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Angela R. July 25, 2010 15:07 8 Thumb-ups
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Der Kleine Führer

I am almost feeling guilty about this idea...


So here go two original drawings inspired by "The Little Prince".

I hope they are not too disturbing...

Oh, and perhaps someone would be able to suggest any cool German author name and additional text that may go on the cover?



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Leonardo Pinhel February 05, 2012 02:11 Flag

Oh! and his greatest "Jasager"!

Leonardo Pinhel February 05, 2012 02:10 Flag

I must say that the best author for this book would be H. Himmler... first of all, let the imagination go for the player straight direct to Heinrich, but never say it... Second, is the perfect choice as Himmler was one of the generator of Hitler´s success and Psyche...

Carl Voluntaryist October 15, 2010 19:54 Flag

Kummer & Schröder's
Der kleine Führer

Entdecke das All, und folge dem kleinen Führer!
(discover space, and follow the small leader!)

-An adaptation of the additional text of

According to Wikipedia, the original author is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

So maybe Anton von Sankt-Englmar?

Angela R. August 11, 2010 17:13 Flag

Yes Fabienne, please!!!

Any suggestions for germanized author name and some additional text?

Fabienne Gschwind August 11, 2010 17:09 Flag

If there is still help needed for german names or german text...just tell me.

( By the way "er läuft jeder weiter" gives no sense)

Angela R. July 26, 2010 20:03 Flag

Bwaahaha... I feel so evilly proud now...

Matti Delahay July 26, 2010 08:27 Flag

Completely agree with the other Matti's comment, brilliant work! :D

Matti Kortet July 26, 2010 07:09 Flag

Oh wow, no better way to kickstart a brand new week than to witness awesomeness like this :D Even though I suspect this might raise some eyebrows among the people owning the rights to Little Prince, we'll definitely look into ways of including this to the game. Thanks!

Angela R. July 25, 2010 17:58 Flag

Glad you like!!! I will wait a bit more before implementing any additional text in case there are any more suggestions, but I am keeping note of everything.

Markus Koskivirta July 25, 2010 17:55 Flag

This rules. On so many levels you might not even know it.

Writers could be "Müller" and "Klinsmann". Or maybe "Riedl". All classic football player-names.

If that's too much, then maybe perversions of the originals like "Kummens" and "Sculler".

Additional text, maybe something like "Er läuft jeder weiter". Not sure about the spelling.

Carl Voluntaryist July 25, 2010 16:48 Flag


Angela R. July 25, 2010 15:19 Flag

Yip! I am sick, am I not? 8)

(null) July 25, 2010 15:09 Flag

Ha ha ha! The Little Fuhrer?

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