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Daniel Saarimäki September 21, 2010 15:01 0 Thumb-ups
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Wing folding

Wing has now a folding animation (too slow just for preview). It needs some tuning, but I noticed that the wings are just perfectly long so they fold nicely. Side engines added, but the ring is still missing.

I have to upload the file with IE...


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Daniel Saarimäki November 14, 2010 18:16 Flag

Actually, the model 4 was more compact because of the wings...

Sami Laulajainen November 14, 2010 18:13 Flag

I like the model 6 very much. the one with the slots. Looks like more compact storage mode.

..and the opening animation looks what I pictured in my mind. :)

Daniel Saarimäki September 21, 2010 15:17 Flag

Version 4 has reversed and fixed animation (opening) and all parts are parented to the hull, so you can move that torpedo around easily.

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