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Created at January 29, 2010
Created by Aaron Agassi
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With all the planets encountered, what next? How can the series rap up? Any explanation for those gravity beams from outer space, that began the entire journey of the wandering Earth? How and why?

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Paul Huxley January 29, 2010 11:54 0 Thumb-ups
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Earth saved

Earth comes to rest in orbit as the furthest planet from the Sun. The Sun then goes supernova (well maybe fudge the science a bit to make it a mini-nova) and it becomes clear that the Earth was pulled away from it's original orbit by some benelovent alien force - but why have they saved us and what do they want? A cliff hanger ending to lead in to series 2.

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Aaron Agassi January 29, 2010 13:46 Flag

Still somewhat tragic considering all the other planets not saved thereby. But perhaps the encounters where howsoever deliberately engineered to fairly wreck the other planets encountered, and force refugees herefrom to take up residence in Earth orbit.

The scientific plausibility problem, remains however, that the expansion of a star takes eons. But any lesser change, particularly in temperature, or perhaps just solar flare, might endanger Earth at least.

Or perhaps something else qute surprising orbits round from the far side of te sun, to take Earth's former orbit!

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