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Gert-Jan Van de Voorde September 02, 2009 16:29 Production Leader 1 Thumb-up
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Little Change: Horten 229 Stealth Fighter and Horten 18 Intercontinental Sealth Bommer

What if after the defeat of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor (let's say the Japanese blamed the fact that they were visible on the radar for their defeat) they (and the Germans) went developing Stealth fighters and atomic bombes (Germany Stealth and Japan the atomic bombe).
And the Germans succeeded to complete the Horten 229 in May 1944, causing the attack on Normandy fail, and have revenge on the Russians for Stalingrad, these all sudden attacks and the failure to build a sealth jet(or radar to detect the German stealth jets) allow the Germans to buy time and secure their supplies, like oil and iron. The jet is send to the Japanese in July 1944 and they are able to stop the American advance and start to push them back.
Now with a secured territory the Japanese build an atomic bomb before the Americans.
In December 1944 the Horten 18 sees the light (and the sky) for the first time. As like it would be more fun and a complete coincidence the first atomic bomb is made, put in the Ho-18 and attacks succesfully the US, destroying major cities like New York, San Fransisco, Washington (in which the president dies).
Also a renewed and succesful air attack on Britain pushes the Allies over the edge near the end of 1945.
The Axis have won the war.
About the Horten 229
(Part one)

Since the Horten 229 exists and it is accepted that if finished on time it would have won the war for Hitler, this makes the story more belivable and exiting (especially when we work with flash backs)

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