won't abandon this, it just means that the work probably will go even slower.

Sami Laulajainen March 09, 2010 21:56 Flag

Jep, I noticed. Now that I can zoom in : I love the holy orb - tentacle thing :)

Sami Laulajainen March 09, 2010 21:54 Flag

I love the detail of the ship.

David Jansson March 09, 2010 21:54 Flag

And yet, it isn't done yet. If you haven't noticed, the engine ring has no engines and the ring itself isn't attached to the hull yet.

Sami Laulajainen March 09, 2010 21:52 Flag

I got Blender now and I just remembered why I came here in the first place. This is one complex baby.

David Jansson March 09, 2010 21:35 Flag

Guh. Did some detailing. Used a make wireframe solid trick. Worked well, with good results, until I tried it on a mesh that was too complex. It made Blender run out of memory and crash. Let's see what happens when I have my new computer...

David Jansson March 08, 2010 19:47 Flag

I will redo the manoeuvring thrusters. They didn't turn out well...

David Jansson March 08, 2010 14:53 Flag

I have uploaded a new file. I suggest you download Blender and use it to look at it. Fiddling with screen shots for every update gets a bit tiresome.

Make sure you download Blender 2.49b.
Press F12 to render.

David Jansson March 08, 2010 14:21 Flag

I have no idea how you want it to look. But there are several options.

Realistic thruster type engines just release straight jets of white gas that dissipate almost immediately. I have no idea how the ion engine of the future looks, if it glows or not. From what I understand it would have a very narrow nozzle, but intense pressure.

Sami Laulajainen March 07, 2010 16:24 Flag

And yes, we can keep the history here.

Sami Laulajainen March 07, 2010 16:23 Flag

The pod is about 3 to 4 meters in diameter ball .. -ish object. so it might fit next to airlock

or better: there might be the hangar on the other side. No need to copy paste the airlock. I do want an emergency airlock into rear, behind the torpedo tubes.

Do you have an idea how does the conventional engine look like/glow when in use?

David Jansson March 07, 2010 12:53 Flag

How big do you want the pod in relation to the ship?

And should there be Airlock doors on both sides?

Sami Laulajainen March 06, 2010 15:55 Flag

I couldn't have drawn better my self. It looks balanced, slick and dynamical. Just the way I like it.

About the moving parts: The tube hatches, the orb, a pod bay doors (maybe to rear side) and the airlock (Looks good where it is) are the main moving parts.

-They don't land in the movie, so do we need a landing gear/ski system.

-Do you want to put the antennas into the wing? under the hatch? or like WWII machine guns in fighters?

Daniel Saarimäki March 06, 2010 15:23 Flag

This looks great.

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