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elizabeth murray May 16, 2009 19:36 1 Thumb-up
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upon waking up and discovering this situation I would first of all be a little wary, a little skeptical. Thinking I was having a really vivid dream. I would be very aware of my surroundings, listening, touching, examining things in my room, trying to find a clue to tell me that yes..this is a dream. As I wander further and come to the conclusion this is real,I would franticaly search the house for my little girl, try the cell phone and call her daddy, having no luck with that I would make sure I was prepared and ready to fight or flee, which ever the case required. I'd round up good tactical boots, Cargo pants(gotta have pockets), a backpack to fill with food stuffs, ammo, and survival gear. Yeah it seems like there is no one and nothing but you never know what you may find, best to be prepared. Then i'd head out to try to find my family and any idea as to what is going on. I'd go to places in town that i would expect people to go to in an emergency, but be cautious as i approach since I really don't know what is going on. I'd leave messages, maybe in paint at places to tell my family and others I was here, I am here and looking. As the initial shock wore off and I explored more I would surely see things (a doll maybe, a motorcycle) and start thinking about my family, my 3 year old daughter, my husband. What had happened to them, were they ok, alone somewhere, or gone like everyone else. I think their fate would continue to haunt me as i lived out this nightmare. I think I would explore during the day and hold up at night. set a place up, if not at my house then somewhere and try using a radio at night to see if anyone else is out there. i think I would head south before the winter (since there is no power) and just look for clues to what happened all along the way.

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