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  Name Motivation Role Location Karma
Bernie Webster It´s a fantastic art project Member 0
Photo_253_thumb Breana Melvin Returning the favor. Plus, zombies. Member United States, California, San Francisco 0
Jag_spooky_thumb Christopher Marins I grew up with zombie movies :) Member Finland, Karjaa 0
Dima_thumb Dima Potekhin I would like to help with the soundtrack & sound effects. I think that I have some good ideas for this movie. Member Israel, Tel-Aviv 0
Spikyme_thumb Jason M. I like zombie movies, what else can I say? Member United States, California, Chino Hills 23
Icon_me_2_thumb Jason Robert Slanina Just looking to have fun, and get my name in the credits. Assistant Leader United States, Washington, Tacoma 7
Dsc01191_thumb Lor Tress You know me. I don't feel the need to fill this out, Ronen. It's Lor. Y'know, your costume designer and actress. Assistant Leader Canada, Thornhill 6
Pf_1849047_1032_2006104101938_pulp-fiction-posters_thumb Maxime Giraud Hey,i want to help you to realised this movie,i'm a little bit experienced in cinema and i love participate to a project like this,so i hope to help you,thanks. Maxime Giraud Member France, Grenoble 0
Pik_thumb mehmet ramadan I would like to write the script Member United Kingdom, Ashford, 15
Michael_biopic_thumb Michael Bodalski I'll chime in with shots when I have an opinion, but mostly I want to let it be known that when you hit production, I'm in Toronto and willing to lend a hand. Member Canada, Toronto 16
Sanaleikkiblogi_schatten_thumb Mike Pohjola Braaaaains! Member Finland, Helsinki 3
200420081558_thumb Peter Vesterbacka Zombie movies are so much fun. Especially one that will be like all the other Zombie movies. Member Finland, Espoo 14
Phil Munz I enjoy anything zombie related; I've gone so far as to write an academic math paper about modeling zombies as a disease. I've also seen District 9 and like your idea to use that documentary type approach to a zombie movie Member 0
X_thumb Richard Caldwell I believe in excelsiorizing the eschaton one zombie at a time. I love the original Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Shaun Of The Dead, and the remake of Dawn of the Dead; the greatest zombie flicks...yet! Member United States, Burma Shave 14
N1369491320_325135_2560029_thumb Ronen Khazin Production Leader Canada, Thornhill 8
Fischer_udo_thumb Udo Fischer Zombies?? I´m in!! Member Germany, Wiesbaden 0
Vesanpärstä_thumb Vesa Nieminen Member Finland, Helsinki 0