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Jason M. September 03, 2009 05:05 1 Thumb-up
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How about...

You put a black guy, or some other minority, in the movie and make it so he actually survives. It'll blow people's minds.

At this point, I think pretty much every zombie movie angle has been explored, so I think it's going to be pretty hard to come up with original ideas that have never been done before. I think what can help your movie stand out on it's own though are the characters. Unique and interesting characters that people can care about and not just cookie cutter fodder for the zombies to devour.

That being said, I tried using the idea of a group of kids and their teacher defending themselves against a zombie attack inside of a school once. While they were safe and secure inside of the school, they'd have to venture outside of it in order to get supplies or help other people. If you wanted to film it documentary style still, it would be highly possible since I'm sure there'd be at least one teenage kid filming things. I never got around to fleshing that idea out though.

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