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Customized productions

Posted May 03, 2010 by Peter Vesterbacka 3 Thumb-ups 

We have been pretty busy implementing some major new features for Wreckamovie the last few weeks and that's why it's been quiet on the platform news front. The next big release will make the production store available for selected productions, but before that we decided to switch on the customized production pages.

Customized productions

It's now possible to have a custom look and feel for the productions here on Wreckamovie. The idea is to support the look and feel and branding of the movies better. This is is becoming much more important now that we are starting to see the first movies started on Wreckamovie actually get finished and hit distribution. Some of the first examples of custom production pages can be found here:

This is still work in progress, but I think some of the pages look really cool already. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Another nice development over the last few days was that we passed 4000 registered wreckers on Wreckamovie:-) Yay! On our way to 5 digits;-)

Happy wrecking!


Peter Vesterbacka May 04, 2010 08:23 Flag

Our thinking behind the customized production pages is to make it easier to project the look and feel and branding in general for each production. This is also the thinking behind some of our upcoming new features, we want to provide some good and truly useful tools for the production leaders here on Wreckamovie. Ideally one should be able to address most of the needs of a generic movie website with Wreckamovie, with the added benefit of getting stuff done on here while working closely with the community and fans. Collaborative filmmaking in other words;-)

At the same time as we are adding support for customized production pages, we are keeping the "normal" layout as well. One of the big values of Wreckamovie is that one can work and contribute to several productions, makes the overall community much more engaged and it's about more than just making one movie or one production. Not the Hollywood model of "one night stands" / one hit wonders, but more of a continuous engagement and dialog. Or at least that's how we are approaching this when we are looking at new features.

(null) May 03, 2010 22:39 Flag

Jani, like Joonas says, the idea of custom pages is to provide a "public" face for a production that would be advertised on posters ( People actually doing the production would by default carry on seeing the current colour scheme at

BUT... yeah, it would be a problem if viewers don't like the colour scheme either. :)

Some stuff still needs to be tweaked on it, then I'll set up a task asking for feedback.

Jani Salomaa May 03, 2010 21:48 Flag

Fine improvement - draws the wrecker into a production. And it kinda shows the dedication to WAM by the production leaders.

I agree with Seppo, though, it would be nice if one could choose whether to see the spiced up version or the vanilla one. But only if that can be done without too much hassle. I can easily live with alternating looks.

Kris - If you don't change the color scheme, I'll go blind in a week staring at that black-on-dark-gray and will be unable to contribute. Love the background image, though! XO

Peter Vesterbacka May 03, 2010 19:33 Flag

Sami, the Innovator is intentionally missing the top bar, but the logout should work. Need to look into that.

You can send us the look and feel you would like to have for LEV and we'll take care of it. Don't yet have the tools for productions leaders.

It's still work in progress, so everything might not work perfectly. And this was just a small update, we are busy with more for this week already.

Joonas Aarnio May 03, 2010 17:06 Flag

Seppo: we totally agree with you. That's why custom layouts are only available through custom url (like those Peter mentioned) or link from the productions front page. This way productions can promote theirselves with their custom-layout and short and easy-to-remember url and if someone only wants to surf around WAM and look for tasks etc, they always see the default layout.

Matti Delahay May 03, 2010 17:03 Flag

Very cool custom pages, looking forward to seeing Landing's page in it's full finished glory too. :)

Seppo Hiltunen May 03, 2010 16:48 Flag

Looks fine.

But on second thought members of more productions than only one must adapt themselves to navigate on different looking web-pages. That disturbs a bit the usability.

Is there going to be an option that one may use the production skin or wreckamovie skin to use WAM?

(null) May 03, 2010 14:59 Flag

I should add the Landing one is still in testing, we haven't finished tweaking it yet... :)

Once it's ready we'll announce it with a news story over on the Landing production page.

Sami Laulajainen May 03, 2010 13:35 Flag

And the logout link in Innovator did nothing.

Sami Laulajainen May 03, 2010 13:31 Flag

That is nice, the pages look awesome. The "innovator" is missing the WAM - bar. Intentionally? Those are the pages that I would like to link in my homepage or use as a homepage.

I'll be sending 2D for LEV too, or is the option to custom coming for project leaders?

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