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Wreckamovie nominated at SIME09

Posted October 14, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola 2 Thumb-ups 

Wreckamovie has been chosen as one of the 36 nominees from Nordic countries to compete for the Rising Star of the North, SIME09.

It's a great honour for us to be chosen as one of the companies, and we are competing against companies like Spotify.

Last year, Wreckamovie won the Mindtrek award in Tampere, and this year we were already one of the winners at World Summit Awards - so SIME nomination continues the list nicely!


Peter Vesterbacka October 21, 2009 21:23 Flag

Yes, the nomination is all thanks to the great community on here. Disclosure: I'm part of the jury for SIME this year, so WAM got one less vote because of that as I obviously couldn't vote for WAM. In any case it was really good to see WAM there with all the other great companies. And WAM will only get better, so who knows where that will take us.

Daniel Saarimäki October 19, 2009 15:25 Flag


Angela R. October 15, 2009 10:09 Flag

Congratulations for the nomination and fingers crossed - one never knows!

(null) October 14, 2009 16:27 Flag

Wow... that's going to be tough against Spotify but even being nominated shows how far WAM has come.

Well done everyone, I think this is the kind of site where the glory from this kind of news belongs to all its members.

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