The Toll House

The Toll House

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What is it die? > That wasn't so bad...
Justin Pradier June 20, 2010 10:19 1 Thumb-up

That wasn't so bad...

Just a description, an idea. Hopefully will inspire some graphical concepts.


He looks around at his brothers kneeling around him and nods. He raises his arms high, pausing for but a moment before lunging th blade down, deep into his own heart.


Blackness. An easy calm. He realises he's naked as his body begins to glow with a soft blue light. The glowing begins to brighten and whiten, slowly at first.

"That wasn't so so bad...", he thinks.

Suddenly the brightness becomes unbearable, blinding. He raises his arms to shield his eyes and he can see his skin beginning to burn in some places, and ice over in other parts. He lowers his arms, looking at them, turning them over. He looks past his arms to his legs and he can see his skin blistering over patches of frostbite wherever he looks.

He stands up to try and run. He opens his mouth to scream. But as he takes his first step and before a single sound can escape, the space around him bursts into a swirling mass of confusion. Mists and fogs. Lights and Darks. He can sometimes catch a glimpse of other peoples soundless screaming faces pressing in suddenly before disappearing just as quickly.

He's falling, he's rising. He's being knocked and dragged from side to side, sometimes in more than one direction.

He can feel his body starting to tear apart under the pressure. He tries again to scream.

Then suddenly, blackness.

John Bannister

Hi Justin, I love this, close to what we have, but the use of fire and ice in the vision sounds great, this is definatley something I will expand on more and see if we can find a cohesive way of them working together, nice!

June 20, 2010 21:04 1 Thumb-up
Justin Pradier

I imagine that with the gates out of purgatory restricted, God and the devil would try to find SOME way to restore the balance. That was the idea behind the "burning frostbite" idea, the hint of the battle to come maybe.

June 20, 2010 11:05 0 Thumb-ups
Niklas Lehtinen

Wow! That's a Hell of a way to die.

June 20, 2010 10:57 0 Thumb-ups