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Crafty Lion Productions October 20, 2010 21:28 0 Thumb-ups
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What did you have in mind?

How exactly will this work? Would you be given us a scene of the script to film and would it be focused on the uniqueness of our city? What sort of film is it?

Sorry about the questions. The task specifics seem a little unclear at the moment.

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Owen Radmore January 13, 2011 05:01 Flag

We are currently raising money to develop a script for the world wide feature film.

How exactly will this work? focussing on the word exactly we dont know exactly!

Producing a production is about over comming challenges and Rage has been producing productions since 1996 utilising people's strengths and assisting them to develop further.

We would give you part or parts of the script
to film, this may be one side of an interview or....

The film will be about people and different
countries, theres other ideas/themes developing....

Everyone can assist with raising the money for script development where ever they
are by searching the internet using and clicking on the result.

We hope that together with the money raised by this method and other sources we will be able to start developing the script in 2011.

The official website is

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