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Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 17:21 1 Thumb-up
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Generic space sounds

This is created from the Hubble M51 photo, it would need better matching to the overall soundscape used in the movie.

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Michael Rooke October 13, 2009 20:54 Flag

A storyboard to follow would be ideal, layering the sound events on top of what I see would give me some idea, although they do not have to be matched, and in some cases should follow different routes. Maybe to explore the sound of a poem? Rhythmic narration? Together with traditional instruments.

(null) October 13, 2009 19:22 Flag

"But more importantly, it is good to have both audio and video elements to bounce ideas around at all stages of production."

Yes, of course. And it's better to have too much material than too little, it gives you more choice about what to keep.

Sometimes you wouldn't think two things would go together, but when you try them it works. I'm sure Kubrick got some funny looks when he said he was going to use the blue danube on the soundtrack for his new space film... :)

Antti Pirskanen October 13, 2009 19:18 Flag

Metasynth is a synthetizer program that uses a visual paradigm as an interface. It's a great way to create all kinds of weird and surprising noises easily and quickly.

The story line of this film is still in very early development and the use of sound examples and samples at this stage of production is to help to create "mood board" for a particular segment or overall feel of the film.

One of the main focuses of this project is relatively traditional story telling. I think that the final soundtrack will be rather minimalistic as well and in order to complement the "poetic" visual look the aesthetics of the musical elements in the soundtrack are likely to be rather traditional. Space sounds such as these are likely to be used as sound effects only.

But more importantly, it is good to have both audio and video elements to bounce ideas around at all stages of production. I think it's a good idea to develop a sample scene or two (for a teaser example) before delving too deeply into specifics of final soundtrack.

(null) October 13, 2009 19:00 Flag

I think I'd need to see the visuals before deciding if it suited them. It's very difficult to judge abstract noises in isolation.